Heidi & Spencer Scammed a Charity

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are being accused of showing up to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on Sunday only to pose for pictures and bounce without even doing the walk or donating money. Cue Spencer feigning shock that someone might actually think The Posing Penises (Official stage name.) were only in it for the photo op. His “nana’s” got the sick boobies, you jerks!:

Spencer contacted us with more details. He claims he and Heidi, “Accidentally happened upon the event, and immediately asked how we could participate. We would’ve loved to walk, but unfortunately Heidi’s surgeries prevented that.” Instead, Spencer says they bought “gear” to donate to the cause.
Spencer also corrected his rep’s statement — saying it’s not a friend who had breast cancer … he says, “My nana is in the hospital battling cancer right now — so it’s a cause that’s extremely personal to me.” Spencer says it’s offensive for anyone to suggest this was just a “photo opportunity.”

So let me get this straight: Heidi and Spencer stumbled upon a breast cancer walk, bought “gear” (Read: one shirt.), pretended to walk for the cameras, and then went home after two steps. But no one’s supposed to consider that a photo op because Spencer said so? Interesting. You know what might’ve helped in that regard? NOT TAKING PHOTOS. Then again, that’s like trying to convince a fish that water is making him look bad except without the payoff of disposing of a body.

Photo: Pacific Coast News