Heather Graham: Alive and cleavagey

June 3rd, 2009 // 63 Comments

Here’s Heather Graham at the premiere of The Hangover last night, and I completely forgot she even existed and had ridiculous breasts. On that note, I’ll never forget how she got me fired for what I’m about to do in the men’s room. (Read: Build a giant toilet-paper-roll periscope into the ladies room. I see you.)

Photos: Flynet, Getty, Splash News

  1. boli

    tig ol bitties!!!


  2. Que

    Que really good.

  3. bro

    great tits! first?

  4. Nuclearfartman

    OHMIGOD… RollerGirl returns…

  5. ILBT

    SGBT (skinny girl big tits)!

  6. boli

    she still has a creepy face.

  7. dude

    Heather is one of the hottest, most underrated women in hollywood.


  8. Jethro

    I think she could teach Megan a thing or two on how to look classy.

  9. Alli Watermelon

    Aw, i forgot about her. She is adorable! Classy too.

  10. Arthur Kade's Ballbag

    I would fuck her till my dick fell off.

    Heather Graham getting naked and saying ‘Are we going to fuck?’ in Boogie Nights is worth a thousand giant wanks.

  11. Kelley

    At least they’re real !!!

  12. fred

    Heather my dear, you are fucking hot, hot, hot, hot!!!!! Smokin hot. Isn’t she hot dear? ………..ya she’s hot! And talent to boot. Hello every wannabe! HOT!

  13. Farles Chu

    I would rise from the grave to fuck this woman. Twice, because I’d still have “deadwood”

  14. CJ

    she was by biggest crush as a middle schooler. Glad to see her and her smoking hot bod are still kicking it.

  15. LawnGnome

    Hot, hot hot! Terrible actress.

  16. Jumpin_J

    “American Woman” video. Nuff said. Heather, I think you hear me knockin, and I’m bringing my Boogie Nights DVD, the director’s cut if you know what I mean.

  17. PunkA

    Two Girls and a Guy. Did you see the head she gave Robert Downey Jr. in that one? Oh my…

  18. Deacon Jones



  19. groan

    Highly over rated.

  20. Super smokin’ hot. Rollergirl’s still got it. And by it I mean the ability to affect my respiration rates.

  21. LOL


    How exactly is she looking “more” classy than Fox? I see tons of cleavage, a tight sexy dress, just as much makeup, and the same overall “i’m a tart” look on her face! wake up dude, their all the same.

  22. Might be the best pics she ever took! :)

  23. mikeock

    #9 – “they’re” not “their.” One is a contraction for “they are” the other isn’t.

    Your statement shows how gay you are AND how stupid you are in one fell swoop. Nicely done!

    Fucking homo

  24. Meh

    21. You dumb git. First of all, they’re real. She’s ALL real. Megan Fox was a dumpy little mouse, and now after several surgeries, she looks like a hardened bitch. Second, Megan Fox is covered in tattoos and always has the most fake moronic ‘I think I’m the sexiest thing ever’ facial expression.

    Heather is one hot, natural, genuinely sexy babe. Look at that fucking smile – that’s the smile of a woman who knows how to have a good time.

  25. Erica

    Hard to believe she’s 40. Still sexy as hell.

  26. cockledoodledandy

    whoa, she’s forty, I would never have guessed that. Nicely done Heather!

  27. Jack

    Wow, she’s 40? Nice.
    Also, about Megan Fox.. #24, right on.

  28. Harry

    Haven’t seen her in awhile. Must’ve run out of casting couches to hop on.

  29. mikeock

    They say your eyes never grow; that babies have the same size eyes as adults. If that’s true, baby Heather must’ve looked like a fucking alien.

  30. Mike

    She looks pretty good! Used to look great, but what do you expect, time is a bitch. Unfortunately I’ve seen candid pics and when she doesn’t wear a shelf-bra her once perky boobs are droopy heavy hangers. Not water bottles yet, but they will be. Kudos to whoever nailed her up until about 5 years ago.

  31. chocomint

    LOL @ 29

  32. Deacon Jones

    I guarantee though, if this bitch coughs, there’s Botox squirting out somewhere on her face

  33. chocomint

    @32 That’s an appetizing thought, thanks!

  34. adriana

    actually i saw her one time wearing a fluffy blouse and no bra, and she has saggy tits ,very saggy, but she’s still looking good

  35. adriana

    actually i saw her one time wearing a fluffy blouse and no bra, and she has saggy tits ,very saggy, but she’s still looking good

  36. #29 – Actually it’s my fault… her eyes only looked like that AFTER sitting on my lap…

  37. Raph

    Fake tits and Botox face. Come on, look at old pictures of her!

  38. Ray Doggy Dogg

    Clearly a vampire, as she’s been 25 years old since the 80s.

  39. Kelley

    I with No. 24 … except that Heather has a good bit of Botox going on …

  40. LOL

    You guys are fucking CLUELESS if you think she hasn’t had work done. Let’s get something straight, you don’t turn 40 in Hollywood having had no work done. Give credit to botox, it’s one hell of a miracle worker.

    Oh and i love how you all judge class by how somebody looks. This woman could be incredibly snotty, bitchy and rude to her fans. She could let doors slam in old people, and children’s faces and because she has no tats or doesn’t have fake tits she somehow has more class. Pathetic! Until you truly know what type of person she is, leave “class” out of it.

  41. Nick N

    She looks like a robot, or that she has had about 6 cups of coffee, she looks wired.


  42. EuroNeckPain

    Yet another woman who can smile widely, with her eyes wide open.
    Aren’t eyes supposed to squint when you smile ?
    Pretty face, though. Scary and doll-like, but pretty.

  43. Krassy McKrass

    She’s got a body built for sin.

  44. Venom

    Some of the greatest tits ever in human history.

  45. Kitt

    WOW!!!! She’s gorgeous. It’s funny- sometimes she looks amazingly hot, then other times, not so much. But then, I guess that’s all of us. You just expect more from a Celebrity.
    I got told I looked like her a few years ago and then again a few days ago….. I searched all my magazines and couldn’t find a pic of her, now HERE SHE IS. She has this adorable look about her.

    #7- I totally AGREE!! She IS the most underrated actress EVER!!

  46. Marcy

    #42 her eyes don’t squint when she smiles because it’s a PHONY smile! it’s one of those 1…2…3 say cheese smiles. that or botox. either way, a genuine smile makes your eyes close slightly and produces little wrinkes in the corners of your eyes, they have proven this through studies. but i’m getting used to this fake smile, they all do it.

  47. titsonsnack

    She has always been motherfucking weird looking. In a psycho/can’t tell if she’s pretty or just weird looking way. Sometimes I think she is hot, other times I think she looks like a freak.

    Those aren’t ridiculous breasts by the way. They’re typical C’s propped up in a cuppy dress. Better than most broads though I’ll give her that.

  48. Do FreeBird

    I’d fuck it until it’s ears bled. I did notice however, that her face looks frozen – like a mask. Must be lots of Botox in that sweet little piece of meat.

  49. cureholder

    I re-watched Bowfinger a couple of weeks ago. She was stellar in that film. And so beautiful, there and here and everywhere.

  50. Person

    She’s so freaking pretty.

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