Heidi & Spencer Are Broke

FACT: Gay men love breasts, too.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are reportedly living in his mother’s beach house after pissing all their money way only to find out absolutely no one wants to hire them anymore because they wasted their last fume of credibility pretending to end their fake marriage. RadarOnline reports:

“But the U.S. magazines are not really that interested in them anymore and they are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. A lot of the editors know that the recent split story was a complete sham and they realize that their readers can see through it all now too.
“Spencer thought the shaving off his beard stunt would make a lot of money but he kind of blew it by releasing footage of him shearing it on YouTube.
“Heidi believes that they should be getting paid a lot more money and she has become really demanding now too,” the source said.
“The reality is that they earned a lot of money but did not invest it wisely, spent way too much, and now they are in trouble.”

I don’t really have to anything say here. I just thought it’d be nice to cheer everyone up this morning.

*inhales deeply*

Like a coffee and beeje without getting sued for it. Goddamn, it’s great to be alive. Whee!

Photos: Pacific Coast News