Heath Ledger did drugs – Gasp!

January 31st, 2008 // 149 Comments

Michelle Williams kicked Heath Ledger out of their Brooklyn home because of his drug problems over the past year. Heath would disappear for days on end and show up a complete mess, according to a member of Heath’s entourage. Page Six reports:

“He was partying, doing drugs. She didn’t like the company he was keeping. She gave him an ultimatum. . . . and threatened to get custody of the girl. He wanted to make it work, but it was this scene he was wrapped up in. Was he an addict? Yeah.”

Entertainment Tonight was also going to air a tape of Heath doing cocaine at a hotel party in 2006, but opted not to out of respect for the Ledger family. Heath also had a problem with heroin that may shed light on his death, according to Page Six’s source:

“Once you go down that road, then it gets really scary. Because all of sudden you shoot up, you take heroin, then you do a line of cocaine and then you take sleeping pills. Look at River Phoenix, he died exactly the same way.”

I tried to find the Heath Ledger drug video on YouTube but all I found was some jackass who filmed himself through what looks like a roll of toilet paper. I don’t want to say it’s the most retarded thing I’ve seen in a while because I cover Britney Spears everyday. So that bar is pretty high. That being said, now I can’t stop saying “Earthen dam.” God, I hate you, YouTube. But I can’t quit you.


  1. The White Urkle

    What a douche bag.



  3. Your mom


  4. Hey Weepies!

    So…are you gonna apologize to all the people who CORRECTLY refused to praise Heath just because he managed to die?

  5. Mal Reynolds

    I hope it was an accidental death. I will be really pissed if Ledger turns out to be one more hollywood dumbass who thinks they can use heroin safely.

  6. pointandlaugh

    what #5 said

  7. Rand

    #4 exactly. Here’s a typical comment from the original story reporting his death. Maybe it’s time to calm those knee-jerk reflexes…

    “I cannot believe how inconsiderate, disrespectful, ignorant people there is in this world! It is obvious many of you have not actually read. Heath Ledger had an anxiety problem, insomia, and was very ill. He was taking prescribed pills for them. He was NOT taking illegal drugs. Also, Heath was physically drained, thus decreasing his defenses of his immune system. If people have actually read they would see Heath was not depressed or any of that bullshit. Heath loved life very much. When you get sick, what do you do? You take medication to get better. Sometimes people take a little more of the doseage they are suppose to, to get better quicker. Probably he had a cardiac arrest by taking too many pills to make himself better and died. its ok if people didn’t like him or didn’t know who he was. What’s not ok is people writing all these ignorant stupid comments. Have some respect for the dead. It is clear many of you were raised by uneducated trash without any morals whatsoever. It saddens me how many people in this world have no soul. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Oh, and do tell the thing that raised you idiots that too.”

  8. The White Urkle

    Michelle Williams did the right thing by kicking his loaded ass out. She is pretty hot looking when she has long hair.

    He is a jackass and self absorbed. Who isn’t in Hollywood though?

  9. JP

    It seems like more and more often, about an hour or two after I take a dump, I have to go back for a second wipe. I mean, the first time I do a thorough job, but for some reason I can feel the need for a re-wipe. What’s up with that? And inevitably, all these re-wipes cause chafing.

  10. Josh

    Looks like he borrowed Mary-Kate’s sunglasses

  11. JP

    Accidental death = horribly sad accident that took a loving father

    Death from drugs = Pathetic loser who didn’t care about his daughter enough to stop doing drugs and partying

    THAT is why the determination of his method of death is important.

  12. The Office Whore

    I’m wearing my “Shit Happens” T-shirt for him. I’m throwing away my “I’m with Stupid” one away out of respect..

    *pours out a little coke*

  13. JP

    Accidental death = horribly sad accident that took a loving father

    Death from drugs = Pathetic loser who didn’t care about his daughter enough to stop doing drugs and partying

    THAT is why the determination of his method of death is important.

  14. Gerald_Tarrant

    Awww, all the Heath’s shit doesn’t stink fuckers can go eat that shit that doesn’t stink. He was an overpaid mediocre actor.

    I hate retards who don’t know what to do with their money. Hmm, I can either mainline it or donate it to worthy causes. Well fuck, my veins are closer than the nearest charity.

  15. Gerald_Tarrant

    I hear his profile is on a website, SexWithDeadDruggies.com I’m not sure if it’s true but I hear John Travolta is his number one fan.

  16. Cynthia

    “Michelle Williams kicked Heath Ledger out of their Brooklyn home because of his drug problems over the past year.”

    No…ya think? When an actor doesn’t break up with his child-bearing girlfriend, and instead gets booted out for being a shitty druggie dad during his daughter’s INFANCY, people talk about it. The way in which Heath was forced to leave was common knowledge, how could it possibly be otherwise? But not many celeb “journalists” wrote about it because their whole job is about playing favorites and only printing negative stories about people who pissed them off or are unpopular with the public.

  17. feg

    JP got the anal leakage. side effect from your RLS meds.

  18. g

    what a waste …… sad

  19. D. Richards (Hands.)

    No fucking shit the guy was doing drugs.

    Yeah, no, yeah, no, I believed Heath died of natural causes. yeah. No?

    I gotta say that becoming an addict is probably the weakest thing a person can do in their natural life; the most weak(est) thing anybody could ever do in eternity is walk in to the white ‘light’ – ascend to heaven instead of descend to hell.

    Mmm. Hell. All that rampant, souless sex. White-steam-rafting down rivers of fire. Shooting guns and listening to Cannibal Corpse. Jesus, what-a blast!

  20. anonymouse

    still. whethere he wasted his life by doing drugs or not, have respect. he was still a human being.

  21. Marie

    Heath Ledger and drugs is no news.

    But that video is fucking hilarious.

  22. Betcha Heath’s got a real good stiffy right about now.

  23. The Beer Baron

    He looks like Sammy Hagar’s younger brother in this pic.

  24. Karen

    Ok, so that’s the drugs part.

    When will we hear the truth about being found lying nude on a bed ass up?

    It’s happened to me plenty of times, but there’s a simple explanation – my boyfriend butt fucked me so hard I passed out. Probably the same deal for Heath. He was a Method actor, after all.

  25. Jrz

    Good Girl, Michelle Williams.

  26. Celeb Zaridiots

    Look it overdosers vs natural deathers
    your both fucking right, sort of. Your also both fucking wrong

    The guy HAD a drug problem (he had been clean for up to a year). He destroyed his heart and body with drugs (yep drugs are bad for you), he did not get treatment properly in rehab, he then had extreme non-coincidental insomnia (ongoing debilitating insomnia is very dangerous and can be deadly, it puts a huge strain on your heart and can cause cardiovascular disease). The man was rundown, in his new movie the Imaginarium of Dr.. fuck I ain’t writing that whole title, cast members said he worked crazy hours in damp, cold, rainy weather, had walking pneumonia and often said “dammit I can’t sleep”. He is also quoted as saying he was getting about 2 hours a night.
    So with all that how fucking hard is it to understand that the guys heart gave out. In other words cardiac arrest. The sleeping pills may have played a minimal role or they may have no consequential effect.

    This ain’t rocket science kids. And it’s up to you weather you think he deserves compassion. The man did not off himself and by all avcunts he was trying to get his life back on track. I can’t stand celebs but, we all make mistakes he probably could have turned things around.

    ONCE AGAIN as is always the sad pathetic case those close to him SHOULD have known something was up and that he needed some extra help (hospitalization/ ehab/whatever).

  27. sv

    Can’t we all just wait for the tox. report to come out and stop all this speculation!?!?

    Years from now, I hope little Matilda doesn’t google any of this and see what people have to say about her dead father.

    Have a heart people…

  28. Next groundbreaking story:

    Heath Ledger sucks cock on camera phone video!

  29. The Office Whore

    shaddap karen. gay jokes are soooo…… gay..

  30. #27 – The medical examiner had a heart.. Heath’s… in a jar… on the table over there…

  31. Pancho

    Sweet. Now one of the “too soon” jokes actually works – Heath misheard Jack Nicholson’s advice and became a Methadone actor.

  32. Karen

    #29 sure, I bet most commenters here agree with you on that.

  33. D. Richards (Stones.)

    Yeah, #14. Heath really wasn’t that talented of an actor. As-a matter of fact, I watched fiteen minutes of Brokeback Mountain the other night (I watched just long enough to masturbate) and I realized that Heath’s performance was absolute shit.

    His country accent was very pathetic and it seemed as if his character was a twenty-five year old person acting like a middle-aged man instead of being, well, believable. Very cheesy, very pretentious.

    Jake Gyllenyllenyllenhal didn’t suck as bad but he’s not a great actor either.

  34. #27 – I hope years from now you can find Matilda by using google images, but only after setting the preferences to “Do not filter my search results”.

  35. sv

    You people are mean…

  36. milk

    i hope you have a kid that does drugs, and dies young.

  37. Yes. Yes we are sv…. and we like it that way. So go dance around the rainbow with daisies in your hand singing We Are The World, find the nearest cliff and jump off of it.

  38. ihji96

    Damn you suck for putting that link in there to the video causing me to waste a minute and a half of my life that I will never get back.

  39. #5, yeah, you should never go over the reccommended dosage when using heroin. It says that right on the bottle. However I heard that the dosage is hard to read like on a bottle of heparin..

  40. So, Ted…. cal me???? If I can’t talk, it’s only because my mouth is stuffed full of Rich’s dick……

  41. Mr.Poon

    Fucking amatuer. read the Heroin diaries. And Nikki is still alive, amazingly enough.

  42. Sid

    “i hope you have a kid that does drugs, and dies young.”

    Ahhh yes, this must be one of the people who’s not mean and has a heart.

    Let’s distinguish between genuinely warm and sensitive people, and touchy celebrity asslickers.

  43. sv

    And you call yourself a Lady? LadyJane? Listen, I know there are f-ed up situations in life and I am in no way, shape or form, living in a dream world. However, I don’t think that bashing someone on the internet is going to make me a better person or well liked by these other idiots that have something “funny” to say about Heath.

  44. Texas Tranny

    She’s going to have enough troubles going up with a name like Matilda…………..
    Oh wait, that’s right they’re from down fucking under, it’s still a stupid name.

  45. cream


    i hope you have a kid whose parents die young.

  46. #43 – sv = salty vagina

  47. FRIST are you going to share that heroin. I could use a fix right about now..

  48. The Office Whore

    I like rainbows and daisies!!

  49. sv

    46…You got me…you’re SO funny…

  50. I call myself a Lady. Yes. But I can fuck like a whore.

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