Heather Graham goes braless in London

June 10th, 2009 // 94 Comments

Heather Graham opted to go braless at the UK premiere of The Hangover today, and whoever said she has horrible, saggy breasts without a pushup bra owes her an apology. Also, they should probably kill themselves for bringing shame to this site. I run a respectable business here once you get past all the vaginas, profanity and that time I tried to see if my words could impregnate a woman. Which reminds me, I still want a DNA test.

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  1. Still looking hot as always! One of the best bodies in Hollywood.

  2. Zortech

    Is she back in the spotlight? If so – i’m glad, she’s still gorgeus

  3. A. Griffith

    Tits on a Ritz…mmmm good cracker.

  4. Amy

    Yep…no saggy boobs here. Whoever said that needs to be shot. Hope my boobs look like that at her age.

  5. e-rock

    Yeah, she is gorgeous!!!
    Now that we have had our share of boobs here the last few days, Fish- can you PLEASE post some hot male pics for the ladies? Like Gerard Butler, or umm… thinking… nah Gerard Butler is the only I can think of at the moment. O- George Clooney?? Some hot guys PLEASE!!!! O- Ryan Reynolds is YUMMY too…

  6. bob




  7. Zanna

    That dress makes her eyes look so blue! *sarcasm*

  8. beefytee

    Seriously, it’s too bad she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  9. Jimmy Jim

    holy shit, someone get boogie nights 2 made quick!

    (joking, but she does need to be naked more)

  10. A

    Nasty there is nothing worse than a pair of breasts. I was nipple fed in the anus by my uncle. Until I was 12. I love chocolate milk! Weeeeeeeee!

  11. Buffalo Bill

    “It puts the lotion on the penis”…

  12. Randal

    Blue is your color, Heather, for it brings out the shine in your eyes. Stay sharp!


  13. Tim

    I just sexually assualted my monitor.

  14. dirk

    Bullshit. Those are good tits. Natural, well-positioned nips. Nice.

  15. ltestington

    Why did she ever stop being popular? She is cute, sexy and funny …she and Alyson Hannigan are the only two who can pull that off, and even Alyson is no where near this sexy

  16. Fuck U

    Dear God,
    Please hit Randal with a bolt of lighting, and please do the same to the Superficial writer. Oh, one more thing, please stop making all these whores look the same.
    Thank You.

  17. She’s insanely hot for a grown woman…

  18. Photoshop Police

    Rollergirl needs her own movie.
    Just sayin.

  19. gorgeous. the assman says me likey.

  20. Parker

    Her head is so empty I can almost see through it but I would slam her ass.

  21. Mama Pinkus

    Is there a look this gal cannot pull off? She pisses me off. At least she’s not a great actress.

  22. dan

    I have a boner, thanks alot., she aint wearing no britches at all under that toga.

  23. dan

    I have a boner, thanks alot., she aint wearing no britches at all under that toga.

  24. titsonsnack

    Why is she suddenly famous again? She looks good for 39.

  25. CrunchPop

    This chick just screams out “Desperate”!

    So I’ll volunteer to bang her. Repeatedly.

  26. Jeff

    Her entire face is Botoxed.

    Just like a perfect fuck doll should be – wrinkle free, massive cans, and orifices everywhere.

  27. Jim

    That’s a finely chiseled aerola.

  28. Moto Rola

    She’s all natural and looking hotter than every.

  29. Rhialto

    Did she made her nipples erect by herself? Or does the thought of being posted on The Superficial turned her on?

  30. uh Uh UH! Yeah

    38 years old and that hot? I want to meet Steve Martin so i can get one of his business cards and ask him what it was like.

  31. Nero

    I don’t see a dark wet spot on her dress.

  32. Sardonic

    This is the benchmark for all 39 year old women. Stunning.

  33. Maniacfive

    It has been unseasonably cold in london these past few days.


  34. Disgruntlord

    I just felt my penis smile

  35. dink squeeze

    fake stick on nips.

  36. Dave

    She’s gorgeus but looks stoned all the time.

  37. mikeock

    I’d let her fuck my pee hole with those things.

  38. jt

    sweet muddah o’ christ. ridiculous.

  39. Maximus

    Thank you for this, Fish.

  40. cracka ass

    Anyone hating on this is gayer than Liberace’s and Clay Akin’s manchild.

  41. I'm so Vapid

    Holy Shit! I just looked at her for like 5 minutes and finally realized she has a face! Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus!

  42. v-tard

    Haha, I was JUST watching Austin Powers 2 last night and was reminded of what a hot kitty Heather Graham is. She looks fantastic.

  43. Pat C.

    Gotta join in and say she’s looking great. For those wondering why she’s getting attention again, it’s because she’s in the good new movie THE HANGOVER.

  44. Long Live Heather Graham

    Still high and still mighty. Fucking fantastic.

  45. The Edit

    Always and forever. Fine.

  46. Funeral Guy

    First that picture in that clawed open black dress and now this one with that jersey material rubbing over those perfect pencil eraser nipples making her all horny…and…and…nyuh…nyuh…oh….oh….yeah….yeah..uhh…uhhhh….aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

    OK. I’m done. guess I’ll be going now.

  47. She’s clearly had some uplift work done. It’s a very common surgery for busty celebs of her age bracket. Also a lot of dresses come with a built in “shelf bra” (look it up on victoria secret that’s the actual name and they often come in tank tops too) shelf bra’s allow you to show nipple and still keep your boobs up high. They also call them bra top dresses they use a sports bra like cloth with an elastic underneath to hold your boobs up as though they were on a shelf the dress hangs over and no man is the wiser. Women have LOTS of tricks. Even special tape and creams that harden and hold your boobs in place. Its a massive deceptive industry of boobie smoke and mirrors. Remember the golden rule: You can NEVER tell how hot a girls body really is until she is fully naked.

    You can actually google heather graham’s saggy boobs and you’ll get a bunch of pics. She has stretch marks too.


  48. greg bowman

    Good God!

  49. She’s dumb a shit and fucking fried her brain with drugs she thinks she’s a fucking witch.


  50. She is beautiful

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