Heath Ledger and some girl break up

September 4th, 2007 // 41 Comments

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams ended their three-year relationship over the weekend. The couple has a daughter Mathilda and friends say the split was amicable. A source close to the couple says:

“It was rocky for awhile. They did what they could to make it work.”

Man, I feel sad for poor Michelle Williams. Without Heath Ledger she’s officially doomed to obscurity like the rest of the Dawson’s Creek cast. It could be worse though. Didn’t one of those kids marry a gay guy that believes in aliens? What’s that chick’s name again? Sadie Combs? I don’t know. If she was important, I’d probably have remembered her name. Now who was I talking about? Oh yeah, Heath Ledger’s ex, good ol’ what’s-her-face.


  1. shani


  2. Kat

    Her next move: That douche lead singer of Creed

  3. jrzmommy

    That’s a sensible thing to do…….have a baby and then break up. Class level…..0.0000000001

  4. orphan

    Celebrities should not be allowed to breed. Or adopt. Or propagate themselves in any way.

  5. Chauncey Gardner

    She must have gotten tired of cleaning Joker make-up off of her cooch. Either that, or she accidentally gave Jake Gyllenhaal a hand-job in the dark after the three of them had turned in for the night.

  6. Pj

    Who the hell is this girl?

  7. Lindsay

    Maybe she’ll climb back thru Dawson’s window and cry about her pathetic relationship with the fagster…

  8. I swear to drunk I’m not god.

  9. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    I’d like to see her try to act all high and mighty to Naomi Watts NOW! HAHAHAHAHA……..

  10. She has a real Rebecca De Mornay thing going in that pic …


  11. adonistic

    life imitating art!

  12. bob

    So, she got pregnant on the first date (baby was born in 2005) and now they’ve split up?! I can’t believe it!!!!

  13. jrzmommy

    Insert Nelson Muntz’s HAAAA HAAAAAA here!

  14. lambman

    This is sad.

    I think they are both very talented actors (actually, she’s much better than he is but he’s more famous) and they have a baby that’s like 1. I feel bad for them. And they are 2 of the least annoying celebrities out there, they keep to themselves, do good work, and aren’t attention whores…I wish them the best

  15. mywellrehearsedmistake

    well, it’s about time really. anyone that gave a shit could see this coming for a while. That’s what you get if you have a baby with a guy that sleep with all his co-stars (I’m thinking of that chick from ‘candy’) and then you go ahead and marry him anyway. better luck next time people.

  16. rjgirl

    I dunno. Somehow playing her gay husband’s abused wife (Brokeback Mountain) seems like it might put some strain on the relationship. Just a thought.
    Good luck to them both though.

  17. havoc

    I thought he was a gay cowboy?



  18. Crash! Bang!

    are you asking us or telling us that you thought he was a gay cowboy?

  19. Jo

    She was such a bitch ever since she got together with Heath that I’m glad he dumped her sorry ass.

    I hope the paps stop taking photos of this bitch who always seemed so incredibly pissed off when they took photos of her. Guess what, since the split, she is now REAL FALSELY smiling, even holding Matilda, TO THE PAPS!!!!! What a false person she is. Heath is better off without her, and boy did he know it.

  20. zsa

    I agree with lambman. I’m actually a lil sad. Sad for the baby too. They should have used protection, but celebrities are exempt right?

  21. igroovin

    i never would’ve thought they would break up. i thought they were perfect. but then again i thought that about owen wilson.

  22. lemon tree

    I’m amazed that their relationship lasted as long as it did – it has always seemed so strained, even when it was new and they were supposedly in that “crazy in love” period.

    She NEVER looks happy. EVER. I wish them both the best, but I think Heath for one will be much happier on his own without this wet blanket holding him back.

  23. Uh, she’ll be all right with her Oscar nomination and career. Fuckwads.

  24. meg

    aw, poor jen linley.
    it breaks my heart.

  25. Frick!

    Hey, this one makes me sad. I thought they made such a cute couple and I thought it would last. And I really like Michelle Williams, she’s cute, sweet, and she can act. Heath is alright too but seems like he would be a cranky bastard to live with. Oh well…guess I’ll get over it, ha.

  26. rentfan1491

    Oh, that’s really too bad.

  27. dc

    my bride-to-be and i sat at the table next Heath friday night in NYC. The girl he was with wasn’t much better than michelle williams. Besides Ledger looked like he crawled out of a dumpster down the alley.

  28. honeycomb's_big_yeah_yeah_yeah!

    *almost chokes on her Doritos-and-Pepsi pre-dinner snack*

    Now —-I — have a chance!

  29. MMMSimmons

    jrzmommy is funny. i’m so glad she always posts something.

  30. Mia

    She did earn an Oscar nomination for a role that probably had less than 30 words of dialogue attributed to it. I doubt she’ll vaporize into oblivion, not to mention, she has been in a few recent indie films that I doubt you dolts have seen. Yer all a bunch of assholes … except for those of you who are nice and don’t presume to know them.

  31. LenS

    Of course she never smiled. Being a beard is never fun. Just ask former Governor McGreevey’s wife.

    Hmm, now I see why Brokeback Mtn. didn’t win the Oscar. It was really a documentary.

  32. Sandwich

    Nonsense. Her career is going strong. Didn’t you catch her in THE BAXTER? Also starring PAUL RUDD and MICHAEL SHOWALTER?

  33. frenchie

    Michelle who?

  34. merlin shaolin

    heath ledger isn’t gay. he used to bang naomi watts and THAT would be awesome.

    ang lee is gay — for his career, at least — he’ll perpetuate the gay hollywood people who run the agencies and most of the town.

    WHO CARES about this idiot whore?

    so unlikeable….

  35. Maria

    I believe the poster who said he saw Heath dining with another girl. But maybe she wasn’t his new girlfriend and maybe was just a friend or his agent, no?

    I think Heath should date somebody who isn’t an actress and somebody who wants to take it slowly. The guy isn’t looking for marriage, he’s looking for fun, companionship, romance and if all the screws fit, then yeah, maybe he will marry, but he’s in no hurry, and why should he be?

    Shame about Matilda though, with that silly low self esteem mother of hers. Poor thing.

  36. unicornzrawk

    Wasn’t he with Naomi Watts for quite a while and then all of a sudden impregnating this chick and marrying her? I called this one a long time ago, they got married because of the kid.

  37. hmmmmm…. all I can think of is “A Knight’s Tale” and how stupid that was.

  38. prim

    There were definite sparks between the two of them at the onset and after Matilda was born. He has a track record of about 2 years per woman. Michelle actually lasted a bit longer. He certainly isn’t too young to settle down, but appears to want to live a free and easy lifestyle. That will doom any relationships.

  39. fergernauster

    He is dead.

  40. The Laughing God


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