Heath Ledger kicks some more alive people ass at Golden Globes

January 12th, 2009 // 53 Comments

For his role in that Batman movie that may or may not have been about George Bush, Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor last night at the 66th Annual Golden Globes (a.k.a. Oscar Tee-Ball) which has significantly increased his chances of a posthumous Academy Award. The AP reports:

The award was accepted by “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan, who said he and his collaborators were buoyed by the enormous acclaim and acceptance the film and Ledger’s performance have gained worldwide.
“All of us who worked with Heath on `The Dark Knight’ accept with an awful mixture of sadness but incredible pride,” Nolan said. “After Heath passed, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema.”

Heath has been snagging awards and nominations for The Dark Knight left and right including “The Superficial Award for Schooling So Many Motherfuckers from the Grave People Forgot You Banged an Olsen Twin.” Yeah, we do that now.

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  1. Newdawn

    First bitches!!!!

  2. I seriously hoped then Oslen twins would accept on his behalf, both wearing the Joker’s ghastly make up and snickering maniacally.

  3. Newdawn

    First Bitches

  4. Not to be a hater, but the Dark Knight wasn’t that great. If Ledger hadn’t passed away there wouldn’t be all this “award” talk.

  5. Newdawn

    YES I waited so long to be first. Wack my dick off 3 times waiting for the next post refreshing every 2 minutes. I feel proud!! fuck yea. All these while looking at the Olsen Twins up skirts

  6. Nexera

    Heath was so beautiful and so very talented. But I agree, the Dark Knight was the worst movie I have seen in years. (and waited 2 hrs on opening night to get into see the crappy show!)

  7. How do we lose such a talent to an overdose, when Amy Winehouse still walks the earth. Maybe Amy should write a book about how to do copious amounts of drugs and still remain alive.

  8. Bitch,I don't care.

    Worst movie?

    You probably don’t get out much…


    Ledger played the role Amazingly well. I liked him in other movies, but this role fit him so well. Everything he did made the Joker more creepy, more insane. I could watch the movie hundreds of times, easily.

  9. Joey

    You go Heath! I met him once and he could not have been a nicer guy. I still have the pic of us, and posted it up. See-

  10. D-Rob

    Seriously? You thought the Dark Knight was a terrible movie? What’s good, Gigli? Glitter? Baby Geniuses? Or are you a Stomp the Yard fan?

    Go suck on one, the movie rocked.

  11. Wasn’t that impressed with the Dark Knight either…needed the movie to end about 20 minutes earlier. It just drug on

  12. will

    Yeah, seriously, that is the best movie ever. Fucktards.

  13. Erica

    This was by far the best movie of 2008. I was so amazed by it. Even if Heath didn’t die, I still think he would of gotten all these awards. He deserves them.

  14. I’m not a Batman fanboy. Dark Knight was just a fantastic crime movie, regardless of superheroes in it or not. Well paced, well acted, well shot. So there.

  15. TJ

    All these Hollywood award shows are dying, especially the Oscars. Most of the products are left-wing/Marxist/immoral, and the hosts are America-hating jerks. Meh.

  16. UPolitical Hack

    STFU with the political jabs! We come to this site to laugh, not hear politics you partisan fuck!

  17. Brandon

    The Dark Knight was easily the most overyhyped movie I have ever seen. Ledger was incredible, but it was only a decent movie

  18. soahc

    Dark Knight is so overrated. It was OK, but nothing spectacular. Nolan is quickly going the route of Ridley Scott. Fame and money kill artistic endeavor.

  19. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    I’m going to have to say I liked Wall-E better.

    But Heath did a damn creepy-excellent Joker.

  20. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Heath Ledger’s joker of a penis

  21. Cockless Republicans


    Explain to me how that shit was partisan? You pussy ass Republicans crack me up. The Dark Knight was thoroughly loaded with political overtones that people are still arguing over whether it was Pro-Bush or Anti-Bush. Maybe educate yourself a bit, you retarded small cock conservative. I know Daddy told you book learnin’ was for fags, but that’s cause Daddy was secretly one and cornholed your uncle in the gun shed out back.

  22. Erin

    I have a hard time believing the genuinity of him winning some of these awards. However, throughout all of the picture perfect moments, it seems that no one really cares about that. WIll giving dead people awards be the new trend. I am sure Tom Cruise will find a way for that to happen to him… I hope.

  23. Pfft

    “Explain to me how that shit was partisan? You pussy ass Republicans crack me up. The Dark Knight was thoroughly loaded with political overtones that people are still arguing over whether it was Pro-Bush or Anti-Bush. Maybe educate yourself a bit, you retarded small cock conservative. I know Daddy told you book learnin’ was for fags, but that’s cause Daddy was secretly one and cornholed your uncle in the gun shed out back.”

    Yes, clearly this is not a partisan attack… :-)~~~

  24. Cockless Republicans


    You got me there. I’m just trying to figure out what was partisan about Fish’s post to get up #16′s Bible-thumpin’ butthole. Maybe it was his use of words in general. All that fancy readin’….

  25. Sport

    Very good movie and GREAT performance by Heath – not a big fanboy but loved the Joker he did – very creepy and he just nailed it (like an Olson twin.)

  26. KKK Cool Jay

    You Communist Manifesto thumpin dickeaters STFU and take it to your mother’s bedroom

  27. bluecanary

    The guy did one groundbreaking movie, Brokeback Mountain. The rest of the time he did formulaic, studio films. The Dark Knight was no different, just another big studio blockbuster. The only reason he won last night is because he croaked and Hollywood is filled with necrophiliacs. Nothing they love better than getting together and faux-boo hooing over some dead guy, makes them look so “sensitive.”

  28. Vince Lombardi

    Addict. Dead. Good.

  29. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    Couple of things…

    The Dark Knight is a decent but not great film. It’s very overhyped.

    Ledger is very good as the Joker, very creepy and unsettling.

    The Olsen Twins are a pox on society and more than likely contributed to the death of Mr. Ledger. They must have bribed every D.A. in NYC to keep their mouths shut.

    Does he deserve an Oscar? He does give a very good performance, so he should be at least considered.

  30. cant be about bush because...

    batman goes after the right guys, bush doesnt. no one bitched about pursuing al qaeda, it was the other dudes that didnt do anything to us that people complain about. the only cross bush has to bear is his stupidity.

  31. Matilda

    Well that’s just fucking great. Now when I need my dad I can just look at a fucking statue. Thanks, fag.

  32. sapphire eyes

    I’m glad Heath Ledger won. I thought he did a great job on “The Dark Knight” and deserved the award.

    I still miss Heath’s acting, and I hope he is resting peacefully. I hope his little girl grows up knowing that her father loved her.

  33. authorego

    @4 naw, you’re not a h8tr. Just obviously engaged in negative attention seeking. My adolescent does that sometimes.

    Heath, miss you much.

  34. authorego

    8 & 10 – #6 probably still clutches her copy of “The Princess Diaries” to her OMG neck before going to sleep.

  35. authorego

    And the WINNER IS #15!! He beat out #4′s negative attention seeking with a front-and-center Pseudo Intellectual remark! Well done, 15.

  36. authorego

    @27. OMFG. Necrophiliacs? That explains a lot. Tell me, who had sex with Tsarina Alexandra because she looked really pregnant when they dug her up, you know, all bloated and shit…

  37. authorego

    #28, see #4.

  38. Matilda

    Wait a moment! Instead of a statue, I’ll just get that Austrian guy to be my dad! Thanks fag!

  39. LMAO

    All you comic book nerds and fags go fuck yourselves to death

  40. M.

    I didn’t particularly enjoy The Dark Knight, but Heath Ledger’s was really really good.
    There’s no doubt about that. :)

  41. the big kahuna

    heath ledger MADE that movie.
    it would have been mediocre without him.

  42. Follow the Money Morons

    Hey who was it that funded both the commies and the nazis and why did they do this? (Hint: keep fighting between yourselves, the evil fuckers are looting us blind while we pay no attention to them)

  43. solstice

    The way people respond to this film reminds me of a comic book plot: an evil fiend releases an airborne toxin thereby making practically everyone who has seen The Dark Knight believe it is a masterpiece.

    All Nolan did was remove Tim Burton’s and Joel Schumacher’s art deco set pieces, as well as CGI. In its place, he made Gotham a real city, and wrangled up a critically acclaimed cast to provide a semblance of the realism people seem to think he achieved, as well as to try to camouflage a ridiculous plot. He has not done anything radically different from Burton and Schumacher. He did not re-imagine anything. He patterned his Joker after the Joker in THE KILLING JOKE (Burton based his Batman movie on THE KILLING JOKE).

    If people feel bad about Ledger dying, fine. It was a tragic thing to happen; but people really need to stop confusing a strong performance with strong storytelling. This is not a good film.

  44. Aussie

    Hey guy if you like Heath Ledger you HAVE to see some of the Australian films he did before he went to Hollywood…. “Two Hands” is one of the greatest movies i’ve ever seen!

  45. timmy the dying boy

    This shows that in the biz, death is often a shrewd career move. Tried and true.

  46. timmy the dying boy

    This shows that in the biz, death is often a shrewd career move. Tried and true.


  48. Crakka

    Regardless if you liked the movie or not.
    Heaths did an awesome job with the roll.
    And that is what the awards are in recognition of.
    Best Supporting Actor of 2008?

    You bet your ass he was.

  49. lmao

    #4 & #6 congrats on being the 6% minority that didn’t like the movie. you’re both alone and fucking retarded!

  50. Spagett!

    anyone that wasnt completely blown away by this movie (regardless of your opinion of heath or his amazing performance) have serious problems and are probably all aging, hippie, liberal douches who got sucked into all this “change” bullshit (AKA a change from capitalism to socialism) and i hope they all smoke themselves to death when hussein osama gets assassinated next tuesday

    hope, my friends

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