Heath Ledger’s lover refuses DNA test for child

April 3rd, 2008 // 23 Comments

Heath Ledger’s uncle broke the news that Heath had an affair with an older woman and she was pregnant shortly after they broke things off. The media has caught up with the woman and her new husband. He says Heath is not the father, but she provides some shady responses. The Daily Mail reports:

Her husband denied the speculation, saying he was sure his wife would be happy to have the girl undergo a paternity test “We knew it would flare up and that is the point of my talking and the simple thing is we will do a DNA test,” he said.
Agreeing that he was not the girl’s father, the woman’s husband said: “I’m the step-dad, but there’s nothing to hide…and if I asked (the mother) I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind (to have a DNA test).”
But he wondered how they could even get Heath Ledger’s DNA. However, his wife refused to have any part of the DNA suggestion.
“I’m not answering anything,” she said. “I think it’s very, very rude that I’m being posed all of this. I really do. I can’t talk about anything.”

There’s only one solution to all this: DIG HIM UP! Wait, he was cremated. Balls. Okay, people, we’re going to need some Super Glue…

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  1. Shit…I meant, FIRST!!!

  2. veggi

    I think Jake Gyllenhaal might still have some of Heath’s DNA – check his underwear drawer.

  3. doosh

    this is soooooooo fucked up, let the dude rest.

  4. Can the dead not rest in peace?

  5. Feel_the_velvet

    Who the fuck cares about the dead guy? What about the living mother and daughter who want to be left alone?

  6. nipolian

    Way to go #7……Now you are butt fucking the dead to earn your daily nickle?

  7. grobpilot

    So fucking what? Another Hollywood bastard (ette?). What’s so unusual about that anymore? I think it’s a rule that marriage is not allowed before children appear and having affairs with married people is run-of-the-mill for the Hollywood bunch.

  8. grunion

    Didn’t he bang Lohan? I’m sure she’s stll got some of his DNA on her somewhere…

  9. Enoughwiththewhinybabies

    I don’t understand all the “let him rest in peace” comments on this subject. He’s resting in peace already ok. His body is not lost at sea or in some clandestine grave in the forest or something. If there is an afterlife, hopefully there are better things to do there than stress out about a paternity issue. If not, then we’re all just worm food anyways.

    Like it or not, this kid’s possible paternity is an issue that needs to be dealt with by his family in order to close out his estate, once and for all, without having to worry about this kid or the mother trying to dispute things later. And OF COURSE the press is going to cover it. What kind of fantasy world are you living in where you expect the press NOT to cover the discovery of a secret love child of a major celebrity that died very young of an accidental drug overdose?

  10. Guy

    At least the mum (presumed it really is Heath’s kid) is trying to keep the kid out of the spotlight, which is a good thing.

  11. Personally, I think spray glue would work better.
    Ashes in one hand, can in the other: Toss and spray simultaneously. Takes a bit of coordination but has been known to work.

    I know. I had to have my pet cat dug up for exactly the same reason.

  12. enoughwiththe whinybabies: exActly.

    Guy: maybe the kid doesn´t want to be kept out of the spotlight. eh?

  13. Chauncey Gardner

    Fun facts about cremation:

    When the body is burning, the muscles and other tissues contract as they’re depleted of water and essentially “cooked”, and the corpse “sits up” with incredible force, usually smashing its skull on the roof of of the oven. Then they take the skeleton, which is normally still intact, and run it through a big grinder. Then they scoop up enough ashes and bits of bone to fit in an urn, and throw the remainder away.

    So, somebody out there got to set a movie star on fire, crush his skull, and grind him up into little bits, and throw what was left in the trash. That person is my new hero.

  14. Mo

    She doesn’t want to have anything to do with this. Let it go.

  15. #12 again

    #17 Mo – I agree and understand if she doesn’t want to take a paternity test for all the world to see. That is her choice and perfectly reasonable. But, legally, the issue needs to be resolved, if not by paternity test, then she needs to sign a waiver forefeiting all future claims on his estate for child support. And even that wouldn’t prevent the child from making a claim themselves in the future because there is the issue of inheritance, which cannot be righfully denied to the child on the whim of the mother.

    BTW, I want to clarify my earlier statement. I’m not saying I’m GLAD this is being played out in the public eye, it is just that people cannot EXPECT it to be private when Heath was a public figure and he left behind such an intriguing situation. I don’t think many people are necessarily thinking LESS of him because of this situation either, so i don’t think it is hurting his memory. What would be the point of condemning the dead?

  16. Scrooged

    Super Glue? Have they tried staples?

  17. They could test the DNA against his daughter Matilda.
    Or one of Heath’s brothers.
    They’ll have similar DNA and there should be some similarities then.

  18. Erica

    What a fucking bitch, giving those vague, money-milking answers. She knows that if there’s a negative paternity test her fifteen minutes are over, so she’s stalling.

  19. RENEE

    Personally I think its all a bunch of bs. I mean, its coming from Heath’s scumbag uncles who are causing all sorts of problems and drama in their family because they want a little piece of the cashpie. Since when do uncles inherit money from deceased nephews??? Greedy whores. Anyways, maybe Heath did have an affair with the woman, but I doubt he fathered a child with her. And even if he did and knew about it, I’m sure he would have done the right thing and been some sort of father figure to the kid. And if the woman he had the affair with was money hungry, she would have been after him for money a long time ago, when he became famous and was still alive. Anyways, I think its too soon for the morbid jokes about Heath; dig him up, glue him together, blech; I know its the superficial, but come on. He was a talented guy with a kind soul that deserved better than that. Lets at least let his name and his family rest in peace for a few years. Yeah, I’m sure the true Heath is really off somewhere right now in a spiritual realm and untouched by all of this and couldn’t care less. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay him some sort of respect here.

  20. scrubby

    Did I miss something? Wasn’t it the uncle who offered this info? Unless the mother started asking for part of the estate, or began running her mouth about Heath being the alleged father, then I say the media should leave the poor woman alone.

  21. yes, because the Daily Mail is a font of all that’s true and just.


  22. Brooke

    I can’t believe some of these coments…Even if you don’t respect the dead, you could atleast respect those they leave behind that are still greiving…He was a talented actor and I don’t think this is Heath’s kid. If it was I don’t think he knew about it because I believe he would of wanted a part in it’s life. He loved Matilda and thought more of her than anything and so I don’t think he would just disown another child…Although, maybe since he was young he felt it best to just get out of the child’s way, but you’d think he’d of atleast sent some money from time to time? I don’t know, but I bet this is a really hard thing to find out for Michelle ..I think I’d be devastated if I were her.

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