Heather Mills can’t live on $48.6 million

March 26th, 2008 // 177 Comments

Let’s say you just won $48.6 million. What would be the first thing you would do? Me? After pissing my pants, I’d run around town throwing hundred bills at squirrels. Then come back under the cover of darkness and kick their asses until they gave it back. As for Heather Mills the first thing she did is hire forensic accountants to pore over Paul McCartney’s assets because, apparently, she can’t get by on $48.6 million. Of course, she’s mainly concerned about her daugher Bea. I mean, how can she raise a child on such meager funds? The Daily Mail reports:

“Heather’s thinking is that Bea should not be seen to have a different lifestyle when she is with Heather compared to Paul – and she is going about proving that is not possible.
“Heather is hoping Paul will discretely make a payment to her annually rather than want to go back to court and rake all this up again.”

I don’t want to point fingers and call Heather Mills a gold digger. But if you opened the trunk of her car you’d probably find a pick ax and, let’s be real, a dead prospector. I’m not saying Heather Mills strangled him for his claim, but I’m also not saying he wasn’t beaten with a wooden leg.

Photo: Daily Mail

  1. And I didn’t marry my fiance for years, because I didn’t wanna stop getting blowjobs.

  2. Anonymous

    Kiki #95: Thank you.

    Erin #96: I said I’d never get married AGAIN. Once was more than enough. And I was a step-dad for the time I was married, so I know the kid routine fairly well. Great kid, it was the mother I had the problems with.

  3. Grunion

    48.6 mil buys a fuckload of bacon.

  4. deacon jones

    What gets stomped, our hopes and dreams?? I know the dispenser on the bottle of Jergens lotion gets stomped, a lot, when youre married.

    Thats why we get blowjobs from our trashy secretaries at work, silly

  5. 23apples

    Doesn’t want any differences, huh? Well then, I guess she should have Paul come in and decorate her house the same exact way his is decorated. Get all the same furniture, dishes, silverware, light fixtures… oh and don’t forget to duplicate the house that he lives in! That Bea isn’t even going to realize that her parents are divorced!

  6. JM

    She needs the extra money to pay for the best agent in the business. She’s hoping he will help her get a leg up on the competition.

    Yep, I said it. I’ll see Mandy and all you other succubus bitches in hell. It’s hilarious that you want to be seen as equals unless there is a kid and spousal support on the line. That’s when the “I’m helpless” mentality kicks into high gear.

  7. Tapeworm

    I should rip off her other leg and beat her with it.
    Heather, let it be…..

  8. Idea: Paul gets to beat her to fucking death with her fake leg and we give the $50 million to a bunch of poor kids – instead of it going to one super spoiled kid and her cunt mother. Yes? yes. *golf claps*


  9. Anonymous

    The Truth #100:

    That first line is one of my favorites, and oh so true!

  10. what a fucking dick! did u tour the world? were you part of the biggest band in history? answer Heather is NO!…. did u do anything apart from open your Leg(s) and have a former beatle produce a child with you?! heres the thing… You can do alot of charity and still be a money hungry talentless dick……you Heather are living proof

  11. Patrick

    Part of you has to love a cooze that is so utterly oblivious to the fact that she is such a fucking cooze. Fucking cooze.

  12. Vencia

    “Thats why we get blowjobs from our trashy secretaries at work, silly”

    From that phrasing, clearly they’re MALE secretaries. Oh, you little scamps!

    Hahaha…internet weenies…gotta love ‘em!

  13. Lamuella

    Hey, heather, you want more money to keep your daughter in the style to which she is accustomed? Have you considered GETTING A JOB, YOU GOLD DIGGING WHORE?

  14. bridget

    pore over, numbnuts.

  15. Cindy



    He doesn’t deserve to keep any of it.

  16. Abbazabba

    You worthless ignorant cunts… do you not exist until marriage, only needing to be coddled for ever after? Any spouse male or female should never get a dime of wealth earned prior to the relationship.

  17. Superduper Cuntorific!

    Why do brides wear white?

    So the dishwasher matches the fridge

  18. hncreature

    If you look “CUNT” up in the dictionary I wouldn’t be surprised to see Heather’s picture there

  19. meme

    I am assuming this is 48 million British Pounds which would be nearly 100 million US Dollars. Yeah, I can see why she’d have trouble living off of that.

  20. my comment

    What a ridiculous c–t!

  21. jeric

    Uhhh… that’d be “pore over”… not “pour over”.

    Other than that, “The Superficial” is always a blast!

  22. jeric

    Uhhh… that’d be “pore over”… not “pour over”.

    Other than that, “The Superficial” is always a blast!

  23. Stabby

    I wish someone would finally stab her.

  24. After seeing how Heather Mills has behaved and reading some of the comments by some of the women here, the conclusion is obvious: men, especially successful men, should NEVER get married. Forget the pre-nup, just don’t get married. Marriage benefits children and women, but there is little benefit to men, and the “benefits” are far outweighed by the sacrifices, costs, and risks.

    It has nothing to do with “hating women”. Boycotting marriage is the only rational and intelligent conclusion a successful man can come to after looking at the 50% divorce rate, the current legal climate, and the attitudes of many/most American women (as demonstrated by Mandy, erin et al above).

    Don’t hate women. Spend time with them, have sex with them (always wear a condom and always assume they aren’t on birth control), but try to avoid spending money on them, don’t let them move in with you, and certainly don’t marry them. Unless you are a loser like Kevin Federline, then marry them, divorce them, and then give them a taste of their own medicine!

  25. MarthaMyDear

    What was Paul thinking? What a conniving bitch she is.

  26. www

    yeaaaaah shes a pro!

  27. Rachel

    Why wouldn’t a woman try to wring every penny out of the worthless guy she’s dumping? Just look at all the wannabe domestic abuser comments of the “male” commenters here. Men are pigs and deserve to be left with NOTHING.

  28. Lix

    Why all the hate on Heather? Why don’t you hate Paul? He’s the twit that married a much younger woman. Pleeeeeeease don’t say he did it for “love”
    It was even for both of them but I think that she should get a little more, she earned it.

  29. Guys, the next time some woman whines to you about your so-called “fear of commitment” read the comments of #129. Rachel and #130. Lix over and over again.

    Remember, among the dictionary definitions of “commitment” are “consignment, as to prison” and “confinement to a mental institution or hospital”. No wonder men should be “afraid” of “commitment” :-0

    Marriage? Just say no!

  30. Skip

    Gee Rachel, ya think maybe the whorish attitude you just displayed is why we males may make boorish comments? Huh? Yeh loopy whore.

  31. …and say YESSSSSSSSSS! to sex with other guys! That’s what REAL MEN do! None of this smelly pussy bullshit!

  32. Tom


  33. Rachel

    Yes, Skip, I was definitely “asking for it”. Just tell the officer that, I’m sure he’ll understand and not arrest you.

  34. Jade

    #130 Lix -

    Are you actually dumb enough to imply that Paul somehow tricked this younger woman (lol 40ish) into marrying him, and that she was a victim and didn’t know his age or her own age prior to marrying him?

    Is that really what you’re trying to say? If so, WOW.

    If she ‘deserves’ something, thanks for endorsing whoring to our young children. Girls everywhere will be pleased to know that you encourage them to marry older men under the guise of love just so you can steal their money they earned. Good job!

  35. #133, sorry , you angry and bitter impostor. As I said before, don’t hate women, don’t hit them, have sex with them (always with a condom), but don’t marry them or let them move in.

    #135 Rachel just shows why a man should NEVER let a woman live in his house. Women like Rachel would think nothing of falsely accusing a man of domestic violence and ruining his life. More reasons to avoid marriage and keep women out of your home.

    Thanks for proving my points so well, ladies! Keep ‘em coming! ;-)

  36. gryphon50

    I am a feminist, and I think this is the worst gold-digging b*tch of all time. Yes, I understand that she is going to get some money (because Paul is a complete fool and got involved with her). But $48 million is not enough?? For four years? The man is 64 years old, he spent four years with her and she went after a quarter of his fortune. And that’s not enough. It’s mind-boggling. The other things I hate about her is she is a complete liar and attention whore. One thing that is good though, is that she always craves fame and approval from the public and she will never get that.

  37. I think I could settle for only 10% of that amount. Some people need to realize just how spoiled they are I think.

  38. Rachel

    Yes, Tom, it was a “false accusation.” I accidentally ran into a door, is what happened.

    Yes, there’s practically an epidemic of false accusations of domestic violence brought against men by women (with accidental bruising and broken bones dating over years). Previously, it was widely recognized that domestic violence is under-reported because the women often fear physical retaliation if they report the abuse, but now Tom has set the record straight. You’re a good man, Tom.

  39. jFp

    People should toss buckets of piss at her!

  40. Yes, domestic violence occurs. I am not advocating it or excusing it, so please don’t try to make straw man arguments. But please don’t try to claim that women never lie about domestic violence either. And as for under-reporting, the most under-reported domestic violence is that committed by women against men.

    Are you afraid of domestic violence Rachel? All the more reason you shouldn’t live with a man. If women would stop living with men and would pay their own rent and utilities, they would avoid domestic abusers and the country would be a better place. See, we agree!

    Rachel, if you ended up with a guy who hit you, maybe you should re-evaluate your tastes in men. After all, you picked him, didn’t you. Women love bad boys and walk all over nice guys, then call the cops when the bad boy acts badly. Brilliant!

  41. Rachel

    “And as for under-reporting, the most under-reported domestic violence is that committed by women against men.”

    Now what kind of person actually believes that? It’s so crazy it makes you think…well…hey, wait. She beat you, didn’t she, Tom. It explains everything about your comments. You poor thing.

  42. Sorry Rachel, just because it doesn’t fit in with your biased outlook doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Studies have shown that women and men commit domestic violence with equal frequency, but women complain about it much more then men:


    And again, who picked the guy who hit you? You did. Take responsibility for your choices. And stop living with men, because you are obviously a poor judge of character.

    You are just proving my point: men should avoid living with women and avoid marrying them. Then every one will be happier, and successful men like Paul McCartney will be able to keep more of their money.

    Alimony is like being forced to continue to pay rent for an apartment you no longer live in and that perhaps some other man is living in and enjoying while you pay for it. No marriage, no risk of alimony, it’s simple!

  43. giselle

    why did he have to marry her?? shes ugly too,he has bad taste lol
    linda no doubt was the love of his life…
    anyways i wonder what would paul this of “the shakers” check this out


  44. piggies

    Being a woman I absolutely HATE this word, but the first thing I think when I see this woman in the news is, “what a cunt!”. She’s the only person I’ve ever called that word….she deserves $48 dollars not 48 million! I do think that wives or in some cases husbands deserve fare settlements but this woman has proven time and time again that she will never be happy with any amount and she really doesn’t have a clue what is going on in the world around her – she’s a perfect example of an entitleminded attention whore.

  45. She is getting ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH OF MARRIAGE and she thinks she should be getting more, and some of the women posting here agree with her!

    Men, friends don’t let friends get married.

  46. IWONKY

    #18 – I agree…this awful fuck has a few good songs….but when Heather fucking human Dildo Mills waved her nasty half pussy in his face, he forgot to install a pre-nup….his loss. I never liked Paul anyway…serves him right for harpin’ on Yoko.

  47. IWONKY

    Heather…May a gang of 100 gangbanging whores come after you with 12 ft strap-ons and fuck the shit out of you!!! You suck…but you’d never suck you way out of that one! Bitch.

  48. Richard Wm. Narlian

    The first mistake that Paul made-was to let his management ,or financial as his soulmanagement sell his catalouge of music,as well soul-

  49. Richard Wm. Narlian

    The first mistake that Paul made-was to let his management ,or financial as his soulmanagement sell his catalouge of music,as well soul-

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