Heather Locklear Ate A Bunch Of Pills And Booze Again A.K.A. Breakfast

January 13th, 2012 // 28 Comments

Heather Locklear looked like this Tuesday night while catching a Lakers game with Woody Harrelson, so you’ll be surprised to learn that 48 hours later she was hospitalized for drinking another round of Scotch and Xanax Mai-tais. It practically came out of nowhere. TMZ reports and be sure to scope out the pic at the bottom of their article because Jesus Christ is it amazing:

Heather Locklear was taken to the hospital by ambulance Thursday afternoon after taking a dangerous mix of prescription drugs and alcohol … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.
We’ve learned … Locklear’s sister called 911 at 2:05 PM PT fearing Heather was in danger.
The fire department, along with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department responded. Paramedics examined Heather and determined she needed to be hospitalized.

Don’t worry, Heather’s doing fine now and is apparently going to be released today even after spending an entire night at the hospital with her elderly parents which had to be a clever move by her doctors to get her to stop trying to kill herself or at least not half-ass it next time. “Look, we’re just going to keep inviting them, Heather, and we’re not above making them think the coffee’s decaf. The choice is yours here.”

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  1. Dude of Dudes

    “I have no career….or a brush”

  2. Dude of Dudes

    Woody Harrelson is still one of the coolest mutha’s out there.

  3. Cock Dr

    Heather should have listened to Woody and stuck to smoking weed.

  4. SIN

    She had to do that to be seen in public with Woody Harrelson.

  5. cc

    It was obvious she was a flake when she ended up with Tommy Lee.

  6. Funny how that works out… some people end up looking like this, whereas I owe every success in my life to mixing my pills with booze.

  7. drunk again

    Me likey drunky sluts

  8. skunk


  9. Deacon Jones

    She looks like the Commodore in Boradwalk Empire after he had his stroke…

    “cock……cOcK FUCK….”

  10. EricLr

    Must be hard to be beautiful and have every guy in the world kissing your ass and telling you that your shit doesn’t stink–only to realize as you get older that as your looks fade, so does all the attention, ass-kissing, indulgences, and compliments that your beauty alone got you when you were young.

    • Bianca

      Ouch…but true

      • Felonious Monkey

        That’s why everyone, male or female, no matter what you look like should develop intellect, integrity and a personality.

    • Jack Donaghy's True Love

      On a serious note, you know what? It does. But what sucks even more is when you realize that not only was your youthful beauty fleeting, that short guy with thinning hair and not-so-great fashion sense was really a lot of fun… and He really GOT you… but you passed Him by because every guy in the world was kissing your ass and telling you that your shit didn’t stink.

      But none of them ever GOT you like He did. And He’s still short, and His hair’s a little thinner, but suddenly Al Pacino has made His poor fashion sense hot… and His wife thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

      • eggs

        Oh please, that’s just unfair. Besides, people get together for all types of reasons. Being with someone just because they “get you”… well, that’s just not a good enough basis for a lasting relationship.

  11. I guess this puts an end to the whole “pot is a gateway drug” question. She sat next to Woody Harrelson for two hours and OD’d 2 days later .

  12. Tyrone Davis

    Bet woody had the time of his life with a semi – comatose Heather . I know I would ….

  13. Johnny P!

    Goldie Hawn’s less–talented, retarded sister.
    Oh, and that guy from “Cheers”.

  14. The moment the Botox wore off, captured by Nikon.

  15. Okay….there was the drunk driving accident in 2008, the hit-and-run or whatever in 2009, the mysteriously ended engagement, and this. What did I forget? Anyone else think she’s got a problem?

  16. Kai

    And this is supposed to look better than natural aging?

  17. doctor snuggles

    please heather: GIVE WOODY ONE OF YOUR WIGS!!

  18. She’s just thinking how hard fatherhood has been on Matthew McConaughey

  19. Heather Locklear Wasted Woody Harrelson Laker Game
    Commented on this photo:

    Woody Harrelson has always looked like a skid row bum to me.

  20. Heather Locklear Wasted Laker Game
    Commented on this photo:

    “BOOOO! BOOOO! Boo Kevin Johnson with me, Barbara Walters! BOOOO!”

  21. SimoneDeB

    Sitting front row at a Lakers game wearing no makeup? Clear and obvious cry for help

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