Heath Ledger is a federal case

February 28th, 2008 // 41 Comments

While Britney Spears’ insanity was determined not to be a federal case, Heath Ledger’s death is getting the federal treatment. Two doctors are currently being scrutinized by federal drug investigators, according to NY Daily News:

The doctors – one in California, one in Texas – are believed to have supplied the “Brokeback Mountain” star with the powerful painkillers Oxycontin and Vicodin, law enforcement sources said. Authorities want to know if the drugs were prescribed illegally. “It’s an ongoing investigation,” a law enforcement source told The News Tuesday. “It’s not clear if there was any wrongdoing.”

Somehow I hope Sam Lutfi is blamed for this. And also Pete Wentz. Then they have to share a jail cell in Guantanamo Bay with a Heath Ledger fan named RazorCock McButtLover. Dear Jesus, if you’re up there, please make this happen. I’ll be a good boy for the rest of the year, I promise. I’ll eat all my vegetables and go to church. Though I can’t promise not to bring my Gameboy because, Christ, that shit is boring. Amen.

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  1. thia

    Sam Lufti ftw!!

  2. Alice

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  3. thia 2


  4. Tapeworm

    Give that Olsen cunt the electric chair! She did it.

  5. thia

    crap, i really wanted to be first, second and third! haha oh well!

  6. Ted from LA

    #1 and #3,
    You’ll never get used to living next door to Alice.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    @2 Really Alice? Did He? Does the afterlife have WiFi? Cunt.

  8. avidfisher

    I think he’ll be ok..

  9. Auntie Kryst

    @6 nice one.

    Alice, Alice who the fuck is Alice?

  10. FCS

    Heath ledger died?

  11. D. Richards (Saint.)

    I hope that Heath had a prescription for every single one of the drugs he was using; I want Heath’s death to be completely of his own accord (which it is).

  12. Cap'n Pickles

    The stupid fucker would have ended up rigamorting on the floor anyway, no matter who gave him the pills. Granted, doctors are little more than high class drug pushers (especially the shrinks), but a guy has to take some personal responsibility as well. When you are on THAT much medication for psych problems, you have to take a good long look in the mirror and say, “Do I REALLY need all this?”

    Unless you have SERIOUS mental issues, you are nothing more than a pussy for taking so many escapist drugs.

  13. La Frascatana

    By the time his last days rolled around, a can of Jolt Cola probably could have killed him, his system was so weakened.

  14. KANAN



  16. Rick

    I’m sure they’re focusing on the narcotic painkillers, not the psych meds. Back when he went ass-up, on one of the threads here somebody explained that heroin junkies – with money – switch to Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin (and others) so that they can pass for “cleaned up.” It doesn’t work if you’re being drug tested, but if you just need to show up at a job without fresh needle marks or withdrawal symptoms, it works just fine. Obviously popping pills is easier to hide than shooting up. Not to deny that he also had serious psychiatric problems as well, along with meds for all that – clearly he was both a junkie and a pussy.

  17. lucifer's left nut

    clearly there was some shady dealings going on. that’s why THING ONE, aka mary-kate olsen didn’t insist on that WHORE, aka the unlicensed massage therapist calling 911. sending security guards over = cleaning out the prescriptions before the po po come. in the end, we’ll probably find out that THING ONE AND THING TWO, aka the olsen twins are also on the list of celebrities getting legal drugs from shady doctors. let’s see how much additional pity mileage michelle williams can get off of this.

  18. fergernauster

    What a country.

    Only in America are the “enablers” or accessories investigated & often legally charged.


    Have you ever thunk long ‘n hard (let the puns commence) about that?

    Only in America is an individual absolved from taking all responsibility for his/her thoughts, emotions and behavior.

    What a sick, sick country.

  19. me

    peace heath.

  20. judge mental


    there is no peace in hell.

  21. wedge

    #20 – yeah but there are plenty of hot chicks

  22. RatRat

    Sure blame the Doctors, not the drug addicted fuck uo!.

  23. PenisMightier

    He looks like an exhumed corpse in that banner pic.

  24. long dong silver

    that hairstyle just proves heath made poor choices.

  25. stan

    Forget the doctors, I want to know about the coroner – is it true that Jake Gyllenhaal paid him $10,000 for 20 minutes alone with Heath’s body while it was still warm?

  26. He only agreed to do the movie at first because he thought it was “Brokeback Mounting”…


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  28. Doomhammer

    Sure, lets blame the poor doctors, who busted thier asses for almost 20 years in school and only try to help those claim to be in pain. No way could it be the fault of the spoiled rich punk ass brat Heath Ledger who didnt know how to utilize self control in the least.

    Heath got what he deserved.

  29. LetMeKnow

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  30. RazorCock McButtLover

    I’ve got a nice, hard cot with your name on it.

  31. iffy

    only 31 comments on heath? are we over him already?

  32. Janice

    Meh. It’s not like we really cared about him in the first place. It was all knee-jerk reflexive death worship, pretty maudlin stuff as always. Had nothing to do with the actual person, it never does.

  33. RENEE

    “First, do no harm”… Yes, Heath has responsibility in his own death. And I’m sure if he was here to tell us, he would be the first to admit it. But doctors have a responsibility to do what is right, and giving out excessive prescrips to someone with problems is not the right thing to do, no matter the money or status involved. They are not blameless, and they should be held accountable. And there are many people suffering from depression & anxiety; imagine what they would do if given unending access to pills. Maybe suffering from depression & anxiety is too much of a burden when added with the scrutiny of the media. RIP Heath.

  34. Lisa

    RazorCock McButtLover )))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Priceless!!! ))))))))))))))))

  35. Joni

    God. What the fuck? Why are people so fucking stupid? Does ANYONE on this site have any common sense or dignity whatsoever, or are you all just in a contest to see who can be the biggest douche bag?

    If you aren’t a Heath fan, then why the fuck are you posting comments? Do you just thrive on pissing people off and proving how idiotic and heartless the human race seems to be anydays?

    What the hell happened to this site? Fuck. Get a soul, please.

  36. meow

    He was depressed and killed himself because he could never live down playing a gay cowboy…..ya think? Brokeback mountain would have haunted him forever…..

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  38. Mrswentz

    #33…..you are a complete idiot. Doctor’s don’t give out pills to celebrities or the weathy just because they are a celebrity or are wealthy. They try to treat the illness. That is why they have given so much of their lives to do. They go to college, then medical school (all of which they pay for with huge student loans), then they do a residency. Once they become a full fledged MD…..they are so in debt. They give most of their young life to help others. Then they have to pay for huge malpractice insurance because idiots like these, and yourself, like to blame anyone else except themselves when they screw up. Do you think we should ban narcotic pain relievers and sleep medications because there is a possibility some non educated, celebrity fuck up will take them together even though it is clearly written on the medication labels not to??? Ask your stupid self that after you break your leg, or have surgery to remove a cancer tumor, or you mother dies and you can’t sleep. Or wait, maybe you are just a person who makes movies….in that case you are nothing of importance (to me). Because MD’s don’t care who you are……and any MD of quality sees that a celebrity is nothing more than anyone else. I feel so much better.

  39. ksenia

    LOL at Razorcock mcbuttlover. doubtful the pete wentz thing is gonna happen but there’s no harm in hoping is there?. miracles do happen. hey they might even throw in….god i dont even know where to start.

  40. Lady

    RIP Heath; you kind, beautiful soul. And #38 you’re the idiot; there’s plenty of doctors that are quacks and just greedy; get a clue. They didn’t all go to medical school out of the goodness of their hearts. Some of them are just greedy bastards that write out prescrips to wealthy celebs that pay them off. Look at Anna Nicole. Retard. Think of that next time you’re in the waiting room at the ER. I bet celebs don’t have to sit around waiting in the ER…they have connections and money talks.

  41. I’ve got a nice, hard cot with your name on it.

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