Hayden Panettiere’s mom may have been ‘disrepecting’ after all (Read: Drunk off her ass)

August 11th, 2008 // 33 Comments

Hollyscoop is reporting that Hayden Panettiere’s mom Lesley got drunk as hell last night at the benefit for the Whaleman Foundation and was flirting with other men. She allegedly decided to smack her husband Alan around who was also tanked and either trying to stop her from causing a scene or simply orchestrating a Taco Bell run:

“Hayden’s mom drank way too much and was being rude to everyone. Her Dad was trying to put her in her place. Lesley striked him several times before he hit her,” said our spy.
Our source confirmed that Hayden’s parents started arguing while at the Whaleman Benefit dinner at Beso last night because Lesley was allegedly flirting with another man, and the argument escalated when they went home.

Jesus. Nothing like causing a giant drunken ruckus on your daughter’s special night. I mean, Britney Spears managed to attend a charity function without making a complete ass out of herself – and she doesn’t even know how to read! But don’t despair; The road to healing starts by realizing you’re worse than a career genital flasher. You can learn all this and more in my new book “Seriously, What the Fuck?: An Inspirational Journey of the Soul.”


  1. Tom Cruise


  2. Tom Cruise

    haha you fail, sir.

  3. rough daddy

    I think theyre both still in the marriage because of a certain cash cow…with really small utters…

  4. Jimmy Beam

    I want to smack Hayden around……..with my penis of course. :)

  5. JPRichardson

    Hey!!! Smurfette is as tall as Tinkerbell. Who would have guessed!!!!

  6. After she fawned all about it, it appears that Hayden refuses to wear the Pearl Necklace that Milo so generously gave her.

  7. who gives a fat whoop??? “Hayden Panettiere’s mom”….shit, the woman is in her middle aged glory years (i’m guessing). i’d get drunk too.

  8. Aww, look at the fat little piglet!

  9. Kim Lardassian

    “Lesley striked him” ???? WTF who wrote that?
    Lesley struck him, not striked him.
    Illiterate uneducated Americans strike again (pun intended).

  10. Lola

    Smack them hoes…. Drinking and talking shit gets you bitch-slapped. Hayden, you better pay attention shank, this is your future with Mini-Milo biatch

  11. Harry

    Sounds like a lot of white trash being thrown around.

  12. Angry Beaver

    Hmm…I’m thinking “threesome”.

  13. i just noticed…”kim lardassian”. GOOD FUCKING WORK. hilarious.

  14. NY Ted

    So when is Hayden’s mom putting out her book….???

  15. Cash

    So Hayden… might wanna surf the folks on over to counseling before you go worrying bout other large mammals.

    Nothing kills a young film career like a couple of fucked up parents… just ask that Caulkin kid, if you can find him.

  16. He was just trying to keep his ho in check. Nothing wrong with that.

  17. Ted from LA

    Her mom looks just like that annoying asshole from Desperate Housewives.

  18. Sam

    if a girl has the “balls” to hit a guy, you better be ready to take a few hits yourself.

  19. Juanita Lemmon


  20. Juanita Lemmon


  21. cranky

    I’d gobble a bucket of shit to lick both of those bungholes.

  22. Kim Lardassian

    White Trash, but white trash will buy the story of this other white trash because it will make them feel less white trash, so probably this book will be a success.

  23. Kim Lardassian

    White Trash, but white trash will buy the story of this other white trash because it will make them feel less white trash, so probably this book will be a success.

  24. rose

    Hayden is pretty. Isn’t she!!! I love her. And I am so glad she posted some beautiful photos at a celebrity site richromances.com. Maybe she is trying that site?

  25. Pinbacker

    “Seriously, What the Fuck?: An Inspirational Journey of the Soul.”

    I would buy this book.

  26. dumbass

    WOW! Her mom looks just like Eva Longoria, only hotter!

  27. hausfrau

    “STRIKED HIM”????
    Your spies are stoopid.

  28. Forget about Hayden Panettiere’s mom and dad. They can kiss my ass. Hayden is the bomb. Look at that face and imagine blowing a huge load all over her perky lips and soft cheeks. Yes this is what counts. Hayden.

    PS: Hayden it’s time to step up to this!

  29. HA learn english


    It’s struck.

    Instead of gossiping about celebrities I suggest you go back to the 4th grade and learn your grammar.

  30. @ 19- I TOTALLY AGREE! I don’t believe in hitting a lady, but if a women gets a stray hair up her ass and she runs up to me and starts slapping and punching a grown man, well be prepared to possible get knocked on your ass! Say whatever the hell you want, but the moment you think you can physically beat a man you should get treated like man!

  31. nope...

    @ 12. Harry – August 11, 2008 4:47 PM
    “Sounds like a lot of white trash being thrown around.”

    Normally I would agree…trash is trash and most of these “entertainers” are. But, If her mother is “WHITE” I have a bridge to sell you in England

  32. Ash Frog

    #23, #24

    wrong article?

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