Heather Locklear still mad at Denise Richards

April 27th, 2006 // 59 Comments

Life & Style Weekly is implying that Denise Richards hooked up with Richie Sambora before his divorce from Heather Locklear. An insider says:


  1. She’s too pretty for him. Oh well.

  2. mamacita


    You’re fat. Now, THAT’S funny.

  3. large_sized_teen

    Nope, not fat at all; just got a witty name.
    I’m small and beautiful, actually.
    Try again.

  4. Marisa

    I totaly agree with Heather on this one !I hate backstabbers too!I wouldn’t be human if I wouldn’t!And I would never follow their example to try to to hurt and manipulate other people!I don’t know if Heather would ever follow her ”friend’s” example!…

  5. Maria

    Is there a video in youtube where Heather Locklear doesn’t wear panties?!?!She appears in the stage and she wears a green dress and she is lifting up her dress showing her legs and ”something ” black .I can’t figure out what this is but she probably doesn’t wear any underwear!Or perhaps she is wearing one and her legs are much taller than we thought!Or perhaps she doesn’t wear anything and she’d like to create an illusion that her legs are actually taller!Well, in the bottom line if she didn’t wear any underwear ,Denise was right all along stealing her husband!Lame!

  6. Voukefalas

    ”mamacita” 8,Heather thinks Denise as the worst kind of woman, ’cause she stabbed her in the back.And you say ironically that we can forget about murderers ,rapers, drug dealers e.t.c.,but all the above are also backstabbers ,so if you trust them by chance they can hurt you .Everything has to do with trust,many people take advantage of it!And then when you least expected it they can stab you in the back.I see your point though!I believe Heather is exaggerating ,something that don’t make her look very sympathetic.Calm down Heather!

  7. LavSmith

    When you fall in love with your best friend’s guy be prepared for hell. Is that the message Heather wants to send out?
    Well, I kinda get why people cheat on others. If you ask me, they both suck. When you have a best friend, you should be able to tell her things like that.
    Or maybe a jealous woman is just to hot to handle. I always said jealousy is the biggest sin.

  8. savvy

    shes white trash; white trash with some money.

  9. Anonymous

    this is joe i did her and i loved it !

    your just jealous that you cant do it !

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