Heidi Montag: ‘My Dead Doctor Ruined Me’

November 18th, 2010 // 96 Comments

“I can’t even swim with these things. *sobs*

Despite revering the late Dr. Frank Ryan as a man who “changed the world” by giving her stupid huge breasts after scooping out her back, Heidi Montag is now regretting her metamorphosis and blames her maker for saying it’d be like getting her nails done. Via The Fab Life:

As the dead can’t talk back, Heidi’s blaming her late enabler, Dr. Frank Ryan, whom she called “the most amazing person I have ever known…an angel” when he died in August (a week before she announced it was impossible to work out with those boobs), for her poor choices. “It was a lot harder than I was led on by my doctor…I didn’t know how excessive it really was.”

You know what? I’m actually going to believe Heidi on this one considering she seems to be exactly the type who’d accept anything a man in a lab coat told her as fact. Not to mention pretty much any man, in any coat, at any given time.

HEIDI: The aliens are in your what?
NAKED GUY: And there’s only “one way” to get them out.
HEIDI: Oh, no! But Spencer never taught me how to-
SPENCER: *climbs out of her boobs* It’s cool, baby, I got this.
NAKED GUY: No, wait! I was only-
SPENCER: For Earth!


Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. mocha

    Her face is kind of attractive in the one where she’s holding her boobs.

  2. I still think she has a beautiful face. But excessively large fake boobs always ages a girl’s appearance, it’s not a youthful look. Women who get boob jobs should stick to Cs, or Ds at most. They’ve surveyed this, and found that most pple (men, too) found C cups the most aesthetically appealing

  3. Dead doctors can’t ruin anything.

  4. Jimbob

    Her tits are just the right size, if not just a little too small. Her face is great now and much better than before. If she had never been associated with Spencer, and in was porn, we would all love her (well guys would anyway).

  5. Christ

    Dear Horsey Montag: please STFU. You knew exactly what each surgery would cost, what it would take in down time and how difficult it would be. You’re a lying piece of shit, who will do anything to get attention, including speaking ill of the dead. Please just go away; your continuing to breathe air is like nails on a chalkboard…

  6. whore

    What a shameless whoreeeee, trying to get another 15 mins off of her dead surgeon! knowing the guy can’t defend himself! How is it his fault when she wanted those huge tits herself? Doesn’t she have common sense? Real or fake, doesn’t she know huge tits limit the type of bodily activities one can get engaged in? Keep claiming you’re all about jesus and shit, heidi, you horse faced fame whore. If there is hell, you’re going straight there…unbeliveable, disgusting whore.

  7. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    I would LOVE to be her shrink…

  8. ex ee

    Do playboy bitch! help your mom out!

  9. Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t get a boner for chicks with huge fake boobs. Yuck.

  10. Captain Slappy

    You people DO know that no amount of surgery fixes stupid….right?

  11. Christ

    She’s an idiot for having any surgery; “enhancements” like the ones she demanded he make (idiotic sized tits, scooped back, etc) are only good for getting strippers & porn whores work; they don’t get legitimate actors anything. She used to be naturally cute; now she looks like a freak. Then again, she’s a “reality TV star”, which is basically saying she’s a mental midget & survives only on attention whoring, so it all makes sense. And, now she’s blaming her dead doctor (who she previously called “an Angel”) for her surgeries. What a stupid bitch; now the ugly on her outside matches the ugly on her inside…

  12. Lara

    Well…to be honest I like her look after surgery. Her tits are a few cups too big though in my opinion

  13. Yes heidi.. he is going to advise you against the exact work that he performs for thousands of dollars..

  14. Michael Scott

    “It was a lot harder than I was led on by my doctor…”


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