Hayden Panettiere’s new music video may have broken my crush, wait, are those panties?! Ignore everything I just said.

July 16th, 2008 // 145 Comments

Hayden Panettiere (seen here at last night’s ESPY awards) dropped her new music video “Wake Up Call” today, and I’ll be the first to admit the song is fucking clown shoes. That said, I definitely saw Hayden’s panties in the video, so who do I speak to about getting this thing an Oscar? It’s hands down the greatest visual experience I’ve had since that time I watched BBC’s Planet Earth on acid – which was this morning. On a related note, I’m a wombat.

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  1. Katy

    WTF. I never realized she was a chonga.

  2. feday

    Well, the tune is catchy, except for the obligatory hip hop beat.
    She looks better without 300 tons of make up on.

  3. Her reptilian “sexy mouth” makes me want to avert my eyes with a deep shame for the entire species. hayden’s hottest when she’s not trying so pathetically hard. Two notches down, bitch!

  4. umm

    wow this really is much worse than stars are blind…
    :D didn’t think i’d see the day!

  5. tc

    She looks all lesibanistic with that high-forehead hair.

  6. Sendy

    She is so sexy with the gorgeous dress on her. Is she single now? Her profile was found on the on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating, “she is so picky about guys!” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”

  7. 420

    Does she normally have that accent?? What a cringe-worthy video…

  8. danno

    I cannot see the panties. Do I clear my internet cookies?

  9. Drunkman

    She should stick to marginal acting.

  10. sixpack

    I still barely know who this girl is and what show she’s on. I mean, she’s cute but…I don’t see what the big deal is.

  11. They never heard of the “NATURAL”-LOOK in america!!
    …………..did they?

  12. Random

    This is a joke right? Like an SNL clip or some shit like that? Those “sexy”/awkward expressions HAVE to be a joke, right. RIGHT?!?!

  13. PAUL





  14. Jim

    She works that mic like she’s been stroking pole for years.

  15. Lola

    I think she’s really beautiful….. But needs to stick to acting and saving dolphins or whatever sea creatures she fights for…. Another music note should never escape her lips…. Just horrible

  16. I parsed out the crappy parts of this crappy video and made a crappy remix. Check it…


  17. nancy

    it wasn’t that bad. it’s a good pop song, it’s just something mindless to listen to while you’re stuck in traffic.

  18. hairy testicles

    shes been singing for a while, had a track on the Ice Princess sound track…is everyone that slow, that they think she is just now trying to start a singing career?

  19. PP

    Cheap video.

  20. ganana

    People! This is a cute girl with a decent voice and is a passable first effort. A little too sleazy for her formerly wholesome image, but I liked the semi-reggae beat.

    The song is too long but, hey, she’s cuter than me (just barely) and has loads more talent so that made up for the video’s shortcomings. I like her work with the whales and wish her the best.

  21. Fla

    I actually really liked this girl until I watched the video.

    Really, really disappointed.

    “going to have to cheat to get attention” what the fuck..seriously?

  22. herbiefrog

    thought were were watching…

    “stars are blind”

    …and in fact yes… we were : )

    hayden… ?

    when did you sell out and agree to be paris ? ?

  23. ccd

    Ishhh…I think I liked Paris’ singing a LOT better and that’s scary. Voice 1 Song 1 Overall 1, Paris still scored a 4 in my book. And the whole style reminds me of this Quebec singer I could not stand: Jacynthe!!! Lol, check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__E-eBUbQnM&feature=related
    Who would want to copy such a cheap video? Lol, and if you want more horrible cheezy, you can always check out Jacynthe’s website she now sings in english. Oh Hayden I expected so much more! :(

  24. starlit

    this is one of those songs you listen to and it gets stuck in your head. and then you want to stick pencils in your ears to make it go away. why oh why do so many actresses think they can sing? its like they want to torture us with this stuff.

  25. starlit

    and if you want real gayness watch Zac Efron – Bet On It music video. your hearing and vision will need several days to recooperate.

  26. Chupacabra



  27. emily

    i couldn’t watch long enough to get to panties. my stomach hurts now.

  28. John

    That is some badass midget. What the hell is she rubbing on her teeth?? (Is it an American thing or something?)

    In 10 years she’ll be overweight, washed up trailer trash. Huh, she’s the second coming of Britney, y’all!

  29. beebledeebop

    Does anyone else find the fact that she complains about this boy not “buying her drinks” is weird? She is barely 18…a child. This video really disturbs me.

  30. beebledeebop

    any i’m pretty sure she’s not talking about shirley temples..

  31. Annie

    I can’t understand why she’s so legendary. She has a pretty face and all but she wouldn’t stand out of a crowd. Also, she doesn’t seem to have any neck. Reminds me of my old barbie dolls, the ones my brother beheaded. I allways pushed their heads back on, with some ugly results. That’s what she looks like, an old barbie doll. Feel kinda guilty cuz of my judging right now, but hey on the other hand, she chose to be part of that superficial world called Hollywood. Tough luck.

  32. Critter

    This song sucked donkey balls!!!!!!!! She is pretty to look at and a decent actress but as a singer she’s up there with Paris hilton……..

  33. noxious bob

    This is very typical in Asia, where you are a model, the next day an actress and a singer.

    It amazes me how much her “singing” sounds similar to that of Vanessa Hudgens stupid shoe video

  34. Jack

    Fucking clown shoes… encrusted with dog shit.

    I think we’ve just found a new interrogation soundtrack for use at Gitmo. No hardened terrorist could withstand this.

  35. Rudi

    You mean this dress was not enough to break your crush? How about her voice? Seeing panties does not make me forget her voice. Or the annoying and apparently obligatory hip-hop sound. Or…
    well, she is just not very interesting.

  36. Meredith

    To be honest, i don’t think the song is that terrible. it’s reminiscent of an earlier no doubt sound. just sayin’….

    i did cringe a bit at the pseudo-rap part….never a good idea.

  37. Lin

    I honestly think this was supposed to be a joke… she could not possibly have thought this was a good idea for her career unless it was a joke. She was probably trying to make fun of all the other girls doing stuff like this…
    I mean… she rapped and tried to dance unsuccessfully…


  38. lambman

    she’s beautiful, yeah not a great body but what a face!

    she is also a pretty good actress, she rocks on Heroes

  39. fallen

    #56 wins.

  40. I’m a sub par actress! I need to make a MUSIC VIDEO!

  41. jezzie

    This song is beyond stupid. The lyrics, the music, the vocals are all crap-tac-ular. Whoever wrote this PoS should be shot. I mean what kind of advice is she giving? “I’m in a crappy relationship (or her interpretation of one) so instead of moving on I’ll resort to cheating on you so you will learn to appreciate me more!” WTF? That’s a creative solution, and by “creative” I mean “stupid”.

  42. j.

    She appears to be trying so hard to look sexy, she’s about to have a hemmorhage. She’s sexy when she’s standing still, so why is she doing all of this looking-into-the-camera-from-weird-angles and mutating herself into strange positions to try and look sexy? I want to punch her.
    Also, cheating to get attention? She’s going to make a great mother.

  43. hayley

    i’d say she looks better with dark hair in that video

    but it’s crap nonetheless, someone remind me why exactly it is that she has decided to start singing?

  44. Steven

    Shes too young to be singing like that. And why should anyone buy her a drink like the song says, shes only 18. She is really hot i would do her anytime. I like the panties, at least she wears panties, unlike some of the celebs.

  45. RobertAZimmerman

    Thanks for the video…I had forgotten what I had for lunch. I hate to say it: the song is horrible. I realized that about 1:30 in and muted it. Much better!

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