Heath Ledger’s daughter inheriting his estate

September 29th, 2008 // 32 Comments

When Heath Ledger died earlier this year from an accidental overdose, his will left everything to this parents and three sisters. It was written, of course, before the birth of his daughter Matilda with Michelle Williams. Many believed Michelle would file a claim for the estate, but Heath’s family has given the entire thing over to Matilda, according to the AP:

“There is no claim,” the newspaper quoted Kim Ledger as saying in a report published Sunday. “Our family has gifted everything to Matilda.”
The actor signed the will on April 12, 2003. It lists assets and cash of just $118,000, but the actor’s estate is believed to be worth more than $16.3 million, the newspaper said.

This turn of events is fortuitous for Matilda because TMZ reports Heath Ledger’s life insurance company is ruling his death a suicide to avoid paying $10 million to a trustee for his daughter who has filed a lawsuit:

Sources say lawyers for the insurance company have claimed Ledger’s death was “suspicious” — possibly suicide, which would nullify the policy. The company alleges in its answer to the lawsuit, “ReliaStar is entitled to investigate Plaintiff’s claim to determine if the ‘Suicide’ provision is applicable.” That provision states, “If the Insured commits suicide … we will pay only the amount of premiums paid to us.”
ReliaStar’s lawyers have informed Matilda’s lawyers they intend to take the depositions of Mary-Kate Olsen, as well as the masseuse who was at Ledger’s home when he died, Ledger’s colleagues on his last film, his agents, doctors, psychologists and others. Lawyers for Matilda believe the insurance company is trying to scare and shame them into submission. They believe ReliaStar is trying to drag the process out, for what could be years, to avoid paying the money.

Hey, remember that part in The Dark Knight when the Joker slammed that guy’s head down on a pencil? That was awesome.




  2. tarts n' cream

    First! You damned losers.

  3. veggi

    “Lawyers for Matilda believe the insurance company is trying to scare and shame them into submission.”

    Dumb move. Matilda’s dad was that half-gay drug-crutching pussy Heath, so she’s used to feeling ashamed. It’s a natural state for her. Thanks, dad.

  4. tarts n' cream

    Oh hell, I always see all the other kids on the schoolground playing this game, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. *Sigh*

  5. Why do us suckers let “insurance companies” thrive in our society? I have more respect for the Cosa Nostra.

  6. I hate insurance companies.

  7. Fuck ‘em. The Dark Knight movie starting paying Ledger’s estate conglomerate dividends and royalties (and who knows what else according to the prior contract made by Ledger and his agents) AFTER his death. Unless there was a clause in his contract regarding posthumous circumstances (which there are none that I’ve ever seen), Matilda stands to gain all of this minus probate expenses (which the interest will more than take care of that up until she turns 18). I guarantee that you it is more than 16.3 million. Probably more like 50 million, and that’s being pessimistic. By the time she turns 18, it’ll be easily in the hundreds of millions.

    Unless Ledger and his agents made a stupid move in his contracts with The Dark Knight, Matilda will end up never, ever needing to work and living a very lavish lifestyle.

  8. edidas

    It truly was my friend, it truly was.

  9. #7, I agree. Matilda will never have to work a day in her life. She’ll grow up spoiled and horrible. Nice going, Ledger family!

  10. mamadough

    i went poop twice today.

  11. Chunkymonkey

    “10. mamadough – September 29, 2008 1:28 PM

    i went poop twice today.”

    Me too. Thankfully, it was before my morning shower. I was able to take afterwards. Now I will fell clean the remainder of the day.

  12. #6

    Me, too. Here’s something to ponder about auto insurance: You’ve never had an accident (your fault or not), never had a ticket, Straight-A contributor to society, pay your taxes and drive the most economical vehicle possible. How can anyone ask a premium from you in order for you to get said vehicle licensed? To ask a premium suggests that you are a liability. Yet, nothing in your record whatsoever even comes close to suggesting that you are any kind of liability. Statistics be damned! Statistics are easily manipulated, therefore inaccurate, and are synonymous to hearsay, technically, and do not follow any in statutory exception in court. Yet, you must, by law, carry it. If that isn’t the most clear definition of oxymoronic, then shoot me now.

  13. ..his parents and three sisters.

  14. ramona putz

    @3: You’re a douche.

  15. frumundacheez

    Too many big words on this forum: fortuitous, posthumous, oxymoronic.

    I am off to find a dumbed down forum for useless bs. Adios!

  16. alex

    #12 – no. To ask someone to pay a premium is to suggest that they MIGHT BECOME a liability, not that they are a liability. What happens when that perfect member of society, who pays his taxes, never had a ticket, never got in an accident etc. does hit a wet patch and skids into a tree? Or hits another vehicle? If they haven’t been paying insurance premiums, where is the money to pay for his repairs/recovery/damage going to come from? Other people’s premiums? Why should the guy who never paid insurance premiums reap the benefit of others who did?

    Let’s make an analogy to jewelry insurance. Say I buy a $5k watch. I want to insure it against theft/damage etc. I’ve never lost jewelry before, and never filed a claim for lost jewelry before. Why should I have to pay the insurance company a premium? When I lose my watch, shouldn’t I just be entitled to receive $5k from the company, having not given them anything in return for this?

    It boils down to basic contract/consideration principles, quid pro quo. You cannot gain a benefit from a contract or insurance policy without giving something in return.

  17. #16

    All righty, then. Let me ask you this: What if the insured never has an accident, never gets a ticket and remains a straight-A member of society wants to never drive, again? Wouldn’t it be fair for the insurance company to give the insured their premiums back? Quid pro quo.

    We can if, then, what it until we are blue in the face. Facts are facts.

  18. #15

    Whatever! Where else are you going to find words like that, and in the next minute, read about Jennifer Aniston’s meat curtains?

  19. Wendy

    Irregardless, I believe the main point here is that Heath Ledger was a true pussy.

  20. alex

    #17 – no. Even if the insurance company never had to pay out on a claim by person X, person X still received a benefit during the course of his driving lifetime – - the benefit of knowing that he would be covered should an accident have occurred. Person X was essentially paying for that peace of mind.

    What if I hire a bodyguard, but nobody ever attacks me? Should the bodyguard have to give me my money back?

    What if I buy health insurance, but am never sick or injured? Should I get my premiums back?

    What if I buy life insurance, but I never die?

    Ok, the last one is ridiculous, but you get my point.

    There are plenty of situations in life where you pay money for a benefit that is not tangible.

  21. #20

    I see your point, really I do…and I’m not trying to be argumentative. But (I know), in all of those cases, excluding the life insurance and the bodyguard (that’s tangible), those premiums should be paid back. Why? The companies that held that liquidable premium can and do invest it. There are dividends that are made, huge dividends, to those companies. The premiums are just the icing on the cake, and probably end up as corporate bonuses. Those premiums should be the given back because nothing tangible WAS given. The dividends are taxed and kept by the insurance entities. It only makes sense.

  22. alex

    #21 – ok, the dividends issue is a fair point. touche.

    now, back to meat curtains…

  23. #22

    I’m all about me some Maniston meat curtains!

    Oh, and here’s a joke to make up for all of my soapbox ramblings:

    What does Perez Hilton’s penis and Donald Trump have in common?
    They are both stuck-up assholes.

  24. mimi

    I could care less about her and don’t think life is fair. Why couldn’t I a grown lonely woman desperately in need of radical plastic surgeries have gotten that cash?

    Oh. Praying for Amy.

    I am sorry to sound cold but it is not fair.

  25. Frankfooter

    Such a cute little baby. I bet she picked out his clothes, too, either that or he’s seriously color blind. Which reminds me of a couple of boyfriends I had in high school. Why are are the color blind ones so gooooooood in bed.

  26. lidsay

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  27. Truth doctor

    Oh you guys, why so serious?

  28. This is a “FUNNY” way indeed of growing up, not?

  29. wtf


    “Irregardless” Seriously??

  30. Googolygoo

    I think #15 meant “oxycodonic”.

    Ledger committed suicide. No one “accidentally” takes ALL of their prescribed meds at once. Sorry, whiners, but them’s the facts.
    He was a talented dumbass, now he’s a dead dumbass with no life insurance payout for his “loved ones”.

    Way to go, Heath!

  31. allie

    Cute baby.

    Insurance companies suck.

  32. America

    It was the right thing to give Matilda Ledger the money, she is his only child. He was a great man and a great actor. He obviously loved life and would never committ suicide. Michelle Williams is a good person as well.

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