Heath Ledger’s lover refuses DNA test for child

Heath Ledger’s uncle broke the news that Heath had an affair with an older woman and she was pregnant shortly after they broke things off. The media has caught up with the woman and her new husband. He says Heath is not the father, but she provides some shady responses. The Daily Mail reports:

Her husband denied the speculation, saying he was sure his wife would be happy to have the girl undergo a paternity test “We knew it would flare up and that is the point of my talking and the simple thing is we will do a DNA test,” he said.
Agreeing that he was not the girl’s father, the woman’s husband said: “I’m the step-dad, but there’s nothing to hide…and if I asked (the mother) I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind (to have a DNA test).”
But he wondered how they could even get Heath Ledger’s DNA. However, his wife refused to have any part of the DNA suggestion.
“I’m not answering anything,” she said. “I think it’s very, very rude that I’m being posed all of this. I really do. I can’t talk about anything.”

There’s only one solution to all this: DIG HIM UP! Wait, he was cremated. Balls. Okay, people, we’re going to need some Super Glue…

Photo: Getty Images