Heidi Klum and Seal get in the Halloween spirit

November 1st, 2006 // 119 Comments

  1. Pagan Queen

    Halllllooooooo Fishies!

    Holy Shit, another 12 fried chicken eating, sandwich sucking, soda slurpin, 800 pound weighin, anal wart having, toe jam pickin, herpetic lesion oozing, shut in, attention whore.

    Welcome to the party danielle and james! I bet they are both on those 900 numbers. You know she is about 800 lbs, fecal matter under her nails cuz she cant move to shower.

    James – ah pretty baby, bet you love the anal raping, huh? You are probably a manorexic meth abuser, no?

    Ahhhhhhhhh let the games begin!

  2. danielle

    ????The koolaid clearly has gotten the best of you.

  3. Pagan Queen

    Nope – the migraine! I am about as pleasant right now as Angry Feret on a good day.

    Hey Feret, how is the fur hanging you wonderfully raunchy rhodent?

    JRZ – hey lady! Gotta lay off that damned red die #8. Look what it did to danielle. That is enough to freak anyone the fuckity fuck fuck(tm jrzmommy) out!

    Imagine my surprise coming here and seeing my family taunted by the itty bitty titty committy and the bob the builder fan club.

    WTF – isnt school in now? Holy shit – that is what happens when you let high schools have computer labs!

  4. danielle

    Another follower, great!

  5. commissioner


    I’m not manly, just all business.

  6. Pagan Queen

    Follower? Oh yeah, dont you hear the drums baby. No, it isnt just you bashing your head on your desk at naptime.

    Commish – methinks she has something for you. Grab the tilex!

  7. danielle

    You’re such a queer. Go paint your nails you dumb fuck.

  8. Pagan Queen

    Danielle – when you throw insults can you please put the number or name of the person? I would hate to miss any of those gems that are directed at me.

    In case that one is at me:
    As far as queer – uh I am “strickly dickly”.

    “go paint your nails you dumb fuck”

    Oh man, you really need to slow down on the rapier whit there – you are sure to strain that braincell! Oh, and stop huffin nail polish.

  9. xx.deathcab.xx

    Man, I thought Seal was dressed as Shakira for fuck sake! I’d never have guessed “leaves” unless one of you commented so.

  10. commissioner


    In the words of my progeny, “she ignant”. Referring to #107.

  11. ElatedPornStar

    Troll much?

  12. danielle

    I Love You Guys So Much, I swear……

  13. ThisSiteSucksBalls

    You’re all sick and twisted shut-ins. How does jrzmommy have time to watch her kids when she’s responding to every single post at 3-5 minute intervals throughout the day? And richport, you seem smart, so what’s your deal? Why are you so addicted to commenting on celebrity gossip? James, why are you so angry with and jealous of black men? And Danielle, if you’re 20, shouldn’t you be in college and studying? What is the deal with you people?! Now. Back to enjoying the recreational gossip, and trying to ignore the uneducated/racist/sexist/crazy comments posted below them.

  14. danielle

    I KNOW!

  15. RichPort

    #113 – Lucky for me, I’m always surrounded by computers, so I can post whenever my ass itches. I never cared about celebrity gossip until I stumbled on this gem of a site. I’m generally an asshole, and I just felt I fit right fucking in. After reading the comments for a few months a took a blind plunge and got roasted by Stallion and others. I came back, smarter and wiser, with a chip on my shoulder and a lump in my pants, ready to unleash on celeb dweebs and stupid mofuckas. I’ve come to appreciate the humor. That’s why a smart fuck like me comes here; it’s a great escape from the mendacity that can be life, in small, firey bursts. Jrz is one funny beeotch, as are Commish, Biatcho, Ferret, Stallion, Papa and others. In the line of work I’m in, the humor is recycled and boring. Some of these people make me fucking laugh.

    Oh and damnYELL comes her to get ass reamed and pretend she’s Black. She’s really a pimply 17 year old high school senior.

  16. therealdanielle

    You wish. Bitchport, seriously…go get laid. You’re obviously a pre-teen looking for love. Your FUGLY, nobody loves you.

  17. danielle

    Who is this? If you want an autograph, just say so. Geesh! Stealing screename’s is tasteless.

  18. Grope For Luna

    I know what they are! It’s Star Jones and a big fruit!

  19. why the hell would they all go to that party?

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