Heather Mills soaked Paul’s attorney in court

Heather Mills apparently dumped water over the head of Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer yesterday during the court hearing that awarded Heather a ridiculous $48.6 million. Heather was adament about not having the full judgment published which it was and you can view right here! God bless you, Internet. The Daily Mirror reports:

“She’s worried about how the full judgment will make her look if it’s published – and she doesn’t want to go there.
“Her conduct during the divorce is being questioned. She was so angry she tipped a glass of water over Fiona Shackleton’s head leaving her with soaking wet hair.
“Everyone was stunned. That kind of behaviour is just not acceptable.”

Wow, so not only did Heather Mills get paid a shitload of cash for having sex with Paul McCartney. She became violent when she wasn’t getting paid on her terms. Hmm, I believe there’s a word for that also*. What is it again? It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Ah, yes: Superhero.

*For those of you who caught the gag yesterday, link goes right to Ashley Alexandra Dupre. Read: Heather Mills is a prostitute. And for $48.6 million her vagina better be lined with gold and have its own water park.

Photo: Getty Images