Heidi Klum and Seal get in the Halloween spirit

November 1st, 2006 // 119 Comments

  1. lohans8ball


  2. RichPort

    It looks like an eerie cross between the Fruit of the Loom guys and RuPaul. Scary…

  3. Flip21

    Nice to see Seal showing his true colors.

  4. Tracy

    Finally! A hot sexy mama who doesn’t have to dress like a whore on Halloween. I get that she’s the snake with the apple, but what is Seal supposed to be? Eve? A tree? A dashboard hula dancer? Hmmm…

  5. slantingthroughdarkness

    And God said, “Let There Be Goofiness…”


  6. jillypoo

    creative, tacky, and ridiculous, everything Halloween should be… i love it!

  7. Are they Lance Armstrong’s “twig & berry”?

  8. Hey Seal, next year if you want to go as something VERY frightening, you should go as – Seal.

    Seriously, you are one ugly mother fucker. You sing like a godamn bird, but you are ugly as a mofo.

  9. BigJim

    All Seal needs for a scary costume is a ratty shirt and to walk around with arms outstretched mumbling “brains!”

  10. Skip Smith

    great, the first post is a gay-acting interracial liberal couple. i can’t wait to read all the political essays. FUCK!

  11. ponk

    Rich, my immediate reaction was similar to yours. Fruit of the Loom guys on LSD.

  12. llllllllll

    What they should have done was show close ups of Seal in that costume!

  13. 86

    I love it. Hot celebrities acting stupid..you can’t get much better than that.

  14. jrzmommy

    I’m cold and there are wolves chasing me….

  15. Lady Serpentine

    Well, you can’t say it isn’t creative

  16. Italian Stallion

    I don’t get these costumes, I know it has to do with Adam and Eve or something……

    Seal should have went as a seal, and she should have went as one of those people who clubs them on the head that PETA is always pisssed about……..

  17. RichPort

    #15 – ??? You may need to lay off the jujyfruit. Last time I ate to many SweetTarts I had dreams of being attacked by vampire sheep… or maybe it was the chupacabra…

  18. jrzmommy

    Rich, you mean it isn’t Seal and Heidi freaking me out bu it’s a mad overdose of high fructose corn syrup and red dye #8?
    ohh…today IS going to suck.

  19. RichPort

    I read somewhere that the red dye used in food comes from crushed beetle shells… maybe it’s the beetles.

    I like Stallion’s costume idea…

  20. laikiska

    great outfits and a very inventive way to hide her humongous baby-belly!

  21. PapaHotNuts

    He should have worn that mask he wears all the time with the scarred up face and the gapped tooth.

  22. Gapped tooth ass bitch.

  23. They look like they have fun together. I love their costume… very orginal and cute.

    I take it Heidi is the apple and the snake and Seal as Eve will eventually bite the apple… all very goofy and sexy… my kind of evening!


  24. Says alot that they go as Eve and the serpent and Heidi is the snake! What would Sigmund say about that one? And is it just me or is Seal overdoing it a bit? My first impression – participants in a Mardi Gras gay pride festival. My second impression – one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever experienced in my life.

  25. 86

    17 I can totally picture that.

  26. mikeski

    23: “Gapped tooth ass bitch.”

    Yes, but what about Heidi?

  27. @27 – Gapped “leg” ass bitch.

  28. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    This year me and my husband went to Diddy’s party dressed up as a penis and a pair of testicles. People kept calling me Pam and telling me they loved my sex tape. It was weird.

  29. commissioner

    I’m nursing a Parrot Bay and Hershey hangover. Oh, and I have a zit the size of Barbra Streisand’s nose on my cheek.

    Fucking candy.

  30. danielle

    you all are complete idiots. go read a damn book and lay off the X for a couple of days.

  31. jrzmommy

    Babs’ snout is pretty fucking gigantic, commish. You may want to seek medical intervention for that honker!!!

  32. jrzmommy

    Hey DanYELL, drop dead, you fucking tax-dollar sucking whore.

  33. commissioner

    I have someone coming by to take a look. I’m gonna try to score some Percocet because it hurts like a motherfucker.

  34. RichPort

    Commish – Squeeze it on damnYELL. She’s a pimple on the ass of society anyway.

  35. normella

    it sure as hell is refreshing to see a woman (a beautiful one, at that) not dressed as a slutty pirate/nurse/bagel/chair/telephone for once.

  36. danielle

    i’ll drop-dead when after you finish filling out those papers to become a legal citizen of the United States you dumb fucktard :).

  37. James

    I wouldn’t dare touch Heidi Klum after she’s been with that jungle bunny. That’s completely gross. I wonder how many white guys gagged when they learned she married that spear chucker. Survey said: ALOT 36 she’s a race mixing whore nuff said.

  38. danielle

    oops..i meant “when you….” some of your dumbness must have rubbed off on me.

  39. RichPort

    James, damnYELL. damnYELL, James. Enjoy each other, you have lots to talk about…

  40. I’d eat that apple

    abd have sex with her


  41. danielle

    I love you Bitchport

  42. laikiska

    James, I am sure Heidi would not give you a split second’s attention anyway – so don’t worry about having to screw her.

  43. jrzmommy

    Ah….the literary giant returns. When I become a citizen? What kind of fucking dunce-cap wearin’ put down is that? Man oh man oh man….truly small potatoes this one.

  44. danielle, the only thing i rubbed off on you was the jizz of my unit on your face.

  45. jrzmommy

    Rich (40) hee heee heeeee!!! Excellent match up. The product of our welfare system and inner-city education meets a David Duke wannabe! Let the ruckus begin!

  46. danielle

    Small potatoes? Gee golly gosh darn wow!

    I must say, you are one of the smartest people I’ve met today…considering I’ve only come into contact with a street bum asking for cash and the grilled cheese sandwich I had for lunch.

    But all in all, you (by far) are the most interesting! Interesting indeed.

  47. RichPort

    Jrz – it’s like a fucking ant problem, isn’t it? You keep stepping on them but the little fuckers just keep coming back. Someone must have told her there was a Denstiny’s Child post here, or she finally flunked out of Howard’s Cafeterial Arts program. I think James should practice some reverse racism and give her the ol’ jelly donut.

  48. BigJim

    Christ. Between James and Danielle we’ve got a regular klu klux kunt meeting going on.

  49. jrzmommy

    DanYELL, I’m hurt….we’ve met before, how can you forget….I outed you for the lazy, fat-assed, DC Government employee, bastard-raising, Ballou HS grad that you are. And don’t forget it, Trinity! HAHAHAHA!! Yeah, Trinity. did you clean my dirty towels when I used the gym there a few years ago?

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