Hayley Williams took a topless pic? Why not?

May 28th, 2010 // 245 Comments

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams either had her account hacked or screwed up sending her boyfriend a DM because somehow a topless pic of her ended up on her Twitter. The Internet is dark and mysterious so I could see it making this happen with its magic, but considering Hayley’s fans are 15-year-old girls who watch Twilight, I don’t really see the point. Sure, I’m looking, but that’s because I’m a pervert. I mean, how many of those could there be online? 5? Maybe 6?

Huge thanks to everyone who wrote in on this one.

Photo: Twitter

  1. Jess

    Who is she?

  2. Jeff in St Lou

    Almost first…. DOH

  3. Cruisinforbruisin

    singer of Paramore

  4. Charlee

    Even a topless pic cant take away the fact shes FUGLY!!…

  5. keepin it real fake

    no fucking way is that Hailey Williams, its just your typcial raver skank.

  6. #6 “no fucking way is that Hailey Williams, its just your typcial raver skank.”

    That would explain her posting it on her own twitter account and immediately after she realized her mistake (and I assume washing the pussy slop off her fingers) she posted, “My night just changed drastically, got hacked.”

    Stop posting, your posting is shit.

  7. Horatio

    She’s got some nice nips on her

  8. titsonsnack

    I have never heard of Paramore or Haley Williams, this chick is kinda fug, and those tits are nothing to write home about. Is she twelve?

  9. kaln

    i assume this blunder has to do with her new phone woes she was tweeting about earlier. epic.

  10. Posh

    Why you guys hating on this chick? Gr8 talent in music dept. Scores over Laddy gag gag.

  11. tweetle dee

    I would stil Para-mount her

  12. Gene

    Maybe she’ll grow into them…what is she…12?

  13. James Cross

    This chick would get it, i like the younger chicks.
    Maybe she should look me up on Facebook or any of you hoes
    cya ladies xx

  14. mfbinc

    there are way too many celebrities in this life…..

  15. ryan wheeler

    HOT,im gonna freerun over those baps!


  16. ROUGH appeal

    -Not sure if this is relevant to this post but I often mix pussy slop with my morning tea…

    -And who is this little eager beaver? Hope she is heavily religious…

  17. jay

    she looks good with those little perky looking titties. I’d definately hit that, several times too! she aint fug at all. Now Snooki….that is true fugliness.

  18. marc

    She’s not super skinny, or fat, she’s normal sized, and that’s the size boobs most normal sized girls have, especially when laying down..

    all you calling her 12 are faggots. not everyone is a chub like kardashian. with bigger boobs generally comes a bigger stomach, unless you have implants or super genetics.

  19. joho777

    Why bother? Without the lipstick and dyed hair, she looks like a 14-year-old boy.

  20. Her nose looks Jewish. And her boyfriend is a chubby little fucker. I’ll pass.

  21. Tyler

    She’s 21, douchebags.

  22. Tek

    Funny what the right make up and photoshop airbrushing can do. Before to this I’d seen like a handful of pics of her online and I’d seen her on TV a couple of times and she always looked pretty cute, but man she looks VERY ‘meh’ in this pic. She’s not UGLY, though… I’m just sayin’…

    I say show a vag shot next time, and you and your band will be huge.

  23. She shouldn’t have wasted her time. (Or mine.)

  24. testington

    This chick totally sucks, Paramore’s only hit is a complete rip off of a FeeFee Dobson song and when I suffered through them as an opening act at a concert they were god awful live

  25. sensitive guy

    The first thing I saw this morning was the Kelly Brook photos. Why would I even bother to look here?

    And yet…

  26. Jared

    her music sucks, she’s cute though.

  27. Miranda

    im sorry haley. i love you and your music is still and always will be amazing. i dont blame you i do it too! im just really sorry it happened to you. people are dicks. its a slip. we’ll all forget it about it in like a week or so. no biggie babes=)

  28. Alexz Allen

    miranda you are the biggest fag ever; SHE IS NOT NOR WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND. also, godamn hayley williams you are gross in every way.

  29. Olivia

    That is just weird. i love paramore’s music but i cant believe that hayley even takes pics like that??? wtf? YOU WONT GET HACKED IF YOU DONT TAKE THAT KIND OF PICTURES OF YOU. AND I DONT EVEN BELIEVE SHE WAS HACKED. -.-

  30. Her nose knows

    What an air sucker on her face! What is up with all these non-blondes? White chicks only please!

  31. leonard


  32. king3rrr

    Between this and Kelly Brooke, I have two different kinds of boners at the same time. Thanks fish.

  33. DogBoy

    I see
    a pair’a…… MORE!

  34. blackout

    not extremely attractive, but shes got some nice nipples.

  35. JASDaasjde

    Perfect , Bitches ! Finally a redhead whos not up tight about her uptop

  36. 7L

    The thought is nice but the outcome is disappointing. Still glad to have seen it.

  37. mer

    That’s a child.

  38. balhder

    Delicious flat chest om nom nom

  39. kash

    no titties hahahahaha not worth posting up!

  40. Betty Nuggs

    I never thought she was hot until I saw her sing, then I wanted her to do things to me that made me feel dirty.

  41. AnonymousError


  42. She has a nice body, nothing to be ashamed about!

  43. Rossco

    Wonder how many twitter followers she just gained over this, lol

  44. CamiiCorpse

    dude leave her alone shes amazingg.!

  45. girl

    Those are just sad. Bordering on child pornography, but tragically, she’s not a child. Looks like a bad American Apparel advertisement. And not all women who are slender have small breasts. … this photo is creepy, nothing about this is remotely sexy.

  46. Typical

    So typical… another dumb American whore acting like a… um… whore. You dumb girls over there sure are living up to your image as the loosest, ditsiest, and sluttiest women in all of the world. Your men are scurrying away from your pathetic, attention-seeking habits and looking for foreign women in record numbers. They are jumping at the chance to get with modest and intelligent Asian women. We act like a lady should, and all of your men want that. Now you are stuck with the lowest of the low: blacks, mexicans and the ugly white guys — because we get the attractive ones. Have fun playing second fiddle. You have only yourselves to blame. You have repulsed all of your desirable men and now they have found a better alternative — us!

    • highfaller

      I’d like to meet some of these loose, ditsy sluts. Hook it up, Typical.

    • judge judy

      even im asian and not arrogant. why don’t you google “cecilia cheung photos” hmm? oh btw i’m south asian biatch.

    • YOU

      you are the most racist piece of shit on the earth. not every girl in the U.S. is a whore. fuck, c’mon your the typical one here. is there really a way a lady should “act” not really ( there an limit of course ) or is just the “old” world talking. not all americans are dumb. most of us are just more ignorant or close minded. just because your asian does NOT mean your more intelligent. if that was so you would not have to go to school now would you?

    • hellnaw

      I’m Asian American and I think you’re full of shit. Get over yourself.
      By the way, I’m not trying to be mean but I’ve noticed that most (not all) of you “modest, intelligent” Asian women marry white guys that can’t get white women.

      Sorry, truth hurts.


        If you want an american man you need to do the laundry cook like freakin emeril keep a really clean house pop out babys on demand take verbal abuse deal with alcoholism and please your man whenever he says so.
        by the way Hayley williams is sexy as shit. and her tits. perfect.

  47. Athina

    Hayley isn’t 12.. She’s like in her 20s -.-

    I feel so bad for her. I think this was an accident

  48. That’s hot! Too bad WebFilterPro users won’t be able to see it.

    Now get back to work.

  49. JD

    No clue who she is, no clue who Paramore is, those are really nice tits. The end.

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