Heidi and Spencer are hoarders now

Seen here committing what has to be a war crime, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are apparently trying to break into the hoarders genre now, according to Life & Style:

The insider shares frightening never-before-seen photos of their actual home far from Hollywood in LA’s Pacific Palisades area. The kitchen and living room are filled with Spencer’s crystals, stacks of his screenplays and junk everywhere. “Their four dogs aren’t housebroken,” an insider tells Life & Style. “They go to the bathroom all over the house. Heidi is sometimes near tears at the dogs’ mess, but Spencer just orders her to pick it up.

I’m all for women’s lib, suffrage, etc. but that last sentence has to be the most hilarious thing I’ve read all week. Not because I think women should clean up after men, but because when you have more plastic in you than the vacuum, don’t be surprised when you’re used like one.

HEIDI: You know, there are “other things” that vacuums can do, Spencer…
SPENCER: *starts licking a crystal* Beam me to Happy Land. HAPPY LAND!