Heidi Klum and Seal get in the Halloween spirit

November 1st, 2006 // 119 Comments

  1. Danielle and James, I bet you don’t use your turn signals. Fuckers. Get your heads out of your asses. Oh, and James, I bet you respond to those “penis enlargement” spam emails, don’t you? Teeny weeny penis having butt pirate.
    I like the costumes. They are very creative!

  2. danielle

    Whatever do you mean, jrz? I know nothing of the sort.

    Perhaps you should lay off the cough medicined, kay? I know 2 yr. olds who carry themselves better than you do. Get a life.

  3. danielle

    GirlyGirl transgender,

    Please stay out of conversations that do NOT involve you…..seriously.

  4. PrettyBaby

    Good Lord, What’s going on here??!! Who is this person who’s hatin’ jrzmommy?? Where is the love?

    Anyway, all I know is that Seal and Heidi have hot hot juicy sex. Heidi is prob on birth control, but nothing can stop Seal’s stuff from getting to her. And James, I think she is happy to have this “Spear-Chucker” throw it into her every night. Her complexion is always a lovely rosy shade just like that apple (from allllll the orgasms)

  5. danielle

    I don’t hate jrzmommy or bitchport. actually, i like them. it’s like we’ve formed a bond or something.

    if i weren’t half thier age, i might try and flirt. “might”..but there’s no hope for that.

  6. danielle

    BigJIm..hmmm name sounds familiar. Ah Ha! You’re related to SlimJim aren’t you?

    Say hi for me the next time you visit the Port-O-Potty, kay?

  7. jrzmommy

    “Perhaps you should lay off the cough medicined, kay? ”

    I love it when the underclass attempts English. I applaud your bravery in stepping out of your Eubonic safety zone, DanYELL the Cunt, but you’re truly out of your league here so shake your fat ass back to the projects like a nice welfare mother and shut the fuck up now.


  8. i like their costumes because they are actually dressing in costumes. You don’t see people wearing a big outfit out anymore. Not even little kids.

  9. GirlyGirl

    Danielle, this is not a private blog. Anyone can respond to someone else’s posts, especially when they are acting particularly like an asshat, such as you are. Transgender? Fuck off.

  10. PrettyBaby

    #55 Girl, you gotta ease up! Aren’t you on here to have fun and relax? I gotta have an outlet for avoiding the love of the bosses.

    So, do your thing, whatever that is!

    #4, Dressing hot and/or sexy on Halloween doesn’t mean your dressing like a whore, there’s nothing wrong with looking hot and flaunting your wares. If your looking for a costume that makes people think, refer to Bill Maher’s lovely ensemble

  11. RichPort

    damnYELL, the only bond we have is my enormous johnson and your gaping exit hole. I kept forgetting you weren’t good enough for Howard… another waste of my fucking tax dollars. It’s tricks like you that make good ugly men like Seal marry white women.

  12. danielle

    #59. Asshat? That’s the funniest thing ever! Call up Dolly and tell her, bet she’ll have a cow! kay?

    #57. Considering I have a vagina and know about it’s whereabout’s 24/7…how would you know whether or not I have a child?

    For your information, skankwhore, I don’t. Maybe you should advise your mother to QUIT popping out little dumbass rodents, such as yourself, so that the world doesn’t have to deal with ignorant fools like you.

    *And in regards to my “fat ass” as you so lovely put it, you can KISS it.

  13. danielle

    #61….*cough* fugly, *cough*

  14. jrzmommy

    Ew. DanYELL, I don’t kiss big fat black civil servant asses — especially the ones in them fucking stretchie pants from Lane Bryant at PG Plaza. You know that, stupid.

    And we know you have multiple children. Remember? Lexis (who is so fat at age 10 she should be called Buick), Shann’eque, DeJemeeeeriqua and Derrick. God, how quickly they forget when they get the slightest bit of gin n’ juice in, ‘em!! These welfare queens on payday, I tell ya! Or have you been inhaling too many fumes getting your second set of acryllic nails this month on Uncle Sam’s dime?

  15. They are fucking awesome.

    Finally, celebrities dressing up – in costumes – for Halloween.

    And Heidi Klum is my fuhrer.

    She can do no wrong.


  16. #62… you are not witty, or funny. Go crawl back into the dumpster, KAY? Fucking idiot.

  17. danielle

    Well that’s a surprise! I distinctly remember you telling me that you kiss your mother’s ass on a daily basis. Don’t you remember? You said that she makes you do it to earn your keep as her “live-in sex slave”.
    Geesh, you have a bad memory.

    OOooh PG Plaza, have you been there? Oh right! You work at the Old Navy don’t you? Are you that fat kid with the lazy eye? Now I get it. hahahahaha

    Who’s this “we”? “We” know nothing about any “invisible” children that I might have. Quit describing your little brother’s and sister’s..ugh, they sound even fuglier than you.

    By the way, shouldn’t you be babysitting them right about now. Did you forget that “earning your keep” also means that you have to look after you rodent siblings as well?

    tsk tsk, some big brother you are.

  18. danielle

    #66. After you my dear friend ;)

  19. RichPort

    danYELL desperately needs attention… Someone have Madge on speed dial so she can adopt this fool? She’s got that Webster midget disease so she still looks small… then we can tie a Kaballah string around her fucking neck.

  20. danielle

    #69. Obviously your ass needs the attention. You’re the one who keeps posting.

    Take some pointers from jrz….you’re NOT funny. My niece knows better jokes.

  21. RichPort


  22. jrzmommy

    DanYELL…..the MOMMY part of my name is kinda a dead giveaway that I’m not a big brother. C’mon baby….give me everything you got today…put that inner-city education to work!

    For the unindoctrinated: This is what DanYELL the Cunt does, she takes anything you say and turns it around, very weakly, and tries to come back at you with it. She is also famous for telling you your mother is a crack whore and your father is in jail. She’ll also ask over and over and over where you got your “edumacation”. She’s big on this education thing. She’ll then try to tell you that she goes to college, which we all know is a horrendous whopper, or else DeVry University’s online program has seriously lowered their admissions standards to the only requirement being a pen.

    She’s about as funny as a C-difficile outbreak in a nursing home, only with more shit involved.

  23. jrzmommy

    DanYELL: Does your niece know the one about the three things you can’t give a DC welfare mother? A fat lip, a black eye and a job!

  24. danielle

    #72. Good luck raising that bastard child of your’s.

    That whole middle paragraph:

    (silence….oh wait, nope….silence…yawn, I got it!, nope…ah well..everyone can’t learn to speak “minimum wage”) sighhhhhh.

  25. danielle

    ????? how old are you????

  26. jrzmommy

    Then we all begin to think she’s retarded….

    That whole middle paragraph:

    (silence….oh wait, nope….silence…yawn, I got it!, nope…ah well..everyone can’t learn to speak “minimum wage”) sighhhhhh.

    What is that? heee heeeeee!

  27. PrettyBaby

    danielle sounds like a real peach- perhaps she is either unattractive or she doesn’t get laid frequently enough

  28. jrzmommy

    Better not talk harshly about my babies, DanYELL, one of them may be one of your’s parole officer someday!

  29. danielle

    #77. You’re right..I don’t get laid frequently…sigh*

    #78. “One of your’s”. Nope, sorry sweety, I don’t have kids. That’s something that people in thier upper twenties and thirties do. You should know.

    Nope, twenty and loving it. I’ll keep your bastards in my prayers.

  30. PrettyBaby, I think it may be a little of both of those, on top of being a total idiot.

  31. PrettyBaby

    #78 That shit would make PrettyBaby mean. Where I cone from, you NEVER talk shit about someone’s kids. That’ll get your ass whipped. And it’s easy to talk shit on the fucking computer, where you can’t be located and fuckered up.

  32. jrzmommy

    Did you forget where you are PrettyBaby? This is the Superficial, and we don’t really give a fuck.

  33. danielle

    I think we have a NEW contestant for the
    “I Talk Out My Ass” Award. *wink wink*

    Seriously, who taught this guy English?

  34. RichPort

    damnYELL will offer to have your friends kick your ass then contritely offer a Mea Culpa telling you how jealous she is that her sister is successfully paying her way through Howard by stripping. Of course the only thing damnYELL strips is the wrapper off a fucking 16 oz Hersheys… it was fun ass-reaming her way back on the Beyonce thread, but now I feel like I’m kicking a child. Not that I’ve never done that before, but this one keeps getting my shoes dirty.

  35. commissioner

    I wish I had a Danielle in person to kick around today. I take delicious pleasure in reducing moronic twenty-something females to tears with one sentence.

    Come visit me, Danielle. You’ll wish I was Rich or jrz by the time I’m finished with you.

  36. jrzmommy

    Exhibit A to DanYELL factoid #1: she takes anything you say and turns it around, very weakly, and tries to come back at you with it.

    DanYELL posted in #83: who taught this guy English?

    Jrzmommy posted in #57: I love it when the underclass attempts English

    The originality is mindboggling.

  37. danielle

    #85. How old are you? I might take you up on that offer.

  38. James

    Girlywhore shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what you have to say. Bigger and better than anything you can get. Danielle, agreed girlyman needs to stay the fuck out of other peoples’ posts. The funny thing is when he cheats on her she’s shit out of luck men wise because any self respecting caucasian male doesn’t take tainted meat. Still fuck off girlyman.

  39. RichPort

    Uuuhhh, yea, that would involves busfare, and at $4 a blow, you’ll have to suck half of DC off (again) to visit Commish.

  40. danielle

    Damn you’re a sexy motherfucker.

  41. PrettyBaby

    #88 Tainted meat? You guys are making my damn day!!!

  42. PrettyBaby

    Hey notice in the pic Heidi is GRIPPING tha snake just like it is Seal’s own huge cock and it sorta looks like it is coming from his body. Nice.

  43. jrzmommy

    Commish don’t swing that way, DanYELL. Go take your bizarre prison bull-dyke fantasy out on someone else.

    Psst…$50 says her next comment to me has something to do with homosexuality.

  44. GirlyGirl

    #88, is that all you can come up with? Whore, and man? Ha ha ha! Idiots are so amusing…

  45. BigJim

    James, hate on other races all you want, but I’m willing to bet that Seal’s family tree at least has forks in it.

    Yours, on the other hand, well, just go ask your “Uncle-Pa” about why he’s making you marry your sister. I’m sure his response will be something like, “If it was good enough for me and your mother…”

  46. danielle

    #94. Ewwww. He’s a she? Damn, stop talking so damn manly. Buy a dress or something, geesh.

    BTW- jrz, the lesbo..I’m STRICTLY DICKLY. kay? You wish.

  47. jrzmommy

    Hey Jim, know what James does on Halloween??? Pump kin. Hee hee..

  48. jrzmommy


    #97, DanYELL the Cunt: BTW- jrz, the lesbo

    Jrzmommy in #94: Psst…$50 says her next comment to me has something to do with homosexuality


  49. PrettyBaby

    James, Well as ugly as Seal is, he’d probably a great bed-buddy. I personally don’t usually date Black guys (Not that I wouldn’t-just haven’t) White guys should be confident and not be so jealous of Black dudes. Darlin, all it shows is insecurity, ya know?

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