Heidi Klum Cloned Herself, We’re All Gonna Die

Every year, Heidi Klum comes up with some sort of crazy elaborate Halloween costume that makes everyone else look like they threw on some trashy shit and crawled out of a dumpster. For example, last year she was Jessica Rabbit if Jessica Rabbit was a hooker robot that got melted way too many times in Westworld. It happens.

This year, however, Heidi Klum apparently said “Fuck it” and made five women dress up as her this time, which is actually still kind of baller. Or a sign that we should round up all the Germans just until we can figure things out. What if all of them can multiply? I mean, sure this increases the odds of having sex with Heidi Klum, but why am I still talking? What does she need? Water spilled on her? Food after midnight? Secrets of the occult? I know a guy.

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Photos: Getty