Heidi and Audrina’s breasts got cancelled

March 25th, 2010 // 58 Comments

Civilization just became slightly less doomed. The Hills is going off the air after this season which essentially marks the end of Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag’s careers, if that term even applies. Sure, they could fade away for a while, focus on their acting classes and try to land legitimate roles, but that’d be a tragic waste of fake tits. No, really, as I was typing this, the Indian from that TV commercial walked in here and shed a single, solemn tear.

Then whipped a tomahawk at me for using the word “Indian.” Dammit, Chief Squeezes Boobs!


  1. heckyeah



  2. blt

    They need not apply then to this if they are looking for work.


  3. alpine1

    I will miss those titties!

  4. dude

    good news.

  5. Fake Tittied Losers

    Aw… airhead heidi (who fired her husband as manager, hired a psychic then fired him as well) & her fake titties won’t be on the air anymore? I’m so hurt… NOT! ‘Bout time the 2 fake tittied no-talents got booted…

  6. alpine1

    LOL when I read their occupation in Wiki.
    Occupations Reality television personality, recording artist, fashion designer
    Good luck with the rest of your remaining talents.

  7. TekMoney

    Thank GOD and good riddance.

  8. Sport

    finally some good news, lets all pray for the Kardashians disappearing soon, too.

  9. cc

    So this is what it feels like to win a lottery…

    And yes, I second the motion that the fucking Kardashians vanish very, very soon.

  10. Teddy

    Audrina’s pictures are always certainly ball-drainers for me; she’s smoking hot and I would love to do everything to her.

  11. cc

    I have to admit though…if I came home and found Heidi hiding beneath my sheets, I wouldn’t be unhappy.

  12. Dumb Talentless Ho's

    Why didn’t her psychic mamager tell her this was comming?

  13. Dumb Talentless Ho's

    Why didn’t her psychic mamager tell her this was comming?

  14. Marico

    What an horrible bunch of fake plastic tits. This is hugely not sexy. I join #7 to proclaim good riddance.

  15. Man, this sucks. I really love that show. It’s really insightful and brings out my intellectual side.

  16. sap

    she is charming as always!

  17. sap

    she is always beautiful!

  18. Mr. Krinkle

    They’ll be doing porn within a year, hopefully

  19. e

    at least heidi has her singing career to fall back on.
    and hopefully a spiked wrought iron fence.

  20. HLM

    It’s about time. Now maybe they’ll all fade into the obscurity of internet porn and I won’t have to hear about them anymore.

  21. quadracer

    I guess it’s only a matter of time before they make a run to Playboy in an attempt to continue their careers… As long as they don’t have an interview to show their lack of intellectual insight, they may stand a very slight, very small slim chance.

  22. sixpack

    …what’s The Hills?

  23. bar room hero


    Audrina is a bit o’ alright, but Heidi looks like a tranny.

  24. These two both radiate intense warm sunshine, and will remain the A-listers they fully deserve to be! They will be heralded as legends, just you wait and see. They are an inspiration to us all, and their natural beauty just radiates. There’s nothing more appealing than two empty-headed attention-whores that are doubtless carriers of a garden variety of diseases. May they both end up in women’s prisons getting ass-banged by butch dykes weiding large strap-ons.

    @1 – go fuck yourself with a red-hot poker. Asswipe!


  25. AnonymousError

    The Hills lost all of it’s integrity after Lauren left. That’s not to say it had a whole lot of integrity in the first place but now it’s fakeness is over the top. Fake drama, fake sets, fake boobs, etc. I don’t care what happens to these bitches. Hopefully they made enough money from the last 5 years that we’ll never have to see them again and they can bow out gracefully… something tells me Audrina will do just that but Heidi wont.

  26. John

    SWEET! Thank God, possibly the worst show ever IMHO.

  27. Dude

    that Heidi chick has the best Rack in the world

  28. Nameless

    Here comes a whole slew of future Mischa Bartons in the making because of this. Heidi’s going to wish she kept all the money she spent on that stupid record and her plastic surgery because she going to go broke quick.

  29. Ego

    I guess they can no safely transition to porn without MTV getting all bitchy.
    Oh an if porn doesn’t work for them (I don’t see how), I’ve got jobs for both of them. heh

  30. Footclan

    They’ll probably end up on bangbus in like a year.

  31. Just Cause

    Goodbye! Good riddance.

  32. Your Beadazzler (tm)

    so THAT’S what they meant by four horsemen of the apocalypse…

  33. end their careers. C’mon Fish what are you smoking?! Their careers aint ended,

    I alone would totally pay for any Audrina porn, and there’s another winter Olympics in four years. We can expect to see Heidi’s chin in the ski jump.

  34. cc

    C’mon guys, you have to feel for her. 3 people buy her album, her show gets cancelled…and then she gets to go home to Spencer Pratt.

  35. stupid

    I’d still like to tit fuck Heidi.

  36. audrina, you should not be frends with heidi untill lauren has talked to hedi and not holly. right now it would upset lauren too much and she could not handle it, and audrina would you what to lose lauren? you are am amazing friend and lauren is good as well, don’t be soo mean to her. i’m serious. season four of the hills is amazing. cannot wait for he next epoiside

  37. mi piace questo articolo!
    fammi sapere un secco di cose che non ho capito!

  38. Gorgeous new shoes always make me feel good.

  39. finally some good news, lets all pray for the Kardashians disappearing soon, too.

  40. captain america

    well………..THE BIGGER THE BETTER!!

    (this message was brought to ya by General Motors.)

  41. Brooke

    I was hoping after her plastic surgery healed some she would look somewhat better, but she doesn’t. It’s really sad when someone that was gorgeous the way she was in the beginning felt the need to have all that surgery done and ruined their face in the process. I mean she looked great to begin with and then she had the breast implants and nose job and still looked great, but after these last ten surgeries she looks hideous and I bet it can’t be undone now. It’s sad so while I love seeing Kristin C on the Hills I am glad this is the last season. I wish after that the Kristin would get her own reality show. I’d watch it she’s by far the most interesting person on the show. The Hills was really Lauren’s show and Kristin just took over but I’d like to see Kristin get her own show they could call it Man Eater. I’m glad Kristin is staying naturally beautiful and not getting a ton of plastic surgery. I hope now that Heidi has ruined her face that she disappears out of the limelight and out of the gossip columns. I wonder if when the show ends if her and Spencer will too since it’s a fake scripted show?

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  43. FUcking love those big tits of that girl. Would be a shame if she disapperead from telly. Need some more naked pics from here for sure (for my own site!!!)

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