Hayley Williams took a topless pic? Why not?

May 28th, 2010 // 245 Comments

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams either had her account hacked or screwed up sending her boyfriend a DM because somehow a topless pic of her ended up on her Twitter. The Internet is dark and mysterious so I could see it making this happen with its magic, but considering Hayley’s fans are 15-year-old girls who watch Twilight, I don’t really see the point. Sure, I’m looking, but that’s because I’m a pervert. I mean, how many of those could there be online? 5? Maybe 6?

Huge thanks to everyone who wrote in on this one.

Photo: Twitter

  1. Deacon Jones

    Wow FISH

    You really have to block this annoying cunt “Christian Louboutin”

    Give me a fucking break.

  2. @199

    Yeah, I can see where 197 is coming from but fighting with Typical’s views isnt going to change them. I don’t agree with Typical one bit. It’s a very racist, rude women who is too self proclaimed to notice whats going on in the real world. So calm down. Really.

  3. Maxxx

    Funny how those who are criticizing her are tapping far worse, if that… just sayin’…

  4. So who is she?
    I don’t like her and these pictures.

  5. thanks for information

  6. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Typical, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
    Nobody is posting here your Aisan chicks. Guess because YOU ARE UGLY.
    You get fat old men to fuck you and your young boys. It’s seen all over Asia.That’s why you are so angry with American chicks. Cause the young, attractive guys prefer not someone with narrow eyed, yellow skinned and GOD YOUR VOICES ARE SO RATTLING!!!

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    And by the way, Asians, DO SOMETHING ALREADY about those fat old pedophiles that come to your countries. I understand you all buddhist tree huggers are cool about it having no sin concept but MAN, that’s a disgrace!!!
    (Is there such term in your language?)
    And typical, 2 Girls 1 Cup that you listed as illustration about how slutty American women are – is an epic fail!!! IMAO, that’s the grossest thing I have ever seen and surprise surprise featuring Asian chicks.

  8. PhilxCore

    I’d do her in an instant hardcore, being with her is my dream(one of them at least)

  9. JW

    Thats real funny typical. All the men that I know typicaly look at Asians, not American Asians, but over seas, as disgusting whores, literally. They want to fuck you because that is how your put out over there. Its like the trashy librarian or school teacher. They dont want to BE with you. They think Asians are disgusting whores. Just because someone wants to fuck you, doesnt make you classy or smart. Its the male fantasy to screw you and throw you to the side of the road. How old are you? Why are you alone if your so completly awesome?

    It must be a sad life to only care about getting hit on by men and why you look like. Our military men really love the Asians alright. They love all over those bars over there. Thats so CLASSY!!!!!

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  11. Mary

    I love her red hair!

  12. dustin

    how do i remove the stars i just started using this site and cant figure it out

  13. how do i get rid of the stars im new to the site
    and since the revamp dont know how too

  14. xxxx
    Commented on this photo:

    wow that is hot!

  15. Nom (:

    So she took a topless picture, big woop? I doubt she’s the only female to ever do it >.> And everyone who’s saying she’s gross, let’s face it, we all know that you wanna tap that, girls included (;

  16. valloveshayley

    hayley williams is freaking hot i’d do her any day!!

  17. Song

    lol Good one about the Twilight bit.
    Just your typical female celeb. Can’t get famous without being slutty. lol

  18. blah blah blah

    What I don’t get is the fact that you people bad talk Hayley when really you don’t see the good she’s done I mean she spreads the word about Love146 and has took her time to see some of these girls…does that mean nothing to you guys? She’s done wrong she’s only human I mean we’re not perfect no one is and I’m sure all of you guys have something that you’re ashamed of…and I’m not sure if she did this on purpose or not but come one let’s all move on and put herself in hayley’s spot I doubt any of you would like to be called a whore or a slut or a bitch…I love Paramore :)

  19. Jade

    wow! omg what is she doing god i was like wowowowowow!

    anyway im going to see paramore i dont care what ppl think about her she is really good at singing she is mint if i can be one person i would be hayley williams :D :) i love her :D btw im 13 :D

  20. IM

    i love paramore and hayley williams!
    so what? she does whatever she wants!!

  21. nix

    i love her a lot, and i feel bad for her… i think she felt embarrassed, but i don’t care. i think it was an accident. no matter what, she’s still my favorite:)

  22. lmaaaaaaaao

    lol, i miss old paramore. and old hayley.
    back in 2007, before the nude pics.. the sucky-ass twilight soundtrack that got millions of teenies after paramore.. and before ‘airplanes’. seriously, PARAMORE, and RAP? WHAT THE FUCK!? and now paramore is so unoriginal. they are turning so mainstream. -_-

  23. DmanX

    For you pedi’s that thinks she looks soooo young… You need to stop looking at the young ones to compare. Haley is awesome and has a coolness factor that anybody that follows the music knows, She would be great in the sack, under the covers, on the floor…Sorry! I digress.

  24. dmen

    personaly i think shes beautiful but this pic doesnt do her justice

  25. Garpple

    Those are nice, I don’t think she looks like a guy at all.
    I’d fuck her.

  26. Bob

    She hot but she a
    Has small nips. That r like some 2year olds. But don’t get me wrong I will still bang her. If u r ever in Maryland look me up

  27. Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    How old is she? Will I go to jail if I jerk off to her picture???

  28. morg

    this still doesn’t change the way i feel about her. She’s still amazing. Her boobs may be small but at least they’re real.

  29. richard

    ok first off all the ppl here trying to tell hayley how they feel… like ” its ok hayley i still love u” please stop… u really think she is gonna check this site and read the comments. second please quit arguing through a message board ppl… its stupid . third who really cares??? ok some of u think hayley is hot and some of u think she is ugly. have u ever heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? ok thank u thats all i got to say

  30. mike

    Ew how old is she? like 5????


  31. metalrock21

    you fucking morrons she sings great music and shes hot who cares about the size of her breast you all who complain had never a gf

  32. ice750
    Commented on this photo:

    she gets off on you, getting off on her. and i’d get off all over her

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