Heath Ledger’s death ruled accidental

February 6th, 2008 // 132 Comments

The New York City medical examiner ruled that Heath Ledger’s death was accidental and resulting from the abuse of prescription medications. Heath was suffering from sleeping disorders and anxiety issues. TMZ reports:

The NYC medical examiner has finished the toxicology report following the death of Heath Ledger, and has just ruled that the actor’s death was caused by “acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine.”

People reports Michelle Williams is in Australia today with Heath’s family. A private funeral will be held Saturday.

Photo: Getty Images

  1. anon


  2. Necromanson

    Too bad.
    Tough lesson to learn I guess, but if you play with fire you’ll get burned.

  3. Chauncey Gardner

    What a fucking waste.

  4. One Angie Jolie for every man = World Peace

    well that’s ironic… he’s gonna sleep forever now


    let’s put a smile on that face

  5. mamas don’t let your babies grow up to play wth multiple sleeping pill prescriptions….and ride in old trucks.

  6. LL

    Sorry and all, but other than for legal purposes, what’s the difference between an “accidental” OD and the regular kind? Except that the accidental kind is even dumber. I guess we need this kind of thing every now and then to show us, in no uncertain terms, that famous, wealthy, good-looking people are just as fucked up and stupid as the rest of us.

    Bye, hot Australian guy.

  7. jeuser

    Who cares? Big deal? Amazing.., I found brintey spears had a personal account on M e e t R i ch. c o m. It is a site for celebrities and millionaires to mingle. It’s said Charlie Sheen has found his love there last May.

  8. D. Richards (Hands.)

    That’s a lot of drugs. And they haven’t buried the stiff yet? Hasn’t Heath been dead for two weeks? Poor junky.

    I think it’s in poor taste that CelebrityMillionaire.com is still running Ledger’s profile.

  9. Jennifer

    I am just a bit curious…His profile was found on millionaire dating site ‘BillionaireCupid.com’ last week. Maybe the webmaster should remove it.

  10. Spazz

    What’s even more fucked up is someone paying you trolls to post gay links to worthless sites none of us will ever visit. OOHHH, it has the word millionaire in the URL maybe I can find me a rich spouse. Go away you fucktards so we can make fun of rich people.

  11. lipper

    How do you accidentally pop ALL those pills at once? How do they really know if it was “accidental” or just suicide? He’s a known drug addict and we know he OD’d on drugs. I just don’t get how that’s accidental.

    He played russian roulette with his body, and he lost. Stupidity is CAUSE of death in any regards. Dumbass. Had everything and literally BLEW it away.

  12. Holly

    That is so sad…and totally could have been prevented. Tragic. By the way, stop posting stupid dating site ads and trying to act like you’re actually commenting on the story, it’s obnoxious. RIP Heath

  13. tanya

    I wonder if him and Anna Nicole are having a party right now.

  14. woodhorse

    To D. Richards (Spam Magnet) – I’d like to say that Heath’s death will be a warning to those so injudiciously getting high but judgement is one of the first things to go with those guys. And even if he’d been on SnakeOilSalesman.com a month ago, I wouldn’t have visited their site.

  15. viceless wonder

    The guy could not sleep. Insomnia is torture. Sleep deprivation is actually used as a from of torture. When you get 2 hours of sleep a night for months not only is it dangerous (it can kill you on it’s own) but you actulally are no longer able to think straight because your brain and your body do not get rested. Severe insomnia causes a fuckload of serious side effects, look it up. So the guy was not thinking straight and he just wanted to sleep he was surely at his wits end. He just wanted relief. try sleeping only 2 hours a night for a month and you’ll understand.

    He was not a druggie he stopped doing pot in the name of his daughter (he had Matilda tatooed on his chest). There is no proof he did any drugs except pot. How many of you are pot smokers? Anyway all you bitches insulting him know full well that you have done stupid things that could have killed you and you still do, you either smoke, drink, drive drunk, fuck without protection, overeat, cross the street without looking like Mommy taught you, drive recklessly, actually are drug addicts etc… So turn that chubby finger around because all people except ME and the monks in tibet have vices.

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  17. #11 – Agreed. I mean, shit, when I mix too many herbs in my pasta I get a stomach ache.

  18. Zanna

    What a coincidence! I’m cute when I’m intoxicated too! I should be famous.

  19. deaconjones

    Blah blah blah
    The reason this guy couldnt sleep is because he was doing boatloads of blow and H, anyone that’s ever tried either can tell you it totally fucks your chances of sleeping, even when you’re coming down a day or two later, it’s not like this guy was some innocent victim of insomnia. Listen to what his ex used to say about his partying

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    @16 Thank you for your interest in spamming this site. We have submitted an invoice to your website. Payment terms are net 30 days, less 2% within 10 days. Thank you.

  21. finally

    #15 – thank you, that was exactly my point on a previous post – hopefully this ruling will stop all those awful people who are judging him for committing suicide and maybe they will realise that accidents happen, and that we can’t blame everyone on their past mistakes.

    so, great that this should put an end to the hating, but tragic that it was such wasteful accident.

    RIP Heath x

  22. Heath was RIPped when he died… I hear he found his love match at ODActors.com… there is many gooder celebs there too. I not shure, so I will have to checked it myslef.

  23. duh

    Boy have I learned a lesson. From now on I won’t mix 6, count em 6, different pills. What the hell was he thinking? Accident?

  24. Geez, I’ve taken at least three of those at one time and nothing bad ever happened to me..

  25. Eve

    The Superficial is usally mean *rightfully so” most of the time I am glad there not treating a death as a joke, my respect for his site has grown.

  26. Mardi

    While he may have taken an accidental amount of these drugs, no idiot could possibly think it would be okay to COMBINE these drugs. Explain to me why someone would need to take 2 types of anti-anxiety medication, 2 types of sleeping pills, and two types of painkillers…. ALL AT ONCE? I’m sad for his death, but clearly he’s a bit of a moron.

  27. nipolian

    #26 – You would think it was OK if you were high on H.

  28. meh

    Where the eff is Snarf with my effing pizza?

  29. your conscience

    Funny how everyone makes all these hateful comments, yet, if something like this happened to someone you loved, I’m sure you wouldn’t say the same things. Addiction to sleeping pills is not a condition that is only prominent in Hollywood. I’m sure everyone personally knows at least one person who has taken sleeping pills, multiple prescriptions, or both. Maybe you know someone who has become addicted to, overdosed and/or died because of these problems. I’m sure you were quick to call them idiots, dumbasses, etc. They deserved to die, right? Apparently, you all live in a world where only famous people and strangers are “stupid” enough to fuck up, and you and your loved ones and friends are all perfect. Give me a break.

  30. Junie Spears?

    @26 I’m with ya – popping all that stuff in one shot? C’mon I can’t sleep much many nights but I don’t mix up a cocktail of my favourite meds to send me off to Lullabyland.
    It IS totally sad he is dead, but he was stupid regarding the drugs and not least os of his cute little kid who is now without a dad she will not ever remember except from his films perhaps (hmmm shes gonna think her dad was a gay cowboy – however grounded Williams is, how dafuck she gonna explain that one!)

  31. #29, your conscience. When MY conscience starts spewing that sort of bullshit, I grab a bottle of Grey Goose, twist up an uber-joint and tell it to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  32. gosia

    was it accidental???? you wouldnt take so many of these pills with no intentions of killing yourself

    very suspicious

    no accident to my mind

  33. Mr. sandman

    #26. Try sleeping 2 hours a night for a several months and then see what kind of stupid things you do. Severe sleep impairment is simmilar to being impaired by alchohol. A lot of car accidents are caused by sleep impairment (even just getting 5 hours of sleep). Heath was quoted as saying that he was getting only about 2 hours a night. it’s not a matter of intelligence it’s matter of impairment.

    BTW The drugs were combined at low doses this has been reported by People.

    Britney’s insane behaviour has been said to be paritally caused by severe lack of sleep, it really is much more serious then people realize. Look up sleep deprivation and you’ll see the host of problems it can cause (even cardiovascualr disease, seizures and severe mental impairment). It doesn’t take an idiot to understand the importance of sleep and how incredibly detrimental it can be to the body and one’s mental state to be deprived of it. It doesn’t matter if you are a genius of a complete moron sleep deprivation is like being on drugs it will really fuck you up. Also sleep medications are very controversial and many doctors believe they don’t even work and do more harm than good but, that doesn’t stop a lot of idiot doctors from prescribing them. The best way to fix sleep deprivation is to wake up and go to sleep at the exact time (or bodies thrive on routine, eg; the morning shit). Sleeping in a room that is as dark as possible, ear plugs (so no noise no light) and no stimulating activity for 1-2 hours before bedtime (television etc..). Sounds easy but how many people can go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday.

  34. @29 I hate to burst your bubble, but if one of my family members killed themselves by taking a shit load of precription drugs, I would call them a dumb ass.

    So shut the FUCK UP!!

  35. viceless wonder

    Where are some of you getting your information? He didn’t take them all at once morons. Do you not understand the nature od presription drugs, he took them too close together (ie 2 hours apart instead of 4). Also he took LOW doses. Please read some of the comments from people who actually understand sleep deprivation before you spew your brainless drivel and for those of you making such idiotic comments, don’t judge when you have clearly proven that you are the kind of people stupid enough to drink a Drano smoothie.

    Sleep deprivation is as bad as alcohol impairment. Heath was quoted as saying he was only getting 2 hours a night.


  36. Auntie Kryst

    @33 no TV for two hours before bedtime, is that for real? Who the hell can do that? That doesn’t sound easy at all.

  37. your conscience

    #31 – Oh, right, because losing yourself in pot and alcohol is SOOOO different from doing the same with prescription drugs. Hope you choke on your own vomit and die, dumbass.
    #34 – Keep telling yourself that. I’m sure you’ll always have an empty medicine cabinet.

  38. D. Richards (Coat Check Guy.)

    #14? Woody, are you agreeing with me, or disagreeing? Because if you are disagreeing with me, I will be forced to crush you.

    Apparently, SnakeOilSalesman.com has Heath’s autopsy photos.

  39. @37 Hey Dumb Fuck, My medicine cabinet is empty. I don’t take drugs at all. I am not a weak pussy that needs a pill everytime I can’t sleep or I feel a little down in the dumps.

  40. Your Conscience’s mom just ate me out.

  41. your conscience

    #39 – Hey genius, I said “I’m sure you’ll always have an empty medicine cabinet.” Let me break that down for you. It is a statement that refers a potential future situation, as in: “Let’s hope you don’t have to eat your words someday when perhaps, you may not be as well off as you are today, and might need to take pain killers and/or anti-depressants, you stupid piece of shit.”

  42. Mal Reynolds

    Has anyone wondered why he was prescribe 2 pain medications? I know that VICELESS apparently sees insomnia as painful as some forms of torture, but I am not sure that docs usually prescribe heavy duty pain killers for sleeplessness or anxiety.
    Also, I know exactly what I’m doing when I double up on the NyQuil dose, or take Tylenol 3 with a couple of beers. I am intentionally fucking around with medication to get a desired effect: a cheap high. Don’t excuse Ledger’s behavior. He was messing around with some very serious drugs.

  43. viceless wonder

    #39. So does that mean you are in peak physical shape 18 BMI work out everyday, don’t smoke. don’t drink, don’t drive drunk, don’t Mclove without wrapping your dong, never drive recklessly etc… So you never do anything that could cost you everything? You’re a perfect saint? I was sure I was the only one, so either you are a hypocrite or we are somehow related.

  44. lisa

    he is my favorite. I am his big fan. Is he single now? Just curious. I saw his profile on millionaire dating site CelebMingle.com last week.

  45. That sucks, but it was pretty obvious that he ODed. Hopefully people will learn that just because drugs are prescribed doesn’t mean they are harmless. There are more overdose deaths each year from prescription drugs then from heroine or cocaine combined.

  46. noneyobeezwax

    i heard that lufti was his pharmacist.

  47. mamadough

    i bet he’s starting to stink by now….

  48. Mal Reynolds

    obviously #41 is a democrat. Shouldn’t you be over at Daily KOS by now?

  49. Your Conscience's mom

    LADY JANE HAS A PENIS!!!!!!!!!

  50. #37 – WAAAAAAAAAAAH… my favorite celebrity was a narco-leptic… you’re one of those same apologists that swears Rush Limbaugh had a problem and wasn’t really a junkie, right? Fuck that… and tell your momma to go down on me once she plucks LadyJane’s twat hair from between her teeth. And you tell us to empathize, then go wishing people death? And if LadyJane did in fact choke on her own vomit, would you spew the same vitriol toward her that we are hurling at Keith the fucking pill head?

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