Heather Locklear charged with DUI

November 17th, 2008 // 30 Comments

Heather Locklear has been formally charged for DUI stemming from her September arrest. Authorities say she was under the influence of prescription medicines, according to People:

If convicted, the actress, 47, faces penalties ranging from a fine to up to six months in county jail.
An arraignment was set for Jan. 26 in Santa Barbara Superior Court.
“Lab tests showed she had no alcohol in her system and no illegal narcotics of any kind,” says Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter, who declined to comment on what medications – or the amounts – Locklear had taken.

Dude, are you scoping out those looks? I think she wants me. Big time.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mcfeely Smackup

    I remember when she used to be hot.

    fuck I’m old…

  2. Clarkehead

    Oh, dude you know you’d still tap that.

  3. Her look in that picture says “I want your cock,”
    And my look right now says “Ok….”

    Intoxicated chicks are HOTT

  4. bakinmycake

    “I’m cohear-int”

  5. Judge

    I’m planning to dismiss the case after receiving her “oral arguments.”

  6. She’s crying tears of blood and if you don’t look away she’ll rip off your head and eat it.

  7. Duh, didn’t she know she should have popped some pills? I mean, if you’re gonna get caught, get caught and be respected for it. Go down with some good shit in your system.

  8. That’s how I looked at my first ATM. Now I take it like a champ.

  9. lol Look at mineimeme acting like a drug connoisseur,,,theres something to be proud about…Moron!

  10. Sandy

    Meh. She’s a white girl, there’s no point in putting her in jail when so many black male monkeys roam the streets, devoid of any moral sense.

  11. Douchie, why do I get the distinct impression you enjoy stalking and killing fat chicks, skinning them and are in the process of sewing yourself a real women’s suit?

  12. Brad

    Nice expression – was she arrested for DUI or DONKEYPUNCH?

  13. haircomb

    for someone with $, her hair is unacceptable.

  14. Miniememe? after writing to you for the past 10 minutes, ive decided I am in favor of abortion in case of incest!

  15. You’d know all about incest. Ask your dad.

  16. You look so stupid with that comment, what are you 5 year olds?

  17. shlong


  18. Forget all those commercials, just put that shot on posters with the caption ‘This is you in 20 years if you drink’ and no teen in the world will be busted for DUI again.

  19. meknow

    Wow, this is freaky! That’s the EXACT LOOK when women see my cock!!

  20. This is unfortunate .. why do so many celebrities get so messed up?

  21. Shaun

    She must have been in some state for them to have suspected she was on drugs. I can understand the usual breath test, but testing her for illegal narcotics in her system takes a trip down to the cop shop. My my.

  22. babolimp

    She must have been in some state for them to have suspected she was on drugs. I can understand the usual breath test, but testing her for illegal narcotics in her system takes a trip down to the cop shop. My my.

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  24. D. Richards (Slob.)

    HAHA #8, ya’ asshole.

    I’d be there for you, Frist. (Up your ass and in your mouth…)

  25. Master of The Obvious

    The Conversation Heather Locklear’s Eyes Are Having Amongst Themselves

    LEFTY: Shit! We’ve never looked this high before!
    RIGHTY: STFU! Hold your gaze!. I’m pretty sure we can burn a hole RIGHT through that camera, straight through that policeman and through the wall into the world of freedom! Then all we’d have to do is burn a hole through these handcuffs and….
    LEFTY: I don’t know, I think I just scared the shit out of myself. Is that really me? I used to be so hot!
    RIGHTY: Damnit! You enormous stupid fuck! You just fused us together! Now we’re cockeyed.

  26. Sudue

    well, that’s not her true face..
    you won’t know what a kind of girl she is until you see the hot videos of her on the famous tall dating club: _______tallloving.com_______, unbelievable sexy..

  27. @19, yeah. The look that says “What the hell am I supposed to with that???”

  28. Tom K

    Lock that white trash whore under the jail!!!

  29. HL

    No alcohol and no “illegal narcotics”. Uh huh. That belongs in the catalog of legal bloopers — right up there with, “Let’s have him put the gloves on — what could possibly go wrong?” This chick is waving to interplanetary space probes as she sails past them, and it’s just a matter of misreading the directions on the cough syrup? Please!

  30. Black Dalia

    ok!I don’t know who gave her the drugs but Heather should be more careful with people pretend to be cool and friends!She is obviously sad and I don’t get what kind of pigs have the nerv to say such bad things about her!It’s very very very boring to nail her against the wall and say bad words and remarks about her!Back off leave her alone, how much more pigs can you be?!She is not a toy u big!Her family ,her kids loves her , I know !

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