Heather Morris Got Naked And Now You Know Who She Is. See How That Works?

Outside of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, I honestly couldn’t tell you who the hell’s on Glee. But thanks to having her naked pictures conveniently “leaked” online complete with full facial shots so you know it’s her, I now know Heather Morris is also on Glee. We’ve truly reached a renaissance in celebrity publicity.

PUBLICIST #1: Hey, Ted. How’s things going with your new client?
PUBLICIST #2: Eh, I put her tits on the Internet. How’s yours?
PUBLICIST #1: Tits on the Internet.
PUBLICIST #2: Well played.
PUBLICIST #1: Indeed.
PUBLICIST #2: Bag of coke?
PUBLICIST #1: I don’t see how we didn’t earn it…

Photo: Getty