Conan Found Heather Locklear’s Old Exercise Video

Here’s Conan O’Brien surprising Heather Locklear with an old exercise video from the 90s his staff dug up. And if you’re wondering why I’m even bothering to post this, and more importantly the full version below, it’s to teach you mama’s teatsuckers a lesson about the times before there the Internet. Hard times. Times when a man had nothing but an exercise video or Victoria’s Secret catalog if he was lucky, but mostly scavenged like a rat, forwarding old VHS copies of Road House, The Terminator and one time Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (Was not what I thought.) And you know what? It made us strong. Strong enough to dare step outside in the sun before getting really hot and seeing a bee. A feat I’ve done m’self this very afternoon and can still hear its buzzing when I shut me eyes. Try that, ya babies.

h/t Uproxx