Heidi & Spencer Admit Faking Divorce, File Bankruptcy

November 4th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Seen here with Heidi, who apparently changed outfits throughout the evening, Spencer Pratt admits to Life & Style that their divorce was faked to land a reality show that fell through, leaving the couple with no choice but to file for bankruptcy. *dabs eyes with tissues* I promised myself I wouldn’t do this…:

After they found out The Hills would not be renewed earlier this year, Heidi and Spencer concocted a plan to get attention by divorcing shortly after their anniversary. The reality duo tell Life & Style there was interest in a series covering their split from British TV network ITV, so they splashed down cash to move their act to Costa Rica. But that deal fell through and soon after, they called off the divorce proceedings and reunited.
“The divorce was real — just the idea behind it was different than most people’s,” Spencer tells Life & Style. “Divorcing was the only way to keep Heidi’s career going because everyone hated me so much. Look at Sandra Bullock — her divorce from Jesse James was the best thing to happen to her image.”
Now, they worry how they’ll ever get themselves out of the cash crisis. “I can’t make regular money because I was playing such an unlikeable character on TV to keep my checks coming. Who wants to hire the jerk from The Hills?”

Good question except now who’s going to hire an unlikeable, supposedly Christian asshole who consistently makes shit up hoping some rubes will believe it?

Oh, right.

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  1. Now, I thought the Hollywood playbook dictated “porn/sex tape” BEFORE “reality show”. These two done gone screwed it up. No wonder they’re broke.

    • God i hope theyre both stuck turnin tricks soon

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      The very nanosecond Spencer sells his body I am there! You just can’t find hot booty like that here in Canada!

    • Randal

      There’s still love in the eyes of these two and it’s great to know they’re not just another statistic in an otherwise sad state of affairs when it comes divorce rates. Spencer has stood strong next to Heidi, leaning on each other’s shoulders for support during the ups and downs of their notable careers.

      You’ll both land on your feet and be back on TV soon enough.


      • Right Wings Flapping

        Randal, it’s good to have a real conservative man like you back with you solid morals and poignant observations on important Hollywood manners.
        The Lord keep you good sir.

      • cc

        Randal, you are a prince amongst men, with your elegant prose and compassion for celebrities that the rest of us can only mock.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        I was so hoping these two would break up. I find Spencer to be an absoluet dreamboat and would love to rub my skin across his beard.

      • you dumb assholes

        Spencer helped convince Heidi to turn into the plastic monster she is today. You call that healthy?

  2. Polk

    Sex tape = quick cash. Heidi + other woman only, please.

  3. kitty

    i hate these people D:

  4. Its called Get A Job Like The Rest Of Us, asshole. U can cut down bamboo in my yard, ill pay u what i pay the salvadorian next door. He seems to be able to manage on it.

  5. ZigZagZoey

    Why don’t they auction off their stupid crystals?

    Playing an unlikeable character…..Don’t you mean being yourself?

    I CANNOT believe he said that about Sandra Bullock. She had a pretty great image before that all happened. He’s insane.

    And I have a stupid question…..
    Why are some people’s names on here in pink, and most are black?

    • Racist.

      Just kidding! I’m pink because both my parents were… I mean, I log in to my profile when I comment, that’s why my name shows up in pink. It’s a hyperlink to all my words of wisdom. So to speak.

    • Create an account, then login with ur username. This way u dont have to battle imposters like say TAB and sean..

    • Cock Dr

      Names in pink are registered users.
      Names in black are “visitors”.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Next question, why am I so slow?

    • dumbass

      what? divorcing the tattooed loser saved Sandra Bullock’s career? uhh, maybe it was winning an academy award for best actress?, for a film she starred in that made a bazillion dollars? so what do these 2 idiots do now – they tried fake divorce, have no shot at winning academy awards or starring in hit movies, so i guess all that’s left is for them to adopt a black baby. cuz yeah, that’s why Sandra Bullock is successful.

  6. If this is true then ther really is a god in heaven. And Santa Claus. And Easter Bunny. And Great Pumpkin.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple of douchebags.

    Hey Heidi, the going rate is $10 for a Nasty Sanchez.

  7. poor white man

    Hey brother where do you live? I lost my construction job 3 years ago. Sounds good to me right now.

    • Oh jeez i feel for ya, dont suppose u can make homes outa bamboo.. Yeah its tough here in va too, tho luckily the fed keeps a lot of ppl off the streets

      • poor white man

        There are going to be a ton of people in the streets eventually since the bankers are now full speed on foreclosures. Just think, we have a nice system for the bankers and their ilk.

  8. alex

    LOL–its going to be fun watching his death spiral. She has an amazing barbie-doll body so she’ll always be in demand to stand around and look hot. But this guy is screwed. And he’s delusional too. He talks about playing an unlikeable character? Completely delusional.

  9. Heidi and Spencer Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like wax. GROSS.

  10. Optimus

    This just made my day…the only sex tape I would watch is watching her get drilled out by a HUGE cock while he sits in the corner and cries…the tears work as a lubricant

    • oldfool

      I haven’t paid for porn in a long time-but for that, i would gladly Pay PER View. And you could all come to my house-just bring the wings and nachos.

  11. Emily

    HAHAHAHA. This is why I read this site.

  12. HA HA!

    Dear spencer: you reap what you sow. You’re a disgusting delusional attention whoring douchebag. You’ve painted yourself into a corner, and will never work in TV or movies again. Your plastic talentless wife also has no future in anything other than porn. Time for her to start sucking dicks to make the rent payment…

  13. Barbara

    I hear McDonald’s is hiring…

  14. joe

    dude, great blog but stop with the politics….

  15. anonym


    this is too funny. I’m glad they went bankrupt.
    god damned posers.

    Kids, learn from these fools. Don’t spend what you don’t have.

    • J

      Your glad they are going bankrupt? Im pissed!!! Its so unfair that people like this asshole couple get to vacation in Costa Rica and Heidi gets a whole new body. They piss away all their money, and oops, out of cash, now lets file bankruptcy. All their debt gets expunged. I work my ass off, but I cant afford to fix my A-cup.

  16. anonym

    stripping is not such a bad idea.

  17. mike

    Let’s see jobs he could do hmm. Oh he could be a cashier and Mc d’s no no his not good with money.. hmm no talent no skills oh he could do a reality show oh yeah did that he sucked got fired hmm. I got nothing

    • cc

      I’d like to see him try his hand as a novice lion tamer.

      As for her, well, she’s fake as heck but I’d keep give her room and board if she wanted to lounge around the house all day in a bikini…or maybe scrub the floor.

  18. duke chute

    “who’s going to hire an unlikeable, supposedly Christian asshole who consistently makes shit up hoping some rubes will believe it?”

    It worked for Obama! For a minute…

  19. Reg Dunlop

    God, I wish the military would just drop these two off along the Pakistan / Afghanistan border and have a drone blow them to fuckin hell.

  20. Lady Blah Blah

    Where’s HETERO, I have a true story to tell him.

    • that Hetero Idiot

      I’m right here my good lady tell me tell me!

      • Lady Blah Blah

        I check Amazon’s Gold Box Deal page for temporarily discounted “quick picks” “chosen especially” for me. Today one of my quick picks is: Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust by Richard Rhodes. Made me LOL and wonder if Amazon tracks me on The Superficial. I ordered it (because I really do study the Holocaust).

    • Yes do study up Lady: I’m sure next time it would be an affront to you and the rest of the Einsatzgruppen Quality Assurance team to leave any of us stragglers behind.

      Yeah I know anything related to the deaths of 6 million men women and children always makes me….”LOL”….how very quaint of you.

  21. Heidi and Spencer Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    HAHA she looks completely grossed out

  22. Mr. OBvious

    In 5 years:
    Heidi will definitely be in porn and a stripper. Get addicted to pain killers, go to Celebrity Rehab.

    Spencer: gay porn or used car salesman. Those are his career options.

  23. jkhjkh


  24. Pat C

    I think Fish is right – Spencer could go into politics – BUT he’ll have to pick a “message” and stay with it. Can’t be goin’ around saying “I was just playing in last week’s speech”.

  25. Nevada

    So, where did all the money go??

    • cc

      I seem to recall reading they ‘invested’ (ahahahaha) in her trying to get her singing career going. And they were spending $35,000/month on some beachfront pad. And then of course the plastic surgery…THAT much surgery didn’t come cheap. In other words, the money was pissed away the way stupid people do.

  26. celeste

    i love the comment at the end, fish. :) fuck conservatives, liberals look to the FUTURE, not prejudicing against everyone like it’s 1865 :)

  27. Jimmy

    Spencer can do gay porn he will make alot of money or he can call boygeorge and be his toyboy George will pay well go Spencer show us your goods !!

  28. emma

    To earn money, why don’t they just behave? Show up sweet and reformed and normal. Admit they made mistakes. Behave humble. Admit that they understand that being followed by cameras does not make them superstars or likable, but only freaks that other people use for money. Show their human side. Do good in the world. SHOW they changed (not just say it). Good luck.

  29. Me

    You don’t need to “fix your A cups”, they’re perfectly fine the way they are. Giant fake boobs don’t look as good as everyone in Hollywood seems to think…especially when you start aging and looking more mature. Be happy with yourself the way you are! Plastic surgery is appalling and unnatural.

  30. Heidi and Spencer Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    with him gone, it wouldn’t make me like her anymore…she destroyed her own image…literally.

  31. Katie

    He clearly says he was ‘playing’ a role for the Hills. I thought half his shit years ago was that the Hills was ‘real’?

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