Heath Ledger’s doctors cleared by feds

February 29th, 2008 // 37 Comments

The DEA has ended their investigation of two doctors in the Heath Ledger case. The doctors supposedly prescribed Heath the pain medication that resulted in his death, but federal agents are clearing them of any wrongdoing, according to the New York Post:

The Drug Enforcement Agency questioned the medics and found that both of them had met with the “Brokeback Mountain” star and prescribed him other medications, but they are not the source of the two powerful drugs taken by Ledger, 28, who was found dead on Jan. 22.

So Heath Ledger got his medication from God knows where and unfortunately took too much. Tragic stuff, for sure, but I think the press has milked all they can out of this story. Unfortunately, however and still using the cow metaphor, Britney Spears’ milk bladder of news is not only dragging on the ground it’s hanging over the fence and spraying the neighboring farm. Which would be awesome if Old Man Jenkins wasn’t lactose intolerant. That poor metaphorical bastard.


  1. psychochild

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  7. tina

    I saw his profile with photos on Richsoulmate.com, where celebrities and wealthy singles hook up. He feels lonely, doesn’t he? Is he looking for a serious relationship or just for fun?

  8. HuckyDucky

    I don’t think he’s looking for relationships of any kind, Fucko.

  9. Sapphire Eyes

    I still feel for Heath’s family. At least Heath had legitimate prescriptions for legitimate medical issues. Heath never hurt a soul, until he died. I feel for Michelle Williams and his daughter Matilda and I hope that they find peace in time.

    Too bad it couldn’t have been that fatass Rush LImbaugh who overdosed on his shoebox full of Oxycontin. If I were RL’s “maid”, I’d have recommended that he take the whole shitload of Oxy at once.

    It would have put a lot people out of his miserable diatribes.

    (And all of you idiots posting “First!!” you all need to go back to first grade and learn some manners, dumb shits)

  10. #1-6 – You’re a fucking retard… times 6.

    Only a real fucking junkie would wear THOSE glasses with THAT shirt.

  11. D. Richards (Elated.)

    Yes! Heath Ledger was completely at fault. He killed himself.

    I wonder who they’ll blame now.

  12. Conscience_Found


    he looks hot no wonder hes famous.
    see online profiles of other pill poppers at celebritymandate.com


  13. Doomhammer

    Im so glad they didnt come down on the poor innocent doctors. Those guys bust thier asses and for what? Millions of dollars, country clubs, hot wives, sports cars, fancy boats? But really, what is all of that? Its not happiness. Well, it is, but its an empty happiness. Isnt it? Aw shit, fucking doctors.

  14. RocknRoll

    Jesus christ this fucktard deserved to die…..what a fucking tool.

  15. noneyobeezwax

    NOOOOOOOO!!! it can’t be heath’s fault, i liked HIS movies. surely we can find someone to blame. (sarcasm)

    oh, and #9 – there’s another way to rid yourself of rush’s diatribes, turn the fuckin station asshole. how’s that for manners, fuckhead?

  16. I feel so sad… I like Heath very much! I have collected all his movies. If you want to share it,find me on bbwconnect.com.Come on! Under the name bbwsblog. I have posted the blogs here! lol….

  17. Zanna

    Hmmm. My spidey senses tell me that Jimmy @16 is fat.

  18. Zanna

    All Heath needs is a d’anjou pear and his look would be complete.

  19. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Are those Mary Kate’s sunglasses?

    oh and fish, you need to update us on the Olsen twins/Playboy request from Senor Heffner who apparently has a new penchant for 12yo boys and thinks the rest of the world does to.

  20. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    12. Conscience_Found – February 29, 2008 10:54 AM
    he looks hot no wonder hes famous.

    /actually he’s pretty cold right now.

    @1-6 that can be controlled with proper medication these days.

  21. #18 – OH. NO. YOU. DI’INT!

  22. HuckyDucky

    #15, I second that.

  23. Hey I listen to “I need a Rush” Limphog too… because I like when junkies act smart.

    I, however, rely on bourbon and cannibus.

  24. RatRat


  25. ijumpontyposimsosmart

    So is cannibus a new type of high from bus exhaust?

  26. commish

    In that picture, he looks like the twenty-four year old high school senior who used to carry out my groceries until, alas, he was struck by a motorist while riding his Harley Davidson bicycle. He, like Heath, was put out of his miserable existance.

  27. #26 – so after he was killed, what other teenager did you fuck?

  28. commish

    The twenty year-old ninth grader who mows my lawn.

  29. #25 – BA BUM BUM CRASH!!!

  30. “The twenty year-old ninth grader who mows my lawn.”

    So he shaves you, too? Wow…kinkaaaay…

  31. commish

    I’m forty, I’m not dead, Jimbo.

  32. Lady

    RIP Heath.

  33. Sapphire Eyes


    I never said I was a Rush Limborg fan, you judgment passing pansies.

    But I do listen and watch the oh, what’s the word, Oh Yeah, THE National News. Naturally I heard about Limborg’s idiocy.

    In any event, one can’t argue effectively without understand the opponents point of view.

    So apologize for calling me an “asshole”. That was completely uncalled for.

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  35. Sherly

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  36. darryanne

    it really sucks that hes dead now he was the best actor in the world to me in fact i almost got to meet him i was invited to a little party that he was supposed to be at dont remember were or when it was supposed to be february i think close to my birthday i cried so much when i found out that he was dead my dad told me in the 8 hrs after he dead over an med od hes still in my heart no matter wat he was so good in the dark knight as the joker and i love 10 things i hate about u so keep him in your heart and he’ll never seem to be dead hes not to me…………:)

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