Heath Ledger’s family fights over his cash

Heath Ledger’s family have already begun the infighting over the handling of his estate. That didn’t take long. Apparently Heath’s uncles want Heath’s father Kim to be removed as executor because he completely botched the handling of his own father’s estate 15 years ago. Heath’s uncles have already told Michelle Williams father that Kim is a poor executor, according to People:

Ledger’s uncle Mike insists the family has nothing to gain by removing Kim: “Our only vested interest is to assure that Matilda is well looked after.”
Mike added that Kim’s recent statement that Matilda “will be taken care of” was not enough assurance. “When you are talking about large sums of money like this,” he says, “it should be an independent executor, but Kim hasn’t chosen that way.”

In case you didn’t know, Heath Ledger’s will was written in 2003 before he met Michelle Williams. It left everything to his parents and sisters. Which shouldn’t be that bad for Michelle considering she still has all that sweet Dawson Creek dough. Just don’t tell James Van Der Beek. He was paid in forehead cream.