Heidi & Spencer Scammed a Charity

September 15th, 2010 // 95 Comments
Heidi and Spencer

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are being accused of showing up to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on Sunday only to pose for pictures and bounce without even doing the walk or donating money. Cue Spencer feigning shock that someone might actually think The Posing Penises (Official stage name.) were only in it for the photo op. His “nana’s” got the sick boobies, you jerks!:

Spencer contacted us with more details. He claims he and Heidi, “Accidentally happened upon the event, and immediately asked how we could participate. We would’ve loved to walk, but unfortunately Heidi’s surgeries prevented that.” Instead, Spencer says they bought “gear” to donate to the cause.
Spencer also corrected his rep’s statement — saying it’s not a friend who had breast cancer … he says, “My nana is in the hospital battling cancer right now — so it’s a cause that’s extremely personal to me.” Spencer says it’s offensive for anyone to suggest this was just a “photo opportunity.”

So let me get this straight: Heidi and Spencer stumbled upon a breast cancer walk, bought “gear” (Read: one shirt.), pretended to walk for the cameras, and then went home after two steps. But no one’s supposed to consider that a photo op because Spencer said so? Interesting. You know what might’ve helped in that regard? NOT TAKING PHOTOS. Then again, that’s like trying to convince a fish that water is making him look bad except without the payoff of disposing of a body.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. jay

    He is a poacher, they are the most shallow people on planet earth

  2. Cock Dr

    FranknHeidi’s surgeries don’t seem to prevent her from bouncing around in ocean surf….but she can’t walk?
    Serve up some more of that delicious crappola.

    • duke chute

      Fuckin’ A.

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      Instead of bashing Charley Manson (err I mean Spencer) we should be applauding his great contribution to society. Fish your post smacks of the same naiveté that proclaims Lindsay Lohan “cured” of her various substance abuse issues.

      The fact is that “walks” such as these are geared towards “awareness” NOT raising vast sums of money in and of themselves. By that standard Mr. Manson (err I mean Pratt) did his civic duty. (Heidi does her civic duty each and every time she shows up wearing her breasts.)

      Instead of bashing Charley (err Spencer) on this one we should all gather round and give him the hearty attaboy he deserves. Repeat after me: HE RAISED AWARENESS FOR BREAST CANCER.

      In point of fact, the marketing arm of this organization owes Mr. Manson (err Mr. Pratt) a nice fruit basket for his work on behalf of an event that – in this forum at least – would have otherwise come and gone like a fart in the wind. Speaking of farts in the wind – Cock Doc good to see you here posting your usual drivel.

      Perhaps this is also a good time to posit the question of what these kinds of charitable activities are actually accomplishing? Lord knows I love any opportunity to watch an old fart like Kris Kristofferson sing on a cancer mini-telethon (Can 60 minutes actually be called a valid effort???)
      But how many times do we have to read reports where mere fractions of funds raised for a cause actually make it to that cause; to be entirely circumspect about these various ‘walks’ ‘runs’ ‘marathons’ ‘telethons’ etc etc etc

      In an absolute shit economy such as this the single best charity should be the American worker who – flush with an actual real life paycheck that wasn’t issued from the federal government – would feel compelled to give a portion of their paycheck to a worthy cause. As for me? I’ll continue to do what I have always done: Expect the federal government to build one less drone missile and put some serious freaking cash in the hands of cancer researchers.

      God bless you Spencer Pratt: You are a true American.

  3. Crusty

    My wife is battling breast cancer, had a total double mastectomy with total reconstructive surgery (doing better now). She trained her butt off for the Avon Walk and did the entire 39 miles over two days.. Hell, driving 39 miles is more than a lot of us would do.

    That this fake slut would insinuate through these pictures that she participated in the Avon walk is insulting to those who are truly interested in finding a cure.. and raising the money necessary to do so.

    • That’s very impressive, kudos to your wife for walking the talk Crusty. Hope she gets well!

      • Kerri

        me too. that’s amazing that she did the walk. H&S are disgusting excuses for human beings. if they made a PENNY off these pictures they better donate the money. what am i saying? look who we’re talking about…
        good luck to your life.

      • Kerri

        i mean wife. woopsy…

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Best wishes to your wife (and you) Crusty. Hope that she continues to do well.

    • Cher X

      Your wife rocks, dude!

    • Crusty make sure she has reg checkups, my sis in law had the same procedure ten yrs ago and just found out she had a recurrance thats already metasticized thru half her organs :-(

      • ZigZagZoey

        OMG that sucks. Good luck to her. So not fair.

      • Crusty

        Yep, she visits her oncologist quarterly for blood work etc. They have her on Tamoxifen for the next five years, which is supposed to help her odds even more. The downside of Tamoxifen is that she can’t drink alcohol and if there’s anyone who deserves a margarita, it’s her. She always had a glass of wine in the evening so because she can’t, I stopped also, which is ridiculously hard when watching the Cowboys absolutely BLOW against the Redskins.

        Her prognosis was discovered via an annual mammogram which, because of her age (mid 30s), is the type the government said is no longer necessary for women under 50 (wrong..). We just landed in Vegas when her doctor called to say her mammogram came back with problems, so the day her 5 years on Tamoxifen are up, we’ll head back to Vegas to finish that vacation.

        Thanks for all the nice thoughts.. they’re appreciated..

    • ZigZagZoey

      Just want to add my good wishes to your wife too.

    • Hole Filler

      God bless your lovely wife!!!!

    • WTF Report

      Amen, Crusty – this is taking cuntastic famewhoredomjust too damn far, sucking off of a good cause to promote the total waste of space these two represent. I have a good friend who was on tamoxifen for 5 years and she’s been cancer free since she was off it, so I really wish the same for your wife. It sucks not to be able to enjoy something as simple as a drink, but being alive is still preferable to not having a margarita. Good fortune and clear scans to you both!

    • Lizzy

      Best of luck to you and your wife, Crusty. I hope you both will end up okay. And enjoy the hell out of that vacation as soon as you get to take it!

    • Hello

      Well said, and God bless your wife, Crusty, she sounds like a real tough lady. Here’s hoping her recovery is a smooth one!

      • sunshine

        Crusty, Give Mrs. Crusty my love and best wishes. I finished radiation for BC on Monday and began the tamoxifen last night. One down, 1825 more to go. Just so you know, cancer loves alcohol too. I’ve given it up for life. Mrs. Crusty is lucky to have you on her side, you sound like a good man to me, just like my Mr Sunshine!
        God Bless you both real good!

    • Vito

      Bless her heart. And I hope she gets another 60 years on the planet. And likewise to you for supporting her through her ordeal. A lot of husbands bail in this situation and you deserve a real pat on the back for your part in this current episode.

  4. What cheap cunts. Can only imagine what those two spend on themselves during the last week alone. Wish their guns would go off while they clean em and take them the fuck out

  5. ughhh

    He couldn’t have made up a better excuse? Even if it wasn’t a lie about Heidi not being able to walk if it’s such an important cause to him why didn’t he walk alone? Pieces of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  6. Viv

    Viva Mexico

    • Mike Hawk


      perfect example of why you arent welcome or wanted here…you contribute NOTHING to any situation except “viva shithole mexico” and being new millenium slaves. If youre so supportive of Mexico, why the rush to get out? or why not stay there and help the country out from under the grasp of the cartels? no balls? not tall enough for that ride? you lack the ability to know how to self defend, which lost your people the northern part of your country in the first place?

      • Mike Hawk

        I just remembered I was inbred and am trying to work through my father molesting me as a child and the issues it has caused me with racial outbursts. My appoligies again.

      • Viv

        I AM in Mexico, I am in no rush to get out, my country is going through some tough sh..t but I would never bail on it.

      • Mohammed's Taint

        Ok, Viv, lemme guess. We here in America are expected to be egalitarian and accept illegals as equals, while your country jails any ‘gringo’ who isn’t carrying papers and that’s ok. At least that’s what your “president” said on CNN a few months ago. Viva my ass.

      • Sarah J

        @Mike Hawk imposter

        You white guilt riddled, spineless, demasculinized excuse for a man. There was nothing racist in that rant. Way to FAIL at the race card attempt. HAH…

      • Carlos

        We will outbreed you gringos, you pink pussy.

      • WTF Report

        Good plan, Carlos. That’ll not only force our government to revoke the anchor baby rule, but it’ll mean even less of Mexico’s limited resources (and jobs) to go around than they do now – so you’ll REALLY be living in 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. Enjoy.

      • Carlos

        We people south of the border have been there for thousands of years. Much of this land you think is yours is now ours again and this time we intend to keep it and there is nothing you can do about it, pink pussy. Nothing. Our people are fertile and strong. Yours will decline or our children will breed with yours and you will be ours as well.
        Trust me Pinky *wink*

      • WTF Report

        You can have Arizona. Oh, wait….

      • Viv

        Mohammed’s Taint

        The rest of the worldaddresses your country as United States of America or USA, America is a continent, from Canada to Argentina.

        No one expects you gringos to be anything, it’s your country you can do whatever you want, keep coming over and fill our hotels in our beautiful places and leave all your money here.

        If you feel so strongly about us being in your country, why don’t you go and say all that to a Mexican’s face OVER THERE? I’d be very interested on the outcome of that.

        It’s not every day that Mexico becomes 200 years old.

      • billabong021

        Dude where’s all this hate against Mexico coming from? What exactly happened? What’d u get raped by Mexico or something?

      • WTF Report

        I don’t have a single problem with anyone who’s from Mexico or anywhere else in Central America being here as long as you’re here legally. I have friends who actually took the time and trouble to do just that – so no, I don’t have a lot of respect or patience for anyone who’s allegedly so fucking patriotic about Mexico but somehow thinks that coming here illegally to suck off our tit full-time is a perfect and pure expression of that patriotism. Yeah, with proud support like that, no wonder Mexico’s such a great country to live in full-time. You actually better fucking pray that gringo tourism continues, because if it ever stops, God help you – you’ll be reduced to ripping off each other and kidnapping yourselves, and you’ll fucking starve doing that.

        Fix your own fucked up, messed up, terminally corrupt country first so you might really have something to be proud of, instead of just boasting about how you’re gonna lay claim to Texas and the rest of it now that somebody else has made something of it. By all means, continue to be proud of how much older Mexico is than the the US – but that also means you’ve had a much longer head start to make it functional in this modern age. So what’s your excuse, again?

        Oh yeah, France ain’t getting the Louisiana Purchase back any time soon, either.

    • Viv

      I never thought a simple viva Mexico would spark such a reaction.
      WTF report you must be talking about other Mexicans because I have made no claims about what you say on your post nor implied anything of the sort.

      Whoever said Mexico is older than the US needs to look back at their history books, the US procclaimed it’s independence in 1776 and Mexico in 1810 you guys have been a nation longer than us, or are they teaching it otherwise over there?

      • Don Juan

        Viv, you need to shut your stupid mouth man. We have been here for thousands and thousand of years and because of the Spanish it came to be known as “Mexico”.
        That’s ok because we know how to survive and don’t have much to lose. Just everything to gain. We have a new nation to conquer my bothers!!!
        Indeed, viva Mexico!

      • Viv

        Don Juan: las fechas no mienten ni modo, EU tiene mas tiempo siendo nacion que Mexico.

        Pero no malinterpretes, claro que hemos estado aqui por miles de años,antes de ser mexicanos eramos indios puros, cuando llegaron los españoles, en vez de dejar que nos sacaran a patadas de nuestra tierra, nos mezclamos con ellos, luchamos y ganamos nuestra independencia.

        Cosa curiosa, parece que la historia se repite ja ja! Y por supuesto que sabemos sobrevivir, aqui estamos los indios mexicanos conquistando reconquistando tierra

      • WTF Report

        Oh come on. Why did you bother posting Viva Mexico on a Speidi thread, of all places, if it wasn’t to provoke a reaction? Stop acting so innocent. If you don’t want to be lumped in with Carlos, aka La Raza’s online rep, maybe you should either contradict his posts or better yet, don’t provoke the issue in the first place.

        Mexico was a colony a century before Jamestown was, but because we”re a nation of imported Europeans who almost killed off the native population rather than integrating with them and their existing civilzations, I figure that as history goes technically the US is a damn sight newer. But since it’s not every day Mexico becomes 200 years old, congratulations. And tell Carlos to stay home and help fix it up rather than trying to overpopulate the southern US.

      • Viv

        All right, I admit it, I did post to get a reaction, I’ll stop acting innocent, I’m anything but.

        People usually ignore me here, so thanks for the congratulations and the chat. I’ll play nice from now on (but not for long hee hee)

      • WTF Report

        Soo busted hee hee! I see your comments all the time so don’t think everyone ignores you on a daily basis. It’s either the really funny people or the assholes and douchebags that get the reaction but why go for negative attention? Now we return to Don Juan giving you shit for low renting the Indios. Happy Birthday to yoooooo!

  7. winston

    uhmm… why dont you stop covering these “stories” and stick to stories regarding naked women? who the fuck cares about these two? oh, right, just the person posting this shit.

  8. S

    please stop writing about these losers.

  9. Marcus

    They should have a baby

  10. Tyler

    Shave your hideous beard!

  11. L

    Weren’t you rooting for them to get cat aids or something Fish?
    I can see them faking an illness next…sigh, someone needs to poison them.

    • Matthew

      also fish few years ago you promised not to post mr.and miss douchbag but you still breaking your promise!

  12. Turd Ferguson

    worthless fucktards, as usual.

  13. Fish dude, If you could take the Owen Wilson picture of him peeing and put it on top of the picture of Mr. & Mrs Douche bag, that would be best photo Op ever…

  14. Kerri

    To their credit she also bought a hat.
    JUST KIDDING. Someone please take them out.

  15. joe@joe.com

    Her surgeries prevented her from walking? they they put nails up her a$$ and feet? I see this skank in pics doing all kinds of crap, but she can’t walk. Stupid bung holes!

    • L

      Yoga, swimming and rubbing the silicone boobs is fine to do. Too much walking can cause brain damage…woops, too late.

  16. Photoshop Police

    entering minute 30

    15 minutes STILL expired.

  17. Crabby Old Guy

    There’s a special place in Hell for asshats like these. Hope they get relocated ASAP. And, what supposedly grow man refers to anyone as “nana”???

  18. Lady Blah Blah

    This douche needs his Glock. Ditto to what Kerri says: Someone please take them out.

    And we don’t mean to “brunch.”

  19. rob frost

    I hate Speidi as much as the next, guy but I’m digging their new look. Heidi with no makeup and Spencer as a mountain man!

  20. Um…look, I hate these two useless douches as much as the next person, but this is a little bit childish.

    “Pretended to walk”? what does that even mean, was actually using a wheelchair? They bought a T-shirt and a hat, people took pictures of them (they can’t take a shit without someone taking a picture), and then Spencer literally immediately stated that they weren’t there to do the walk.

    This is “scamming” a charity? These two are useless enough, you don’t need to make up reasons to hate them. This just makes you all look like demi-douches yourselves.

  21. WTF

    Who the hell does Spencer think he is? Effing Grizzly Adams? DOUCHE…and Heidi can’t “walk” because of her surgeries? What’s the problem, gravitational pull may cause immediate face-planting? These two so deserve each other.

  22. Area Man

    Hmmm… I’ve walked or worked on the support crew for three Avon Walks. I thought the pink shirts were only available to breast cancer survivors.

  23. suck it

    It has been almost a year since her surgeries, and she still has to wear nose tape? REALLY? It does take up to a year for the nose to fully heal after surgery, but it is more about the swelling to go down than the bone healing. I had my nose fixed too and I had tape on for a WEEK. Funny how we never saw her tape until recently. Attention whore who can’t think of anything better than putting on nose tape for publicity?
    And this bullshit about her not being able to walk??!?!?! WTF. Speidi acts like she was a in near fatal plane crash.
    UGH WHY AM I EVEN SPENDING MY TIME COMMENTING ON THEM?? I like to follow their fucked up lives and publicity stunts but I wish they would think of better material. $^&*^%$^&*(!!!!

  24. I swear someone should just lay out Pratt. He needs a good beat down. He’s one of these snivelling loud mouthed twerps who acts tough and is so self indulged he won’t listen to reason or care about real people. He doesn’t care about Heidi either. When she starts sagging and loses her minimal appeal, he’ll replace her with another plastic piece of eye candy. How does an idiot like this ever become famous? HOW??? Someone kick his ass to within an inch of his life, PLEASE!!!!

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Agreed Dante. Spencer reminds me of the guy in Star 80 (the flick based on the true story of Playboy model Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider, the douche bag who “discovered,” married, and murdered her).

  25. Those 2 are all about themselves! I always picture Spencer having jars of urine all over his home like Howard Hughes.

  26. anonymous

    they may have walked on just for the photo op and didn’t do shit but let’s face it— is there any other pics or news regarding this event?

    Most of us probably wouldn’t have known it even took place without these two morons stealing some limelight.

    • Pratt and Montag do NOT do ANYTHING unless it’s planned. Everything they do is for publicity. The fighting, the sex tapes, the surgeries to heidi’s entire body, the ‘appearances’, the paparazzi op’s are ALL staged. That’s the biggest problem. They PLAN this shit. Their real lives aren’t even in reality, and that’s sad. Someone, please … kick that weasels ass. Beat him. Drop him in the middle of Compton with a KKK uniform on and let the locals handle him.

  27. can’t those two ever stay out of trouble?

  28. lol

    what is spencer trying to acomplish with that look?

  29. jrdffr

    did you know superficial guy reads ALL the comments and if he likes a certain celebrity he deletes all the bad comments. the guy is a loserr

    • WTF Report

      No, he doesn’t. Sometimes he comments back if they’re particularly assy or he’ll make fun of an idea in the next posting (if there is one, but that’s it . The site will sometimes black hole comments or have a bad posting delay, but he doesn’t delete shit. Fish Dude rocks. You don’t. Loserrrrrrr.

  30. the delay, on frequent posters, was fixed last fri..

  31. sasha

    Strange that two people who were divorcing last week now are so attatched at the hip that one can’t even walk without the other. What do these jerks do, drive around looking for someone with a camera?

  32. Sean

    what retarded charity would hire these clowns in the first place?

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  34. Prof

    A lot of people had never heard of the charity until they saw this picture. So, in a sense, they contributed to the cause.

  35. Pamstar

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  36. StopReportingThem

    As bad as these idiots are, they are there because sites like this continue to report them. Your site will make out fine not reporting garbage like them…come on. I believe you once stated you would never post on them again…whoops funny how the dollars roll.

  37. puddleduck

    Too bad these idiots weren’t around when Marshall Applewhite took his cult aboard the Hale Bopp spaceship. They would be worm food by now and not boring the rest of us with their bullshit antics….

  38. anik

    So Heidi could not participate in the breast cancer walk because of her surgeries, which might give her breast cancer.

  39. GORGON

    yeah, superficial, stop posting articles on these boobs, save your space for IMPORTANT stuff, like Kate Gosselin…..

  40. captain america

    he is going to alaska?

  41. Schnib

    Nice beard, only took you 8 years to grow it

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