Hayden Panettiere’s precious metals stolen. Possibly kept in a pot.

April 23rd, 2009 // 140 Comments

Hayden Panettiere was the victim of a jewel heist last week, according to TMZ:

Law enforcement sources say Hayden returned from vacation on April 15th and discovered around $15,000 worth of jewelry was missing.
We’re told there were no forced signs of entry — and sources say there were several people who were in and out of the house while she was gone.

You know what else was stolen? This play from the Kim Kardashian publicity playbook. Really, Hayden, stolen jewels? What’s next? A sex tape.

*crosses fingers*

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  1. Hayden

    Lick my midget cunt you fucking gay-promoting weak-minded followers.

  2. Andrea

    The limited-edition Barbie playset jewelry pieces are difficult to replace.

  3. Did someone say pot? Allriiiiiiiight.

  4. smarg

    What do you expect living in California? You go to work, the millions of illegal spics and their anchor babies go to work on emptying your house.

    Oh wait, Odumbo will soon legalize them, so no worries.

  5. Ed

    #4 that’s correct. The word is, Obama’s ready to start the McCain “path to citizenship” plan very soon.

  6. Since when do Hobbits wear jewelry?

    #4 – you are too stupid to even respond to.

  7. p0nk

    the play that Kim Kardashian ripped from Paris Hilton (xmas gifts of jewelery and a Faberge egg, if i’m not mistaken).

  8. You nailed it. Publicity stunt. Like $15K in jewelry is really the big of a deal (if it was, she wouldn’t have left it laying around an unlocked house with random people coming and going…).

  9. I bet Mr Fish always thinks about “forced entry” when he posts about this garden gnome.

  10. Dr. Phil, anal(yst)-(the)rapist

    “no signs of forced entry” and a roofie hangover = job well done.

  11. grobpilot

    #6: But you did respond to #4, didn’t you? Dumb fuck.

  12. pathetic

    poor little girl loosing 15,000.00 dollars.. dont worry folks its just pocket change i bet by tomorrow daddy or mommy will go buy her new ones.. what a sad little life she lives.. tear.. waaa

  13. Zanna

    You know, she really should check the tree she bakes cookies in before accusing people of stealing shit.

  14. Jimboooo!

    *Also crosses fingers*

  15. So Sad

    How sad it is that people have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer and bad mouth people they don’t even know. What a world we live in!! I know some dumb asses are going to have something really shitty and rude to say about me and again with NO clue who I am…..and gues what who the fu*k are you and why should I care. That being said…..I guess it’s true what they say, talking badly about others helps some people feel better about themselves. GET A LIFE!!
    and if you have that much free time… do something that matters in this world.

    Let the games begin………

  16. pappy smeary

    it would suck if to have a publicist that positioned you a sweet, innocent girl next door if you were really a pussy-shavin, cigarette smokin, maryjane tokin, cocklovin, tramp…

    good thing hayden pantierre will never have to worry about that

  17. Danklin24

    what the hell did she do to her face? it looks so angular now. She used to be a lot cuter. Its like she had a chin implant.

  18. wrinkles

    does anyone else notice signs of forehead wrinkles? coming soon…. botox!

  19. freekity frog

    Yeah i noticed the forehead wrinkles, too. She’s very young for that, but it could be due to smoking/tanning (?). I had that problem in my early 20′s, but if she starts taking care of her skin, the creases can go away and she won’t have to inject toxins into her forehead– I hope not, anyway!

  20. Sport

    Having $15k in jewelry is the real crime here.
    Just say NO to bling.

  21. jdisse

    Wow what a surprise, a Kim Kardashian reference. Even when there is absolutely nothing to post about Kardashian, The Superficial shoehorns a reference to her on the site. They have to have something about KK EVERY DAY.
    How much is that woman paying them to promote her?

  22. PunkA

    Next time I go midget bowling, I’ll try to take her with. I think I could fit my fingers in her ears and my thumb in her vadge and roll her at the pins. STRIKE!!!

  23. Darth

    Aww! What a pity for her!

  24. Rhialto

    To ease the pain,maybe we can send her some jewellery!

  25. mikeock

    If her head were any bigger, she’d tip over.

  26. Galtacticus

    Does she like diamands and opals?

  27. Gando

    Maybe we can make her happy with a free Superficial membership as well? After that she doesn’t have to login in the forums anymore.

  28. Mama Pinkus

    a movie could be shown on that forehead

  29. toni

    diamonds and opals are my favorite!!

  30. Megan Hauserman

    A mini pre-botox Rachel Zoe in the making!

  31. PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST, she hasn’t any jewels of her own.

  32. She is still hot! love HAYDEN!

  33. I like her in this green color dress. Looking very pretty.

  34. lin

    She probably left her jewellery on a shelf and can’t see it cause she’s a ridiculous MIDGET.

  35. Joe Simpson

    Why do people keep posting pictures of this malproportioned 12 year old boy who dresses like a girl?

  36. smarg

    #12, how do you like the illegal spics and their anchor babies crowding out your schools and hospital ERs?

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  38. id hit it ..


  39. why we think that they only do this for publicity stunt, they can be in problem.I have sympathy for her.

  40. I don’t think so that this was a publicity stunt. May be someone enter in the room and stolen jewelery. Case must be investigated properly.

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  43. But it does not make any difference for her.

  44. Is there a more perfect being? I think not.

  45. How it is possible that any person entered in her room and stole her jewelry.I think any common person who was going mostly in her room could do this.
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  46. She is absolutely gorgeous! You have to be careful who you trust when you’re rich and famous though..

  47. This girl is very beautiful, I wish I can marry her.


  48. Hayden you are looking gorgeous in all the pictures.

  49. Ohhhh…….so sad that she lost her metal!!
    But she is looking gorgeous in her green dress!! :-)

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