Heather Morris Got Naked And Now You Know Who She Is. See How That Works?

March 12th, 2012 // 61 Comments

Outside of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, I honestly couldn’t tell you who the hell’s on Glee. But thanks to having her naked pictures conveniently “leaked” online complete with full facial shots so you know it’s her, I now know Heather Morris is also on Glee. We’ve truly reached a renaissance in celebrity publicity.

PUBLICIST #1: Hey, Ted. How’s things going with your new client?
PUBLICIST #2: Eh, I put her tits on the Internet. How’s yours?
PUBLICIST #1: Tits on the Internet.
PUBLICIST #2: Well played.
PUBLICIST #1: Indeed.
PUBLICIST #2: Bag of coke?
PUBLICIST #1: I don’t see how we didn’t earn it…

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  1. Now we also know that Heather Morris has a diagonal vagina. According to my vertical-smiley database, that means it’s “undecided”. :-\

    • Pope Dude

      It’s fucked they put a rockin piece of a ass on a show for queers. I guess the queer women need a hot young thing to look at while they get their lady boners. I’ve seen the promos for that show and she’s the only one I’d bang if I wasn’t busy getting drunk.

  2. MD2020

    I think she’s done some nude modeling in the past; Fleshbot had some pics of her a while ago.

    But nudes are always welcome.

    • She did nudes before being cast in Glee, so this is really nothing to get excited about, as those were high quality and crystal clear, and these are typical blurry cam crap.

  3. modemscrotum

    ..am i the only one that misses photoboy?..
    these posts kinda suck

  4. cc

    That’s a rockin’ little body.

  5. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF, Where are the naked pics??? Fish dude, you have turned into a pussy. Back in the day, the naked pics would have been the first pic you saw

  6. Hume

    Meh face, but ya, her body is pretty tight.

  7. Jimbo

    WTF, Where are the naked pics??? Fish dude, you have turned into a pussy. Back in the day, the naked pics would have been the first pic you saw

  8. Yay! It’s like Christmas! Only with different vagina! I’m not a fan of Glee, but I’ve always had the hots for this chick.

  9. Deacon Jones

    So is it official FISH,

    has this site officially become “non-nude” now?

    Well that sucks!

    • karlito

      go to EGOTASTIC!!! they have all the pictures. for some reason they are either left out or covered up on this site. the guy running this site keeps on mentioning lawyers if he posts naked pictures.

      • grobpilot

        I think it’s more that Fish’s mom keeps catching him looking at girly pictures and threatens to not take him to Chucky Cheese for his birthday if he keeps it up.

    • Cock Dr

      It does suck…not even a helpful link included.

  10. Richard McBeef

    I can’t believe nobody has thought of putting naked pics on the internet before.

  11. argleblargle

    Are these the same nude pics that were floating around a year ago, or are there new ones?

  12. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    Commented on this photo:

    The good stuff is over on Perez, Jimbo. Probably most other places too. I don’t know wtf is up with Fish; he’s been a douchebag about this stuff for a long time now.

  13. Clarence Beeks

    she has a great body.

    You would think people would stop taking naked pics of themselves. then again, it gets their name out there.

  14. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    Commented on this photo:

    Did she just get back from her belly dancing class?

  15. Here’s the rundown on leaked pics, we used to post them but these things have become more and more of a legal hassle now that it’s basically a contrived publicity stunt almost 90% of the time.

    That being said, I heard a rumor Egotastic has them.

    • The Listener

      I figured as much. I went to egotastic and she looks GREAT!

    • Wow, Egotastic’s layout looks familiar. Oh, lookit that—they’re owned by Buzzmedia, too. Then why can they have them but not you… *throws up hands* I give up trying to figure all this shit out.

  16. steve canyon

    I’m familiar with this teasing game……….
    F*CK HER!!

  17. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    Ben Dover
    Commented on this photo:


  18. mel

    not interested. she’s very plain. and i find that her eyes look like she’s down with of system of a down (syndrome).

  19. Drundel

    Are these before or after she removed her implants?

  20. Rickmo

    Perez Hilton has about 9 of the nudes. What happened to you??

  21. duder

    So this is only gossip site on the internet that can’t handle the “hassle” of posting leaked pics? Fish, that excuse is as lame as “my cellphone was hacked and now you can see my vajayjay on accident.” I call bullshit.

  22. Da Cheese

    Love that nip.

  23. tlmck

    Poor kid is home bawling her eyes out right now. Not because the pics were leaked, but because everybody saw them and just sort of went “meh”.

  24. Jake

    Hmm so some dude stole her cell phone pics and sold them to egotastic but wont sell them to Fish. Yeah not buying it, seems only a legit public relations person would be particular about who they sell their “stolen nude photos” to.
    I don’t see how a cell phone picture theif would not want to allow Fish to publish what he stole. It makes no sense to me, so I’m suspicious of the whole affair. Only some websites publish the photos without being sued, well okay then they have permission from somebody.

  25. John Carrington III

    I’m taking these nude leaked photos of Christina Hendricks and Heather Morris into the study, I do not wish to be disturbed.

  26. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought entertainment industry workers made decent money. Why do the leaked pics look like they were taken with a first gen camera phone?

  27. CranAppleSnapple

    She needs to put a bag over her head. That’s all I ask. After that she can leave her vag blowing in the wind, for all I care.

  28. The Listener

    According to other sites, the photos were supposedly hacked from her cell phone. However, some of those photos look like they were taken on a webcam, not a cell phone. The blue light from the computer monitor is reflected on her breasts and it looks like she’s typing on a keyboard. So in order for her story about a hacked cell phone to work, she would have had to download the naked photos from her computer in which the webcam is attached on to her cell phone.
    Why would anyone take a naked photo first using a webcam and then send it to the cell phone instead of taking the naked shots first on the cell phone and then downloading it to the computer? Sounds planned. Still, she’s got nice naked Ts and A and P. (Leaning to the side like she does in one of the photos really does make her P look like it’s diagonal. LOL)
    For some reason young actresses who know they look good naked just love to let the whole world see what they look like. Even if I were a young woman who looked as good naked as she does, I wouldn’t want the entire world to see me naked. Not everybody needs to know my business.

  29. TXZen

    She’d hot and she is a great dancer.

  30. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    turd da third
    Commented on this photo:

    bag over her head, bells on her nipples,,,I’d then do her.

  31. Ceasar

    I saw, I came and I came again.

  32. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
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    So ?

  33. ken

    Saw the pics,just your normal run of the mill whore shots.

  34. Erin

    Looked ‘em up… that is SO not her. First of all she’s way more toned than that chick. Second, the only naked pictures that show her face have her body at a totally bizarre angle. Someone took a photo of half her face and then photoshopped a body in around it. The pic of her in the green bikini thing she looks about 8x more taut than in the other pics of “her.” Lies lies lies.

  35. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
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    britney from slave 4 u?

  36. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
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    who the fuck??

  37. Heather Morris Leaked Photo
    Commented on this photo:

    hahaha she’s dressed with the I’m a slave 4 U outfit you idiots!

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