Heather Mills’ cash grab wages on!

March 19th, 2008 // 76 Comments

It’s clearly whores and prostitutes week here on The Superficial. Continuing that trend is the one-legged wonder Heather Mills. She’s already bilked Paul McCartney out of $48.6 million and is now trying to cash in even further by auctioning off exclusive interviews. Page Six reports:

One insider said Mills is demanding 1 million British pounds – or slightly more than $2 million – to not only talk, but share intimate photos and tape recordings she made of the ex-Beatle without his knowledge. Mills is also said to be pitching to American networks, which could get around their “we don’t pay for news” proclamations by paying for her pictures and tapes. “She’s greedy,” said a person who knows of Mills’ dealings. “She should just go away, but she loves the spotlight and the attention.”

I guess Heather’s sticking to the trusty habit of opening her mouth then getting paid for it. Ha cha cha cha! But, no, seriously, someone needs to fill this woman’s leg with termites.


  1. Frederick Herb

    I’d like to rape her ‘leg’.

  2. mandaizzle


  3. deacon jones

    OMG!!! FIRST!!!

  4. Sammy

    Heather will eventually fade away looking like a fool.

  5. deacon jones

    OMG!! I was 3rd. Oh well. I’m going to keep on a truckin until I make first. Seeing as I’m never first in anything. Excpet being a complete loser. LOL!!

  6. Well, now we know why she turned down the first big offer. Now she’s added Attention Whore to her already full resume. And yes, she should just go away.

  7. OutRunner1

    She’s cute. I’d bang her. Even though I couldn’t afford it. Good for her for taking a stupid person’s money.

  8. karma

    i wouldn’t be surprised if some crazed beatles fan tried to hurt this whore. she has no shame. i can’t wait for her daughter to grow up and turn on her once she realizes what an opportunistic viper her mother is.

  9. Strawberry Fields

    She’s a malicious gold-digger who needs to die.

  10. cali

    why should she get any of his money anyway??? shes nothing but an ugly greedy one legged whore. she should be embarrassed of herself. go make your own money! she doesnt even deserve half of what she got. id like to punch her out.

  11. Max

    Oh fuck off. She’s been given what she deserves. What’s so great about Paul McCartney? He raped the world of their money by CO (yes…Co)-writing so songs a million years ago. She’s just getting what she deserves, £24.3million of his £800million fortune…I’m sure he won’t even miss it!
    She’s great…I fuckin love her…YOU GO HEATHER! Whoop, whoop….

  12. Hil

    Why in the world would she have made recordings of their intimate dealings without his knowledge unless their marriage for her was a sham? Too bad Paul can’t use that info to appeal their divorce settlement. :/

  13. Grunion

    #7 strange setiment coming from a stupid person.

    This Uni-ped will suffer a mysterious death in the near future. bet on it.

  14. That picture highlights her one and only talent, and no, it’s not doin’ the two step…

  15. Trixie

    He’s stupid because he didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. That alone justifies him losing money.

  16. Heath

    She’s negotiating interviews like anyone in the public eye would. Being married to ‘faultless, perfect’ Paul obviously aint all it’s cracked up 2 be. He sounds like a controlling dick.
    Y’all just jealous.
    Oh, and, yes she has one leg. Well done to all the HILARIOUS one legged jokes. You should be, like, comics, yeah, comedians. It’s killer stuff.

  17. Ted Mosby

    I bet she pissed him off when she called him “John” in bed and said Imagine was her favorite song.

  18. titlesswonder

    I almost admire her, but in the UK its all stacked against her, Paul is a virtual god over here. She’ll be off to live elsewhere soon I’ll bet.

  19. Gerry

    #15 “He’s stupid because he didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement. That alone justifies him losing money.”

    Prenups aren’t accepted in the eyes of the UK justice system.

    It’s only Americans who plan divorce before they even marry.

  20. HaveAGo

    I’m English and I like her a lot. It’s just the press that talk bollocks all the time anyway. It’s embarrassing! I hate the British press.

  21. Dee

    #11 Max:

    Unfortunately Paul did not make as much money as he should have due to The Beatles manager Brian Epstein being inexperienced. But Paul certainly made up for it by continuing to create great music after The Beatles split up. I will never watch any of Heather’s interviews. Instead I’ll be watching The McCartney Years DVD which contains four decades of the Paul McCartney years in a three volume DVD collection.

    Paul is a singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, entrepreneur, painter, record producer, film producer, charity, and animal-rights activist. He gained worldwide fame as one of the founders and members of The Beatles. McCartney and John Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting partnerships and wrote some of the most popular music in rock and roll history.

    McCartney is listed in Guinness World Records as the most successful musician and composer in popular music history, with 60 gold discs and sales of 100 million singles. His song “Yesterday” is listed as the most covered song in history and has been played more than 7,000,000 times on American television and radio.

    Paul is a genuine man. Thank you Paul for putting a smile on my face daily with your music and DVDs. All my best to Paul McCartney.

  22. Sucks

    She’s not the best at PR and dealing with the press but she’s brave. People (women and men) get divorce settlements everyday. She’s entitled to the money, that’s why she was awarded it.

  23. havoc

    Yep, it wouldn’t surprise me if some rabid Beatles fan puts a bullet behind her ear. Not that she doesn’t deserve it……


  24. Max

    #21 Dee – Sorry, I just scanned that. Not really into essays.
    All I got from it was “Dear Paul McCartney, I’m 100 years old and would like to shag your leg.”
    How can you possibly know he’s a genuine man?????? I doubt you’ve ever met him. What a ridiculous comment!
    Have fun watching your DVD and wanking, I’ll be out with my friends.

  25. OutRunner1

    #13: You know, it’s funny you called me stupid. Why? I didn’t marry a woman on practically a whim, forget to get a prenup, have a kid with her, etc. I take particular pleasure in other peoples’ pain. It’s called schadenfreude. Boy is it fun. I love seeing people pay for their mistakes and, yes, Heather Mills is Paul McCartney’s. Do you smoke Grunion? I’ll be honest with you, I used to hate cigarette companies for lying to people about the health risks involved with smoking, using additives to keep people hooked. Oh, and the ruthless marketing campaigns, they were the worst. But, now, people know the dangers. They are widely known, hell, even taught in junior high school health class (you remember the charred lung right? Well, maybe not YOU…) But people still smoke like chimneys. Why? Because they’re stupid. People can quit. They can pull the cancer stick from their lips long enough to say, “Wow, I’m spending a lot of money just to kill myself.” But a lot don’t. So I applaud the tobacco companies now for taking advantage of people who failed junior high school health class so miserably. People who don’t prepare for a better marriage are the same way. You want to hump a hot chick? Get a liquored up whore at the local bar, she’ll be fun, and you never even have to sign a prenup. Saves you the trouble of a divorce. McCartney should have known there was trouble in paradise when she threw the engagement ring out the window during one of their blowout fights and paid a lot of money for hotel staff to find it. What I’m really saying to you Grunion is, whether you smoke or not, kill yourself now. Throw yourself into a woodchipper, Fargo yourself, and save us all the trouble of having to deal with you on a daily basis. I don’t care if I stoop to your level, I have no shame, the thought of your head laying dissected on an operating table (sans body) is funny to me. Just keep that in mind the next time you call someone stupid because, you never know, they could be the axe murderer next door.

  26. Dee

    #24 Max

    I have read many books on The Beatles and Paul. I have seen practically all the DVDs out there about Paul and The Beatles. All that I have seen and read about Paul give me the impression that he is a good-natured and genuine man.

    I will enjoy watching my DVDs while playing my Hofner bass guitar which was made famous by Paul McCartney.

  27. Auntie Kryst

    What will happen if she plays the tape recordings backwards?

  28. Lucy in the Sky

    There have been reports of Paul’s fans harassing Heather.

    True Beatle and Paul fans know that Paul is a lovely and caring man. Heather has a reputation for being a compulsive liar and having terrible anger outbursts. Heather needs mental help. Paul could not take living with an angry woman anymore.

    The BBC has a reputation for being one of the most reliable news agencies. You must be talking about the British tabloids like the Sun that are on every tube/train in England.

  29. veggi

    My brocolli and cheese soup is disgusting..

  30. Lovely Rita

    @ #27


    It will say the following:

    I Heather Mills am a compulsive liar and have severe anger issues!

  31. Spazz

    Cant this money grubbing pogo-stick just go away? She got her payday. Dry up and blow off bitch.

  32. A Leg Up

    If I were Paul, it may be time to rip that leg off and beat her with it. That stupid bitch.

  33. cali

    um, no max #11, you fuck off.
    we are all just stating our opinions, no need to take it personal…
    just cause she was married to him doesnt mean she deserves shit.
    obviously your just as low class as her, “whoop whoop”

  34. Sr. Poopayponts

    Yet another fuckin case of another worthless fuckin whore getting paid for shit she didn’t do…. don’t wish death on the bitch, just wish she gets hit by a bus and loses her “good” leg… hahaha fuckin cunt

  35. cali


  36. Sapphire

    Heather Mills is so damn butt ugly. BUTT ugly. She’s a buck-toothed, flat-assed, nerdy looking goon named Peggy. WTF did Paul McCartney EVER ever see in that troll? Even the best of ‘em have desperate moments I guess. And not only is she uglier than ugly, her surly gold-digging disposition is almost as bad! Almost!

  37. Andrrw

    I can’t even imagine how Paul feels right now – that hated woman took a huge part of his money he earned thanks to his creative and artistic skills and now she wants to expose their relationship to the public just because she’s one fucked up greedy whore. If she really was that happy that “everything was over”, she would just stfu and go buy that house and live with a child without any worries for the rest of her life.

  38. BunnyButt

    29, Veggi, I feel your pain. I tried eating tomato soup for lunch that 1. was completely devoid of tomatoes, and 2. consisted of overcooked onion-carrot-celery mush. Absolutely vile.

  39. Tofu

    I recommend the Morning Star tofu burgers.

    PETA dropped Heather as a spokesperson for PETA.

    See Paul McCartney at PETA.COM

  40. I’m eating a slice of pepperoni pizza that is absolutely wonderful. PLUS it was only $1!!

  41. Heather

    Seeing as everyone’s on about her looks I thought I’d pitch in about his:
    Paul McCartney is fuck ugly. He looks like a scrotum

  42. BunnyButt

    Frist, is that good pepperoni or tofu pepperoni?

    BTW, Paul looks like my mom – in other words, an old lady. Which doesn’t bode well for my future.

  43. Linda

    Yes Paul is getting old, but Paul will always be that dreamy talented icon on The Beatles and Wings.

    This is one of my favorite music videos of Paul:

  44. Rachel

    You go girl! Get ‘em for every dime you can!

    Men are pigs who lie and cheat all the time. They have no heart, much less genuine sentimental attachment to momentos from relationships. Paul will care about this only because of his giant ego (built on the real genius of Lennon). He’ll be mad that he’ll look even more like an old fool. It’s called a mirror, little boy.-

  45. Stereotype Catcher

    Rachel says “You go girl! Get ‘em for every dime you can!” Rachel is a jewess.

  46. Rachel's Fan

    #44 – Here, here, I AGREE!!!
    You go heather

  47. Yoko

    Rachel # 44

    You sound like you have chosen a lot of bad men in your life. I suggest you get to know a man before you have sex with him. Make sure he is a nice genuine guy with a good heart like Paul McCartney.

    About your comment about John Lennon; see comment #21. The Beatles could never be the greatest band of all time without both Paul and John. And George Harrison was an awesome lead guitarist for The Beatles.

    I hope you find peace of mind Rachel.

  48. Rachel's Fan

    #47 – Thanks for that Frasier Crane. We’re all a little wiser thanks to your insights. Now off you pop to polish your Jesus/Beatles statuette

  49. I Love John - He really was the cute Beatle

    She is such a dog. It is obvious that Paul must have married her on the rebound since he was so blind to her being such a money hungry little shit.

  50. Sandy

    I agree with Rachel #44. It’s not just “bad” men, it’s all men. Women are the romantics and they end up getting disappointed by men who simply don’t have deep feelings. Heather Mills is much more like a man – aggressive, bad temper, lots of outbursts, willing to sacrifice personal feelings to make a buck. And now, look at all the guys who get infuriated with this and want to kill her. It’s hypocritical and completely lacking in insight. So, not surprising.

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