Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora: Best. Thanksgiving. Ever?

November 24th, 2008 // 30 Comments

With Thanksgiving in a few days, one can’t help but focus on the things that really matter in life. Like gathering a volatile collection of relatives under the same roof and watching the crazy explode like an overcooked burrito in the microwave. People reports:

Heather Locklear and ex-husband Richie Sambora are embracing the spirit of Thanksgiving by celebrating the holiday together – along with Locklear’s boyfriend – this year.
“Richie and Heather are spending Thanksgiving together with [daughter] Ava,” a friend of Locklear’s tells PEOPLE. “Jack [Wagner] and a few good friends will also be having dinner with them.”
Locklear, 47, and Sambora, 49, split in 2006 after 12 years of marriage, but they continue to be supportive of each other, and to co-parent their 11 year old daughter.

Fantastic. Heather, you’ll remember, was popped for DUI in September, barely two months after she completed a rehab stay. Richie, meanwhile, loves their daughter Ava so much that he was arrested for driving drunk with her in the car in March. Plus, he’s in Bon Jovi, which is just completely fucked up. But somehow the two of them spending Thanksgiving together is going to result in something besides Ava crawling under the table while her mom and dad whip bottles of gin at each other. No, really, it’s like a holiday special waiting to be made.

Photos: WENN

  1. Cliff-greene


  2. Dan

    1sttttttt!@@ mofos

  3. Randal

    They never said life would be easy and here Heather and Richie are making the best out of a situation long gone bad for the love of their life, their daughter.

    Kudos to both parents for being just that.


  4. Amy

    Looks like someone did a stomp dance on that boys face!

  5. Randal

    Let me help you with that Ritchie….SLURP!

  6. Hey, it’s called being progressive, and it’s in the kids’ best interests, numbnuts.

    Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my rapist, so my daughter could get to know her dad. It worked out wonderfully. I passed out and my daughter developed a UTI the next week, but I think the rapist had fun and anyway we had plenty of cranberry juice so my daughter was fine after awhile.

  7. b

    Nice mullet, asshole

  8. b

    down with gay rights hypocrites.

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  10. This one will either end up on Jerry Springer or Judge Judy.

  11. Ted from LA

    Hopefully they’ll get a couple of photos (mug shots) to celebrate the occasion.

  12. chanel stiletto

    You know Denise Richards is just churning and burning about this. Guess her master plan to keep them apart isn’t working. Even if they are just friends!Good for them, way to go Richie and Heather.

  13. erinrpm

    Dear The Superficial Writer,

    i love you.


  14. erinrpm

    Dear The Superficial Writer,

    i love you.


  15. Lucifer

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  16. Hater

    Richie has had his pecker in some mighty fine ginas and thats all I got to say about that!

  17. Back to the muscle car years, THE SIXTEES!!

  18. Wow, fucked up and such lovely hair the pair of them too…. I’m sure their little girl will grow up totally normal…

  19. ummm...yeah

    Again…Who cares?

  20. antoine

    What do you know, they have the same hair cut. It must have been a two for one special at the hair salon

  21. BondJamesBond

    Reality Show Special to follow……Stay off the streets on New Year’s Eve with those two out and about!

  22. Richard McBeef

    Do old people still fuck?

  23. Anfernay Kwame

    Wow, Mickey Rourke is looking a lot better these days!!

  24. Vince Lombardi

    Hey, look everyone! It’s Heather Locklear in giant sunglasses!!!

  25. BlueMax

    #6 Frist:

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Sounds like a splendid Holiday though.

  26. gnome

    Triumph – “hey Richie, do you feather your pubes?”

  27. koufax

    It all ain’t as bad as Tim & Elaine. They signed a 12 month lease on a building but weren’t thinking about the economy. Now they have too much Halloween stuff and no customers…

  28. Simpy2323

    Whoops. Someone has too many leftover party favors…

  29. Heather looks great for her age….guess not using the botox?

  30. Black Dalia

    Hey guyzzz!….Are Heather and Richie back together or am I just too drunk?!!!Hmmm,I only drink one small bottle of beer!

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