Heather Mills can’t live on $48.6 million

March 26th, 2008 // 177 Comments

Let’s say you just won $48.6 million. What would be the first thing you would do? Me? After pissing my pants, I’d run around town throwing hundred bills at squirrels. Then come back under the cover of darkness and kick their asses until they gave it back. As for Heather Mills the first thing she did is hire forensic accountants to pore over Paul McCartney’s assets because, apparently, she can’t get by on $48.6 million. Of course, she’s mainly concerned about her daugher Bea. I mean, how can she raise a child on such meager funds? The Daily Mail reports:

“Heather’s thinking is that Bea should not be seen to have a different lifestyle when she is with Heather compared to Paul – and she is going about proving that is not possible.
“Heather is hoping Paul will discretely make a payment to her annually rather than want to go back to court and rake all this up again.”

I don’t want to point fingers and call Heather Mills a gold digger. But if you opened the trunk of her car you’d probably find a pick ax and, let’s be real, a dead prospector. I’m not saying Heather Mills strangled him for his claim, but I’m also not saying he wasn’t beaten with a wooden leg.

Photo: Daily Mail

  1. Heather MIlls

    It’s fucking amazing that Americans are so interested in me…anyway, I’m fucking rich now…but I’m pretty sure more money is available for me. I mean, isn’t all the money in the world there just for me??? I mean, look at me…doesn’t every man in America want to wank off to my missing pros? Just think, it would be easy to fuck me…I’d just lie there since I don’t move much without my leg…I can scoot though…trust me that is somethin’ all men should experience at least once…a scootin’ snatch…feels good on my anal sacs too.

  2. emily farthington

    Look, I am large pussied. I aint been laid since the moon done turned red on one of them there eclipse thingys. I am sorry if I am ignorant and pathetic. I am just frustrated.

    Yet again, how unexpected. Another fat joke. Store brand ice cream? You say that as if I even like ice cream. I don’t like milk or milk products in general. Diet dr pepper? God, you have horrible taste in food. Dr Pepper tastes like ass to begin with, but Diet Dr. Pepper, hahahahahahahaha. Back to the milk thing, I don’t drink the milk of other animals period. Milk was intended for a calf, not me. Milk is disgusting. Aside from all of that garbage, I’m lactose intolerant anyway. I’m probably the only person in the history of the civilized world that doesn’t like Ice Cream.

  3. Ringo Star

    She doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  4. acidbrat

    I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digga, but she ain’t messin’ wit no … oh, wait — I AM sayin’ she’s a gold digga.

  5. Rachel


    Sounds like a great place to pick up other mens.

  6. pat

    to 150. Richard Wm. Narlian

    Paul had no say in the matter of the publishing being sold. From the very beginning (like 1963), those rights belonged to other companies, starting with Dick James. The Beatles had their share (which they’ve kept), and the businessmen had the other share. On the couple of occasions when they were put up for sale, Paul was outbid.

  7. Peter Fitznicentite

    When will the courts correct this INSANE system. How exactly did this bitch help Paul get his riches? And why exactly does a child need that much loot? “Hey son….don’t worry about, school, a job, or doing anything productive…here’s enough dough for the next 5 generations….enjoy you sorry SOB!”

  8. Skip

    No Rachel, you weren’t “asking for it”, you were actually validating most of the comments being made. Basically, if you say “men are pigs and deserve to be left with nothing” then you open yourself up for being called a fat greedy whore-cunt. Get it? Oh, and I’m just assuming your fat, but the greedy whore-cunt seems dead on.

  9. The Rage

    Heather Mills needs to wash her hair.

  10. Mick

    I’d fuck her in the stump for 100 grand. I’m just sayin.

  11. Allie

    @63 (and anyone else who feels the same way):

    “#56. That is the saddest, yet most true statement I have read today. I love my wife, but she owns me. Women are so controlling, it is pathetic. If they do not get their way, it is emotional hell for you.”

    Any smart woman will not behave this way. I love the man I am engaged to, and I would never try to “own” him. I don’t have to; I trust him, I have my independence, he has his.

    It’s too bad that the jealous, possessive women have to ruin it. Not all women are like this.

  12. Lix

    #136 Look at him! He’s a old grandpa! Can you imagine being married to someone that has one foot in the grave already. All that for 4 whole years? I’m saying it was alright and even, he got her and she got the money.

  13. Nonaii

    if she’s really that worried about not being able to provide Bea with a better life than paul can……… then she should give up custody of Bea to Paul, cut out the middleman (herself) for the sake of the child. then no one has to be browbeaten into checks, because she would be with the check writer himself.

    simple. heather needs to give up custody of bea to paul. it’s her own logic. for the sake of the child.

  14. Nonaii

    #162, there are a lot of dumb women, then.

  15. Alli

    Seriously! The courts are male dominated and side with the male? The courts are male dominated and side with the women the vast majoirty of the time a child is in the mix. Good on the courts for doing justice this time. Heather doesn’t deserve any more money than it take to raise Bea well. You don’t get paid for being a husband or a wife – that’s kind of the point.

    And one more thing, women that bitch when there isn’t case gives all women who promote women’s issues a bad name. If you can’t make a point, do your service to women by not talking.

  16. PeachPie

    Ok, you don’t want to call her a golddigger…. SO I WILL!

    I can’t wait to see her ugly puss on TV again, with fake tears, crying about how the media has made her into a monster! That was priceless! Did you see it? Her little girl, squeaky voice, sniveling like she was crying (but no tears).


  17. NY Ted

    Somewhere John Lennon has a big grin on his face!

  18. Ingolstadt

    She makes women look bad. This isn’t about the male-dominated society and blah blah blah… this is about Heather Mills being a greedy ass bitch. Is $48.6 million not enough for her? I’d like to see her support herself AND her child on $44,000 a year… the average American family has to make due with that yearly income. How much does a child need per year? Is $70,000 a year really that insufficient? I wish someone would stick Heather Mills in a smelly shithole for a year so she could learn some humility and stop bitching about being one of the richest divorcees ever.

  19. mommylonglegs

    LOL, there’s a lot of bitter men here reading the celebrity gossip pages these days. Whiny bitches!

  20. homely

    I wish I had someone as fugly as her to be with.

  21. Friedrich Braun

    Hey Mandy, please tell us how this ex-whore “deserved” all that Beatle money? What did she do to earn it? I bet she didn’t even cook or clean the house once. Whenever I’m not so sure why I despise women so much, a “Mandy” come to show me why.

  22. Paul SUCKS

    Good for her. If she fucked that old, disgusting dude, she needs MORE money than that. Go for the gold, Heather! Us women are supposed to get money from men. It’s our jobs. Since the dudes can’t keep it in their pants because of ‘biology’ then we deserve some pay-off for putting up with that shit.

    People also forget she was offered 200 million bucks to keep quiet about the marriage by Paul and she refused. Obviously she had something to say about his drugging and abuse.

    Heather is awesome!

  23. herbiefrog

    ok…everyone as one…

    …merrily, merrily merrily

    …life [cant type laughing]

    apparently were not sposed to be typing here…

    [who knew?]

    ok can we go forward with the bloomin nursery rhyme?

    yet ?

    ok. go…

    …life is but a dream : )

  24. Madmike

    Poor Heather and Bea….oh how will they scrape by with just under $50 million? They might be reduced to heading to eat at soup kitchens or asking the church for donations. PLEASE.

    She did nothing to add to McCartney’s success or fortune. Most of his wealth came before she got her claws on him.

    I have an idea, it may be a little weird, a little outside of the box…but I think I read somewhere, that there are people who when they discover they are short on cash….actually go out and get a job! I know…I know…I may be talking crazytalk…but I think it just might work.

    So, Heather..if you are worrying about Bea (yeah right, you gold digging…) GET A JOB!

    I feel sorry for the kid…she will be hearing about what a terrible father she has for the rest of her life.

  25. She wasn’t even with him that long, surely she did not contribute 50 mil to their marriage. If the kid knows dad has more money than mum, its tough biccies heather you greedy slut. Its the way it goes. He had more money to begin with. He shouldn’t have to give it to you, just so you don’t look like the “poorer” one in front of your child. Because we all know having 50 mil is like being reduced to rags and begging. And I am assuming that the mother is still going to be a productive part of society and have a job??? I think there is even jobs for one-legged ugly whores called heather. (yes, she needs to wash her hair!).
    Greed is not genius. And, as a women, I am disgusted, not proud, of such gold-digging antics. Surely the deal she is making over this will cause her daughter more damage than getting an extra scoup of icecream when she is at dad’s. I can’t stand rich bitches/bastards. The kid will probably grow up to a more successful and humane person if it doesn’t have so much money at its disposal. I am sure the money is for Heather and not her daughter. I wish the amputated her whole body, not just the leg.

  26. Tania

    Man, she gets more and more ugly each time I see a new pic of her. What’s up with her teeth in this pic? Greasy hair, ugly suit! With all the money she got, she needs to hire a stylist! Thanks God little Beatrice looks like her father and not Heather! And I agree, Heather is NOT a genius! She is a gold-digging woman who took advantage of a man who should have known better. Paul settled for such trash, I can’t understand it! He could have any number of classy, talented and successful women and he chooses this freak! Thank God she’s out of her life, and he’s not starving even after paying her some of what she wanted! She deserves nothing more. Go away, Heather!

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