Heath Ledger nominated for Oscar

January 22nd, 2009 // 51 Comments

Heath Ledger has cinched a posthumous Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in The Dark Knight which, surprisingly, did not garner a Best Picture nom nor Best Director nom for Christopher Nolan. I blame Katie Holmes. Look what you did!

Anyway, scope out the pics gallery for other notable nominees including the couple most responsible for overpopulation and the alleged homophobe who played a gay guy.

Full list of nominees on I Watch Stuff.

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  1. Eggy


  2. Erica

    Heather Ledger OR Kate Winslet, for the win.

  3. Erica

    Heathe Ledger OR Kate Winslet, for the win.

  4. katie holmes on dark knight??
    i blame judi dench!

  5. jayman

    katie holmes on dark knight??

    i blame judi dench!!!

    you diabolic bi****

  6. Sorry, the Dark Knight was avg at best. If Ledger hadn’t died it wouldn’t have received half the publicity it did.

  7. biia

    GOD if anyone deserves that oscar is heath ledger, his role in the dark night is just… amazing… he’ve had a better perfomance as the joker then jack nickolson…

    HMMM and BY THE WAY today 22nd january of 2009, is the 1st aniversary of HEATH LEADGER’S death… it’s terrible that anyone so talented and young had to go that way *

    RIP Best Joker EVER!

  8. timmy the dying boy

    Good work, Heath, that was a pretty shrewd career move you made last year.

  9. Photoshop Police

    Um… are you blaming Katie Holmes because she passed on The Dark Knight?

    She was replaced by Maggie Gyllenhall. Katie was in Batman Begins.

  10. rib

    What the fuck is goin on with your forum?! clean that shit up. this site used to be good.

  11. Erica

    @ #2-3. Goddamnit! Excuse my double post before and incorrect spelling. I wasn’t wearing my glasses or contacts, so I couldn’t see. I meant HEATH Ledger or Kate Winslet, for the win.

  12. missywissy

    Does nobody get the Katie Holmes thing?????

    Kate Winslet looks great. What an inspiration. (No sarcasm, you go Kate!)

    The guy with the cheesy mustache and squinty eyes, is that Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, or a porn star from the 70′s????

  13. missywissy

    BTW- Barack Obama is easing the restrictions on abortion TODAY giving US dollars to foreign countries to aid women getting abortions. Congrats Barack! Get rid of those babies!!!! Can’t believe I voted for this shit.

  14. Buddy Love

    @14: Good, you dummy! We don’t need more people in this world. We’re overcrowded as it is! Fail!

  15. ur mom

    Ledger was good in that movie, but he was hardly onscreen. I don’t think he would have been nominated if he hadn’t died.

    As long as Jolie doesn’t win, I’m happy. I wonder if she glare hatefully at the winner this time, too.

  16. Massa'

    I’m suprized Biraq Obomma isn’t nominated for his performance for convincing 60 million misenthropes he was qualified to be president.

    He’d win too, because you know the Academy, if a Nigger is nominated, they have to vote for them, because if they didn’t, it would be racist.

  17. herald

    Brad Pitt makes an amazing performand in The Curious Case….
    He deserves the Oscar, (at least)

  18. Sid

    Boy I sure hope Obama doesn’t fuck up the paradise that Bush and the Repubs created.

  19. Jrz

    Jesus. Enough! Big fucking deal.
    And personally I don’t think the movie was all that, anyhow. And there’s been better villians/sociopaths in motion picture history….
    Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs
    that dude in Clockwork Orange
    Gary Oldman’s pimp character in True Romance
    fuck, even Rutger Hauer was a sexy badass in Nighthawks with that “you’ll go to a better life” shit.
    Please, no one would be nominating Heath Ledger for shit if he weren’t dead, and you all know it, too.

  20. Bwahahahahaaa

    Ledger should win.

    also….Milk= boringest shitfest ever, but it’s about faggotry so it’ll win everything.

  21. KirbyPeanucle

    @ 17

    that is slightly racist… but correct

  22. KirbyPeanucle

    @ 17

    that is slightly racist… but correct

  23. Jrz, I thought he was excellent in the movie… but I generally watch porn, so I may not be the best source.

  24. scabbeus

    That’s Hollywood!

    They continue to praise and glorify an absolutely pathetic scumbag who via his own choice decided to abandon his most important responsibility.

    His death means one less “Piece Of Shit” in the world. Thank you God!

  25. Jrz

    he was okay, I mean, yeah, he was okay. Oscar nomination? I mean, was he really up there with Denzel in Glory? Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby? Fuck. No.

  26. Jrz

    I mean, wanting him to win is like……saying you enjoy Sheryl Crowe or James Taylor….you think you’re supposed to like them because everyone else does so you just kinda like go wtih the flow and shit until one day you say to yourself…Why the fuck am I listening to this fucking shit? I don’t like this…this sucks. How did I get sucked up into the fucking groupthink?

  27. I like James Taylor…

    (runs out of the room in shame…)

  28. Matilda

    HEY! My dad EARNED that nomination! OK??? So shut up.

    (…great…now mommy’s telling me – AGAIN – that when I grow up I’ll be angry at Dad and say that he can shove that Oscar up the gyllenhaal-d ass he proudly displayed to the world on his deathbed.)

  29. what what WHAT?

    @ 17 and 22/23 (who doesn’t know how to post just once)

    “Slightly” racist?
    My bad, didn’t know using a derogatory name for a black person is only “slightly” racist.

    So, the two of you being complete fuktards. A complete waste of cells and space on the planet, spending each day and night with your parents, siblings, children, and/or spouses being completely horrified and humiliated at being related to either of you in any way, should possibly go off yourselves – along with any other racist cunts in the world – and make the country a way better place for the rest of us logical/reasonable/decent people to live. .

    Are you dead yet?
    What about now?
    I hope all of your kids die at birth… or by hanging themselves in their closets…

  30. #29 – Ballereeeeeenaaaaaa, you shoulda seeeeen heeeeer…

  31. kitty

    i agree with sportsdvl….Dark knight sucked. heath ledgers acting was good but the movie sucked

  32. dew

    Ledger was a pretty decent actor, yes. But he over-dosed and died. Do both those things combined warrant this kind of hero-worship?

    Give him every friggin award this year, but then give the rest of us that aren’t desperate for a druggie-actor hero a friggin break! Had he lived, he’d probably follow in Joaquin Phoenix’s footsteps. Get a better hero!

  33. Morelicks

    No. 27 – love it! Bang on.

    As long as Mickey Rourke gets a statuette for The Wrestler and sends his chihuahua up to collect it, I don’t care what else goes down.

    Mind you it did piss me off that Michael Sheen wasn’t nominated for Frost/Nixon. He’s one of those actors who’s SO genius that people are snotty about him, they way they were about Meryl Streep when she was younger, then after decades of this shit, they’ll suddenly start piling awards on him until he can’t breathe.


  34. Clem

    The role of Joker is a gift to any actor. Ledger was good but anyone given the freedom that that role offers would be as good. Apart from Shia Laboeff or whatever the fuck that cunt’s name is. He’s just shit.

  35. Insatiable Peter

    The Dark Knight didn’t receive any nominations b/c the undercurrent was too conservative. Joker kills innocents and holds Batman accountable for not revealing himself and saving them. The people hate Batman, as well.

    Batman wants to know why Joker is the way he is, but Alfred says, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    Sounds all too familiar.

    Ledger got the nom b/c Hollywood loves madness.

  36. Mike

    It’s really a shame that Heath became addicted to crack filming Brokeback Mountain. Imagine what could have been, but to quote Freddy ‘Who want’s to live forever?’

  37. GO HEATH! YOU will win that Oscar. You deserve it and congratulations! The Dark Night was robbed. I predict Mickey wins the best actor oscar. Sux for Bruce though.

  38. Those are the pupils of someone under the influence of opiates. Note that he is in a low light situation while his pupils are constricted as if in full daylight.

  39. He is able of dying again……..AGAIN……………………..AND AGAIN, folks?

  40. Darkie

    Dark Knight OVERRATED. Ben buttons shit’s sole purpose is to garner awards. Only morons watch it and drool with appreciation. Dark Knight really sucked, actually.

  41. shimmy

    #10, has thou lost the sarcastic bone?

    Yeh yeh, Heath was not bad, but I agree with the fact that the Joker is a (relatively) easy role to pull off because its a total fucking OTT character. Subtle performances are much more difficult to play.

    If he hadnt died, doubt half the supporters here would give a rats fart. The fact that TDK didnt get nominated for both Picture nor Director kinda proves that this is a sympathy nomination, aye?

  42. devilsrain

    Give it to Rourke you bitches

  43. Clay

    Kate Winslet looks beautiful in that picture, and I’m usually one of the biggest criticizers of her looks.

  44. Massa'

    All those actors should die grisly and horrific deaths. They’re all anti-American shit bags and I’d like to see them all dragged to death behind an El Camino like that porch monkey in Texas. First I’d fuck Kate Winslett in the ass and jizz all over her plastic surgery and then drag her to death too.

  45. Bickus Dickus

    Josh Brolin should’ve quit after Goonies. But he beats up Diane Lane and now he’s supposed to be this brilliant actor? He’s a fucktard with a deusch for a dad and a bigger deusch for a mother in law. I’d like to kick him in the mouth, gouge out his eyeballs and piss on his brain…..

    fuck Heath Ledger too, he sucked in everything he was in, and nobody liked him until he died, he’s a fucking pussy who couldn’t handle his drugs. His daughter has a ridiculously stupid fucking name and will grow up to be a crack whore, and his ex-wife goes out of her way to look like a bag lady. Fuck ‘em all, overpriveledged ass monkeys. I hope they all die.

  46. Alicja

    Stop your whinging……… He was good. Now he’s dead. Your criticism can’t hurt him -_- RIP

  47. James

    JRZ, Ledger was getting Oscar buzz before he died, it all started when the trailer came out which was over a month before he passed. Dead or alive he would have been nominated for his transformation into the joker role. Bernie Mac is also dead, no oscar nom for him for soul men.

  48. James

    Some of you like JRZ clearly know nothing about acting. Denze in Pride ? LMAO. He played himself. Ledger on the other hand transformed himself into the joker by drastically changing his voice, laugh, mannerisms, facial expressions, he was 100% immersed in the role. No surprise he was so great as Joker, he was great in every movie he ever did other than that teenage fluff he did when he started out.

    There is no such thing as a sympathy vote, if there was River Pheonix, Bernie Mac, Chris Farley and Brandon Lee and many others would have won oscars, they were not even nominated.

    Next time please refrain from speaking on a topic that you know nothing about. TDK was a good film and got 8 Oscar noms, Ledger’s performance was method acting at it’s best, he became the character.

    • ben

      James aka ”ktvesd” from youtube you’re a douchebag.
      You’re always starting fights with anyone who doesnt have the same opinion as you .You even dissed James Dean saying Ledger is better….Just because you see Ledger as some God doesnt mean everyone else has to .

  49. Ledger was good in the film, but it was almost on the screen. I do not think that would be appointed, if not dead.

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