Heidi & Spencer are Releasing a Sex Tape

August 20th, 2010 // 226 Comments

Exactly like they announced their divorce on a late Friday afternoon, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt bring you “The Pretend Spencer is Hocking a Sex Tape Without Heidi’s Consent Even Though Everyone Knows How These Deals Work By Now” news story everyone saw coming a mile away. After Heidi’s balloon-tits. TMZ reports:

Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch tells us, “I just got off the phone with Spencer Pratt about a sex tape with Heidi Montag.”
He continues, “We are in early negotiations to possibly come to terms for a deal.”
Spencer has told a friend that the alleged tape “makes Kim Kardashian look like an amateur.”

I hope Vivid enjoys ten minutes of Spencer banging a mannequin while covering his mouth and talking in a falsetto voice because that’s exactly what they’re about to get. Although to his credit, there’s absolutely no way anyone will be able to tell the difference. The kid’s sharp, I’ll give him that.

VIVID EXEC #1: I don’t know, man. I mean, what do you think?
VIVID EXEC #2: It’s impossible to tell. No, wait, her head fell off.
VIVID EXEC #2: …. Good point.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. atom

    Ofc they are!

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      I can’t wait. Say what you want, but I would love to Fuck Heidi.

      • JR

        Yes, but are you willing to risk looking at crazy Spencer penis to see a naked Heidi? I’m not taking that chance. I hear you can go catatonic if you look directly at it.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        I will risk it. He is not my focus.

      • Mary Jane


        It’s like a horrible car crash you can’t help but look! Or like Saw 1 thru 13! All blood and gore and Spencer sawing off his hand from the fury handcuffs as Heidi is placed in the room and positioned
        ..”NOoo please don’t let her touch my pee pee!!”

      • cowbulls

        Who gives a crap about pencil privates? I want to see Heidi. She looked better before all the surgery but she still looks great. I want to be the guy after pencil boy because there is still some new territory to be plowed.

      • GOD

        THANK YOU GOD!!!!

        Dreams do come true, I remember some weeks ago, There was a Heidi post in here, and my comment was, Heidi should totally do porn, she totally looks like a porn star,

        And Now, My dream has come true, I REALLY LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT

  2. Is Frankenbarbie still around? Why hasn’t any one chased it of with some torches and a pitchfork or two!

  3. Clem

    No way it can happen. Spencer is a virgin.

  4. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    MAN! (literally) You can crush cans with that jaw! hhahahahaha

  5. GOB Bluth

    So this will be a tape of Spencer weeping uncontrollably the entire time asking “I have to put my dick into… into that thing?” Heidi: “It is my vagina.” Spencer: “Oh God, just kill me now!”

  6. Jack Mehoff

    I’m sure there will some ass play involved.

    • hah i truly picture him in a gay sex tape in a few years. and he may well end up like bob crane from hogan’s heroes.
      he’s a creep for preying on the rare moron who would believe in him. i feel sorry for her. somewhat. but more so if she were ever to have a moment of clarity and realizes what she did to herself at what has to be his suggestion.

    • Jimmy Fury

      Of course there will.

      The real question is whether or not Heidi’s strap-on will be black (the way spencer likes it) or bright pink.

    • NG

      It’s a tape of Pratt being ass raped by Heidi. I’d watch that.

  7. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:


    I guess if you’re about to nail that plastic thing, you need such distractions as balloons hanging from the ceiling and pretty things to take your mind from the moment like rose petals and alcohol…

  8. Typical

    American whores and their slutty behavior don’t shock me anymore. It is to be expected that they act trashy and dumb. First that tramp Paris Hilton. Then the Kim Kardashion one even sexed a savage. Now this blonde bimbo. How many Asians you see with a sex tape? We dont lower ourselves like blacks slaves like the porn star Montana or whites like Heidi, or mexicans like the mexicans pornstars. We have class. No class or dignity in America.

    • Me

      Your English is getting worse.

    • molly

      tila tequila..

    • absinthe

      Have you ever seen a Japanese gameshow? Some of those are real classy, right?

      • absinthe post

        Fancy Absinthe? Check out facebook.com/greenmvmt.

        Sorry for the link but your post name made me think!

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      What Country are you from Typical? We know you are from Asia.

      • Typical

        I am from Taiwan, but attend uni in England. I am going back there soon. Only Asian pornstars are Filipino. But they are not real Asians they are dark. No Korean, Chinese, or Japanese are low enuf to digrade themselves. Only Americanized whores would do that. Look at how low class slave Montana Fishburn is. She has money aND even she sexes for money. That shows American womans like to be slutty when they dont need to be. It is a hobby for them. You be slutty because its in your nature. Only Asian gets slutty to survive.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Thanks, now we know NOT to waste American lives defending you from the Mainland. Good Luck.

      • Whatever

        And that’s coming from somebody who lives in a country that is known for its “sex tourism” where families sell their innocent children to make a living. That’s more disgusting than any pornstar!!!!
        I honestly hate racists. And you definably are one. All that “dark color” thing you are talking about is bullshit. Why are you under the impression that you are better than anybody else????? You know if I would be a damn ass racists I would argue that you might be light skinned but well … you don’t quite fit the description of an Aryan neither. Sorry to tell you that….

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        We love Whores. They are great lays.

      • Adam

        Haha Who created Bukkake porn? Those damn slutty Japanese! Now those are some real whores!

    • wallli

      asian chicks are in porns ALL the time. the asian men arent cuz they have tiny penises. all races whore just the same.. america may be fucked up but there is dumb people and whores in every country.

      • Typical

        Asian men does not have tiny penis you do. That is all a myth made up by Jews and blacks and whites and Mexicans to act superior to the Asian man who is obviously more smart and civilized. Blacks claim big penis becase thats all they can claim. They have smaller brains. They are dumb with no civilization or contributions. So why not say something about something no one can see. Truth is Asian men have the biggest penis. We also have the best food, best history and cultures. White culture rewards slutty behavior and ignorance. Black culture is primitive and they kill, rape and run around the jungle in loincloths throwing spears and eating each other. Mexican culture is washing dishes and stealing.

      • Typical

        Why am I under impression that I am better than everyone? How about Asians are the smartest in the world, we build the most successful countries. China is number 1 economy soon. We have best schools and we beat Americans in Vietnam and Korean War.

        And not everyone who has white skin is white race. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Han ethnicity has light skin. This is why we are better than other Asians. Darker Asians give us a bad name. They are all poor and live like third world. Are black Indians the same as black race? NO! Indians are smarter. Learn biology dumb American whore.

      • Typical

        Taiwan is not known for sex tourism you moron. We are one of the smartest most richest countries in the world. And we are only a tiny island. We have better economy than all African, Latin American, other Asian, and most European nations. Southeast Asian countries and Eastern European are known for sex tourism. But Southeast Asian is not really Asian like Eastern European is not really white. They are primitive versions of us races. Where did you see that Taiwan is sex tourism. Is that what American education teaches you? Only Thailand, Cambodia, and Philipines has that. We are advanced. You prove American dumbness.

      • wallli

        im a woman. you uneducated chink.

      • It's Chou Time

        All this is true. I have lived here in the states and have seen things and watched shows on televisions that I would have never thought could happen. Asian women are classy and do not speak like idiots or yell and grab their crotches like dirty apes.

      • Rule

        Wake up, stop dreaming

      • Bunny

        Did you just say “Truth is Asian men have the biggest penis”

        Ummmmmmmmm. Yeah…..

    • steezie

      trollin’ trollin’ trollin’

      • blahblahblah

        hate to break it to you “Typical” but Norway has the top economy. 2% unemployment rate and the highest income per capita as well has the best quality of life.

        for being asian you really are stupid.

      • Mary Jane

        ur so classy with ur racial slurs, such dignity is rare in some one with such a small penis. U are probably just sad you weren’t first in the comments. (hello? we all talk shit on allll the dumb whores ur just disgusted w/ yourself ur obssessed with it too, only difference is no one wants you..)

      • Taiwan is not a country

        Taiwan is not a country. Seen what name they were represented with at the youth olympics lately?

        Moreover, your command of the English language is terrible. I’m a Chinese from South-East Asia and I think you need an English teacher for private lessons ;)

        Your part of the world is termed EAST-Asia. Asia is pretty damn big. That you’re in University in England shows that Taiwan is certainly very rich, doesn’t really show where the IQ is however. And you consider yourself civil? Your TV shows are mere mimics of Japanese game shows, and your politicians are vile and uncouth (bringing up his mistress’s underwear colour? now that’s real classy, and that awesome self-righteous ex-president of yours who siphoned the country of millions of dollars. He should be held as a moral example shouldn’t he?!).

        That you are bringing up the sad story of Asian porn and prostitution to mock shows how immature you are. Many of them saw no other way to the end of their poverty. Others in richer countries like Japan chose the life for themselves which shows little regard for the moral you purport your side of the continent to have.

        From your nubile and insensitive comments, I gather you must be a man, fed up with the number of hot girls in your country who flock after Caucasian men. AND I hope you have a small penis for karma.Or perhaps that’s your source of insecurity? My boyfriend never had that sort of insecurity maybe because he is of a good size. But I prefer to think it’s because he is a decent, rational and thinking human-being.

        To the others who might be reading this: I actually have really smart Taiwanese friends…and Thai and Malay and Cambodian and American and French and German. And as much as a belief in the genetic equality of all races, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt must have been born with and IQ of 50.

      • YUP

        Typical is just upset she was bullied in school and no respectable white man would date a low life chink.

      • Sarah

        Hey dumbfuck, Taiwan isn’t a country!

    • ctti

      I am Asian & let’s just say that your generalization & ignorance does nothing to show how educated many Asians are. Least of all, yourself.

      Asian porn is everywhere, from China to the Philippines to Thailand. Please, take your disgusting ignorance & go drown in it.

    • dee

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the majority of porn is slutty asian chicks. In Australia, Asians are the ones who run almost all the brothels. I got to Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and it is a little know fact that many of the asian women apply for student visas, attend the uni and prostitute on the side. So don’t go off and say Asians have more class than any other country in the world because it is 100% false. Everyone is as bad as each other.

    • erica

      OMG! Typical…just shut it. I am an Asian Australian and you are EMBARRASSING us Asians!! You, like so many Asians are so racist against dark skinned races. Stop embarrassing us normal Asians who aren’t prejudiced like you. Just stop before you embarrass yourself further.

      • Applesauce

        Hilarious the way this person winds you all up. Prolly a fat guy in his mom’s basement in Jersey.
        Got a point about the Asian food though…
        Having said that, the main downside of Asians is that they’re not very good drinkers. Red faces. Sweats.

    • You contradicted yourself further down the page- you complain about ‘white whores’, then state that ‘dark skinned asians’ give you ‘light skinned asians’ a bad name.. Sorry.. & what colour skin is ‘the best’ in your opinion? Seems like white & light skinned are the same..

      Seems to me that many asian countries have this grudge against the US/western world (with good reason), but then in those countries, being able to speak english is held in high regards?! Having western features/light skin tone is held in high regards, but when the ‘white-man’ does something that doesn’t agree with your culture, then you criticize the cultural differences?!

      Yeah, you have a wonderful rich history & no, not every asian man has a small penis (my bf being proof of that), but they are the only credible claims you have made.

      Also, there have been plenty of asian sex tape scandals, eg. Baek Ji Young, Eddison Chen with ALL those Chinese celebrities, IVY, Miss Universe Korea, Hoang Thuy Linh, etc..

      I think sex tapes to become famous are lame as hell- why would you expose something that keeps people attracted to you? Once you’ve seen them have sex, then what? I don’t get it, but to make all those ridiculous racists claims just makes you look like an arsehole!

      Also, that lame-arse comment about african americans having ‘smaller brains’, thus making them ‘less intellegent’ is just LUDICROUS!! There are whores & idiots in every country. Widespread idiocy comes from living in low income areas & who don’t have access or support for education. It’s in EVERY country fool.

    • Fishstix

      Kim Kardashian is half Asian

    • boob

      he said sexed a savage haha

    • nikkib3lle

      OMG dude, Asians have some of the sickest porn I’ve ever seen: vomit, crap, faux rape … not to mention hentai. TENTACLE RAPE ANYONE?

      You’re such a hypocrite.

      • Grace

        Typical, just shut up. You’re embarassing us Asians by being completely condescending and assuming stereotypes necessarily apply.

    • DarthSith

      asian porn is MORE FUCKED UP then American porn any day! You guys got tenticles in yours

    • DarthSith

      asian porn is MORE FUCKED UP then American porn any day! You guys fuck got tenticles in yours

    • Blehkan

      Oh god, you’re making the rest of us Asians look bad

    • Mary

      LOL, I can’t understand anything this person is saying. I think the individual who mentioned that “typical” is probably a fat guy in his Mom’s basement in Jersey might be right on! Otherwise, I’m embarrassed for the other Asians that are having to listen to this imbecile. I have a 5 year old half Chinese brother and his English is impeccable compared to yours. You sound like Long Duck Dong in “16 Candles”.

      Auuutooomobiiiiile? She getting madeed (you mean married?) Dats wat I sad Madeeed. ha ha

  9. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    Well it’s about time

  10. stinky mcpoop

    My money’s on it being a video of Heidi banging him with a strap-on. Or maybe he’s banging her with a strap-on. My money’s on a strap-on being involved somewhere.

    Truth be told, I’d pay money to see someone who knows what they’re doing fuck the ever-loving shit out of her.

  11. ilikesake

    Asians have class? Have you seen that animated porn the asians have?? ANIMATED PORN?? Or what about gameshows where asians are supposedly fucking their MOMS? Class my damn ass. I’m not American, but I know this: better to be an American than a closeted, lying, no common sense Asian WHORE.

    • WOW

      If there was a like button here I’d click it.

    • Typical

      Your not American? I bet you are American jr, oops I mean Candian. Hahaha. You losers have no culture or history. If anything you are worse than Americans. At least Americans are original in comming up with classless behavior. You Canadians just copy them. You their 51st state. Your country is laughed at for being so pathetic. Taiwan has a better economy than you and we are just a little island. Still we contribute more than you. You have a bigger population than us, and we still beat you in everything.

      • This is a list of Asian adult film stars, sorted by last name.

        • Yua Aida
        • Kyoko Aizome
        • Runa Akasaka
        • Asa Akira
        • Kokoro Amano
        • Sora Aoi
        • Rin Aoki
        • Kate Asabuki
        • Yuma Asami
        • Brooke Ashley
        • Kyoko Ayana
        • Ami Ayukawa
        • Kristara Barrington
        • Kianna Bradley
        • Asia Carrera
        • Kayla Carrera
        • Kesarin Chaichalermpol
        • Annabel Chong
        • Annie Cruz
        • Van Darkholme
        • Angela Devi
        • Ava Devine
        • Patricia Ford
        • Fuko
        • Shoko Goto
        • Hikari Hino
        • Hoang Thuy Linh AKA VangAnh
        • Jade Hsu
        • Jenny Hendrix
        • Roxy Jezel
        • Jayde
        • Teanna Kai
        • Bunko Kanazawa
        • Tamaki Katori
        • Katsuni
        • Azumi Kawashima
        • Kira Kener
        • London Keyes
        • Eri Kikuchi
        • Hitomi Kobayashi
        • Yuri Komuro
        • Hikaru Koto
        • Kaoru Kuroki
        • Jun Kusanagi
        • Avena Lee
        • Brandon Lee
        • Evelyn Lin
        • Lucy Lee
        • Haylee Le
        • Kaylani Lei
        • Leanni Lei
        • Keeani Lei
        • Reina Leone
        • Sunny Leone
        • Mai Lin
        • Sky Lopez
        • Gianna Lynn
        • Sabrine Maui
        • Michelle Maylene
        • Minka
        • Mimi Miyagi
        • Nicole Oring
        • Jayna Oso
        • Maria Ozawa
        • Tera Patrick
        • Priya Rai
        • Charmane Star
        • Keni Styles
        • Sunny Leone
        • Sollie Monster
        • Kobe Tai
        • Mika Tan
        • Hitomi Tanaka
        • Tia Tanaka
        • Lily Thai
        • Nautica Thorn
        • Mai Shirosaki
        • Eldrid Vidad
        • Linda Wong
        • Micky Yanai
        • Manami Yoshii
        • Riria Yoshikawa
        • Sally Yoshino
        • Asuka Yūki
        • Maiko Yūki
        • Tina Yuzuki
        • Kita Zen

      • Cock Dr

        You seem like a very insecure & needy person to be posting this crap all the time. Not enough love at home? Or perhaps too much love, delivered up the ass each evening by a close male relative?
        Taiwan is China’s bitch. How does it feel to be under the thumb of the PRC?

      • Internet

        You’re so bad ass, Fish.

      • Mel Gibson's Shrink

        Hahahaha… She really got to you, didn’t she.. Well thank you, it was long overdue!

      • I honestly didn’t care at first until I noticed he’s the same person trying to start race fights in every single comment thread. Shit’s getting old.

      • Thanks for taking out the trash.

      • RasputinsLiver


        This’s too freaky seeing “you” posting down here with us rabble.

        Clearly someone gotchyer dander up and you had to come down from on high to wade in the muck and mire to get a litle medieval on ‘im.

        Well, nice to know you can post it with the best of ‘em, man. Have a good weekend.


      • Mel Gibson's Shrink

        Actually, he posts quite regularly.

      • Jep

        Think of it logically. He’s studying abroad in england. If he had friends, wouldn’t he be out with them so much you wouldn’t come on this board to monitor the comments people are replying to him with? Obviously he’s depressed, alone, and has no one to talk to him. He’s probably angry at white people because they have better things to do than sit around and try to decipher what the heck he’s trying to say. Well Typical, you still got your computer games! Happy studying abroad!

      • Sobrietyisacrutch

        And? England has really bad take-out.
        I’d be depressed too if I had to eat blood sausage and kidney pie all fucking day.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Nice going Fish.

      • Uncle Sam

        ^^is this flat faced fortune cookie serious? and no wonder you chinks contribute so much look at all the concubines down here giving happy endings? if you were “typical” you’d be doing my girl’s toe nails bitch!

      • A-Typical

        Asians have superior electronics, I’ll admit that much, America went to the fucking moon

        also, I don’t remember hearing about too many trips to America to fuck 11 year old prostitutes…..Asia on the other hand….

      • Sammy Toe-Jammy

        You contribute more of what? Poisoned baby food?

        How about you contribute to the gene pool and remove yourself from it? I’m usually a pretty tolerant–nay LIBERAL–guy, but stupid fucking squinto gook racist chink cocksuckers like yourself (and your women folk) really irritate the shit out of me.

        You say you’re going back to Asia soon? Why wait? Go now. In a body bag. Will someone please show this rancid yellow prick how to use a loaded .45 automatic as a bong? It will be the hit of your life.

      • shokroklove

        haha at first i was upset, but i realise Typical is legally retarded. Canadians copying off Americans? Canada was established first, you brain damaged mung.

      • vtx

        I know you definitley beat us at something… would you mind mailing me $2.50? My damn Taiwanese made salt shaker broke after the second time I’ve used it.

        @shokroklove… ditto… lol

  12. Oh good. There’s been a sad lack of good raunchy comedies recently.
    But I confess mixed feelings. I really don’t want to see Spencer Pratt naked….let alone aroused.

  13. ilikesake

    Oh, and one more thing: Most of those Asians youre defending WISH they were these white whores anyway…so please spare me the bullshit

  14. Photoshop Police

    No they aren’t.

    Get these expired sour milk fame whores off our precious Superficial!

  15. I’ll watch it, but I will NOT enjoy it.

  16. Dirtbag#1

    It’d be great if Spencer had a tiny penis – we could call him Pindick the Bugfucker and have a great laugh.

  17. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:


  18. nahhhhh


    Not much longer now.

  19. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    The sad part is that she looked hotter before the Frankinsizing. The hottest part would be if instead of Spencer it were that “roommate” they kept for a while the guy banging Heidi. The more probable is a threesome, but the BI-kind instead of the DP-kind…

  20. Heidi Montag
    Signed Everyone
    Commented on this photo:

    Pre or post surgery? This effects my reaction to this news.

  21. Heidi Montag
    Bruce Willis
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t know if I can take it.

  22. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    The jaw takes away form everything…the fake oversized breast are hidious.

  23. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    looks tranny-ish , she so doesnt have feminine features :(

  24. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    This Asian chick is so hilarious. I love her.

  25. Drundel

    I’m here for the gang bang.

  26. Internet

    Typical has the SAME EXACT size penis as my girlfriend’s engorged clitoris.

    • Sobrietyisacrutch

      Fun Fact #221:
      In a sex change operation from female to male, the size of the surgically built penis is determined by the size of the original clitoris.*
      Your girlfriend would make a great dude!

      * I learned that from an interview with Chastity “Chaz” Bono.

      • The MAN

        That is not true at all. The new penis is a rectus sheath takedown. It is usually really thick and big due to this

  27. TypicalMoron

    Judging by @Typical’s supremacist comments, you would think Hitler was alive and well and living in Taiwan…. Who knew…

    Nice work Fish!!

  28. Nameless

    Meh…the tape probably doesn’t even exist. Making a sex tape takes some work. Since when does Spencer do any actual work?

  29. elchris

    ima buy every copy and resell it to mx123.com for BANK! or maybe not…

  30. I think I’d enjoy seeing Spencer bend Heidi over a couch or something and just give it to her… does that make me a bad person?

  31. Jesse Jackson

    Sadly, it’s 15 minutes of Heidi with a strap on ramming it home to Spencer while he sucks off a donkey.

  32. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth. Wait. Yeah. I did. Chicken? When did I have chicken?

  33. Brody Jenner

    Can you pre-order it?lol

    everyones worried about seeing spence’s tiny pee-pee…he’s so friggin white that part of his body is probly see-threw…..ahaaha

  34. bulldog

    This whole thing sounds like it was “MADE IN TAIWAN”, since they prefer quantity over quality………just like the porn industry……cheap and easy to make!

  35. Taz

    Fish FTMFW! Hi five dude.

  36. 1 word for these 2 twats


  37. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    eat up piggy! OINK OINK

  38. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    all those rings really bring out her plastic surgery.

  39. Urban_goddess

    Wow, I read those posts and some people have way to much time on their hands. As for Spencer and Heidi – argh that would be disgusting!

  40. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    Valentines Day is when?

  41. fester

    Spencer: “How can it be doggie-style if I’m not in front?”

  42. yeah the one regret being it distracted fish from posting our andothernews article :(

    goes to show if you’re going to be a bigot at least use bigot words–hopefully a content filter will save you from yourself..

  43. barkerman

    They both the living piss out of me. That said… prior to her ‘alterations’, she had a body that was built for fucking. As much as I want to punch Spencer in the dick, I’d watch it.

    I’m ashamed.




  45. Marcus

    I just want to see her naked.

  46. RasputinsLiver


    Oh good god no!

    This’ll be a stiffy killer for sure, man. No way am I gonna expose my Li’l Liver to those images. Poor thing’d yelp and climb back in my Hanes. In fact, it’d probably just shrink up inside me and disappear taking it’s two sidekicks with ‘im.

    Last thing anyone needs to see is those two exposing themselves and rutting away on screen.


  47. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    The symmetry of her face is almost exactly perfect and thus disturbing

  48. Vito

    Spencer Pratt is still alive? What the fuck! I blew out all the candles on my birthday cake. Now you’re telling me that’s just an old wives’ tale…??? Shit!

    If this is for real, which I seriously doubt, I’ll watch it just to see Heidi’s ass and with hopes that she swallows. But then I’ll have to blind myself. Or relocate to Poland.

    One more thing: WAY TO GO FISH!

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