Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson care about weird things

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  1. Binky

    Oh.. oh . Seem to be recognized by Sodomy #30.
    Better put the shades back on, lay low 4 a while and get my ass out of here.

  2. mela

    Elle needs to edit her so-called ‘name’ to ‘The Body, Sans Butt’.

  3. hercjm

    According to Wikipedia -

    The Body can refer to multiple topics:

    The Body is a short story written by Stephen King.
    The Body is also a bestselling book on human biology, written by Anthony Smith.
    The Body is a 1949 novel by William Sansom.
    The Body is also the title of the 1983 book by Richard Sapir which was made into:
    The Body a 1991 a film starring Antonio Banderas.
    The Body is also a nickname given to the Australian model Elle Macpherson
    The Body is also a nickname given professional wrestler/actor/politician Jesse Ventura.
    The Body is also the name of a two-piece stoner metal band originally from Little Rock, Arkansas.
    The Body is also the name of the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    I see nothing about Heidi Klum. Case closed. All hail the mighty Wiki!!

  4. Rosemary

    I’ve always heard Heidi Klum referred to as ‘the Body.’ This was the first time I’d ever heard anyone call Elle MacPherson that.

    #23, “The Body”, I’m sure, refers to a woman’s body. Women have hips. Therefore, a model famous for a body without hips should probably be called “the Little Boy.”

  5. diamondprynzez


    She would actually call herself “der Korper”

  6. Grope For Luna

    Heidi has big stinky feet.
    And big greasy sausage toes.

  7. amhi

    If Heidi can look like that after two kids (and she’s currently pregnant with the third) then what exactly are the implications for Britney?

  8. amhi

    I meant Elle.

  9. gailmariecat

    Good point Rosemary. Shouldn’t the women that model women’s clothes look like women? Let the Little Boys model kids clothes.

    Elle is channeling Teri Hatcher in these photos.

  10. Aristotrash

    Before all of this started, I thought Giselle Bundchen was “The Body.” Maybe it’s sort of a generic nickname for the Victoria Secret girls.

  11. Gogo

    I have only ever heard of Elle being refered to as “The Body” and never Heidi Klum. Elle even has it as part of her brandname on her products and has for years. Probably the main reason why Elle and her business associates are so angry about this.

    Anyway, Wikipedia confirms it. Elle is the one officially noted as The Body. Heidi needs to shut the fuck up.

  12. Do Freebird

    Only one “The Body”
    * Ventura looked great in rhinestones.
    * Ventura worked with Gorilla Monsoon.
    * Ventura defined the class of wearing a feathered boa.
    * Ventura made Hulk Hogan look like he was actually a wrestler.
    * Of the three, Ventura has had the least amount of body work.

    All hail the Body himself, Jesse Ventura.
    Wannabe bitches.
    But I’d still nail either one in a heartbeat.

  13. CraigC

    Haaaaaaaaaaa, #4. I should have quit reading this thread after that one.

  14. Tova

    @54 and 59- I’m sure skinny women take offense to the fact that you think they are not “real” women. Elle looks healthy and beautiful to me!

  15. They can both feck off. Yawn. Put them in a giant vat of jello and let them fight for the title.

  16. Justin Igger

    she may be married to seal but in all seriousness she’s just married to Justin Igger!

  17. ffordegroupie

    Would people PLEASE stop talking about wikipedia? It’s useful, but if people can adjust the contents and change stuff, it’s hardly official or conclusive. All it takes is a bit of adjustment and bingo, Heidi is the Body too!

    As they’ve pointed out, it’s a nickname for more than one person, including a pro wrestler.

    Seriously, Elle’s career seems to be in the dumps now, while Heidi’s is hot. Elle is probably about to create a reality show or something, and needs some quick publicity. Next she’ll be suing mystery writers for repeatedly talking about “the body” without mentioning her.

    Reminds me of the ultra whiny ex-sex-symbol Bardot suing a French water company, because they dared to use the French word “bebe.”

  18. 18000rpm

    Are you guys crazy?? Heidi’s body is friggin weird. Don’t believe me?


    “Child-bearing” is the only way I can describe them.


  19. mercedes215

    This is for all the stupid bitches who have wrote that Elle has the body of a ‘little boy’. Are you f*cking mental?? It is completely obvious that whoever wrote that is a 350 lb trailor trash whore that has nothing better to do that bag out beautful women. Elle is gorgeous. Thats why she’s a supermodel and you are just some jealous bitch sitting at her computer hating on the beautiful people. Thin tall women are hot. Live with it or go on a diet. But stop pretending like it doesnt look good.

  20. alaskanchicsickle

    @68 how dare you mercedes, I’m not 350, I cut down on the cheetos and beer and now I’m down to a svelte 299. I’m dead sexay!

  21. kara

    There was already an “Irma The Body” in the 50s anyway:


  22. RichPort

    I prefer it when a woman has enough weight on her that you can’t see the shape of whatever she swallows as it travels down her esophagus and into her belly. But that’s just me.

  23. R7Angelica

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Jamie Lee Curtis “The Body?” I’m pretty sure she was so-named before any supermodel.

  24. kandyk0119

    She has definitely had those nipples lifted!

  25. Rayo

    this cannot possibly be ‘the body’

  26. pagebetty

    ======== 42 years old? She looks wonderful!

  27. fetisha

    copied from #68…


    Heidi looks like Jack Nicholson here… scary.

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