Hayden Panettiere’s GQ bikini pics

July 12th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Hayden Panettiere poses for the August issue of GQ in a bikini and aviator glasses ala Tom Cruise in Top Gun which is adorable considering either of them could pilot a housefly should the mood strike them.

Photos: GQ

  1. Fai


  2. captain

    it looks like they made her cover up her tattoo.

  3. katie


  4. jack

    Kudos to the GQ’s photographers for finding a way to shoot her stumpy little body in a way that won’t cause permanent blindness.

    Why is she famous again?

  5. _me


    Midget Highway Patrol Issue is finally here!!!!

    Verne Troyer does a CHiPs spread.

  6. Ann O. Rexia

    She’s so fat, ugh.

  7. Stumps

    Her little midget arms are quite distracting in pic #2.

  8. The Original Shawn

    The padding in that top looks like a ledge jutting out from the bottom of her boobs. She looks just fine as the short, athletic chick she is. This failed attempt to turn her into a tall, buxom vixen just looks goofy.

  9. bubba

    Where did she get the boobs?

  10. roxy

    I think she is stupid, ugly and talantless (<~ wtf?) …. but these pics are awesome. I love that swimsuit and she doesn’t look so ugly as always
    peace \/

  11. Stating the Obvious

    She should give that photographer a big fat kiss on the lips for these pictures. She looks 1000 times better than usual.

  12. wtf, who did the photoshop job on these pictures.. looks like shit.

  13. Hi fatty.

    Way to suck in that gut, Chubs.

    Hope you read this & develop an eating disorder. Throw in some low self-esteem that leads to casual, unprotected sex, maybe a little AIDS….

  14. Donna Leana

    Anyone know what designer bikini she’s wearing?

  15. Donna Leana

    Anyone know what designer bikini she’s wearing?

  16. Duke Nukem

    No shots from the back = worthless.

  17. shift

    I’d like to know where they shot these pics…because it’s obviously a magical place where small B’s turn into large C’s. Who are they kidding?

  18. vito

    Hell, put her down all you want. For my part, I’d put pour a glass of milk and eat her for breakfast. Yummy!

  19. Zee Brat

    That main picture where she is tilting her head back is some great modeling on her part.

  20. Hayden … beautiful as ever. Hope she will be around for a long time, I never get tired of watching her wherever she appears.

    Bergur Isleifsson

  21. jack

    She suddenly grew boobs.

  22. briony

    they totally enhanced her chest. she’s as flat as a pancake and even with all the personal trainers and work outs her body just naturally has a gross figure

  23. briony

    they totally enhanced her chest. she’s as flat as a pancake and even with all the personal trainers and work outs her body just naturally has a gross figure

  24. Hefe

    The photographer deserves a raise & the photoshopper, if someoone different, should be knighted.

    That being said, I’d eat this empty-headed bimbo’s ass out for 10 hours straight.

  25. Kmm

    @10 a Kleenex box.

  26. Certainly a nice change from those recent beach ball/prego bellies…I know what youre thinking when you see that flat belly button, thats where everything gets clogged…

  27. alfalfa

    At least she’s under 40 years of age. I was getting tired of old women in bikini and lingerie.

  28. sweatshop sewer

    The swimsuit she is wearing is so badly made, just look at the bottoms, the stripes don’t even match up. Whatever company made this suit, should be ashamed of themselves. How did this get passed by Chinese inspector number seven??????????????

  29. friendlyfires

    ? is ül az arcomra és a spin az örökkévalóság, minden érdekel, hmmm, ez igen!

    (didn’t know I could speak Hungarian,too, didja’ now?)

  30. That bikini is realllllly cute and so is she. She does have some short lil T-Rex arms though, huh? lol. I think theyre normal for her size, she just has an extremely long torso.

  31. Super Mango

    Honestly, I think the photoshop guys were a lil sloppy.

    Her arms look T-Rexie because the lengthed her abdomen without properly doing it to her arms. Look at pic 1, people’s elbows are suppose to be in the middle of their arm.

    Pic 2, you can see where the added someone else’s chest since the boobs have a different skin tone then the rest of her body. Look above her right arm for a good example.

    Pic 3, Her boobs magically moved up her chest.. ..

    I say all this and I still wish I was as famous as her. =P

  32. kaylia

    haha she has no neck

  33. Kate

    She is beautiful, but the photoshop job here is awful.

    In pic 3 her upper body looks way too long, and her boobs seem a little too high…

  34. annabelle

    awww guys, don’t be so mean.
    She does look pretty hot in /these/ pics,
    albeit she is a butterface.

  35. omg

    Hi kids, I’m a professional photographer. Her body was not photoshopped, and your believing that is really sad. her boobs were not photoshopped on. Honestly, NO ONE does that. This is fucking GQ, not some kiddie site splicing her face on porn. Her body may appear longer than you think it should be, but if nothing else a wider angle lens can achieve that. Her boobs may look bigger, but proper makeup can achieve that. You guys talk about pictures like this like she’s your neighbor and you see her every day and know everything about how she looks. She had a very good photographer take very good pictures of her.

  36. R.I.P.Each

    Yep. Something is up with that arm, like a gigantic shock wave of a time and space altering force was released upon her arm. Sick. Sick like what happened to Stefan Germanotta’s penis.
    Or could it be that the pimply faced graphics dude was just a little too focused on carnlizing those 100% vegan parts to notice that he left her lookin’ pretty under ripe elsewhere?

    I also gotta give it to Hayden for best breast impersonation of the year. Our former title holder, Paris “cutlets cunt” Hilton is happy to pass the salty cock crown on to this numb-cunted hag-to-be, as Paris will be unable to perform her title holding duties temporarily following her massive vaginoplasty and wart removal surgery later this month.

    Either way, both of those no head givin’, ass hair zapping, femo-nazi chumpettes needs to feel the FAIL.
    We smell it. Admit it. You girls are already dead.

  37. What’s wrong with her midget arms?

    They’re not normal LOL

  38. Thats some bullshit

    Wow she really has no shape. Hilary Duff has a more shapely body than this chick. I used like Hayden but damn is she boring.

  39. jenh

    Wow, that is the perfect denim shirt.

  40. Mandy

    Pulease, she is not really this skinny in real life unless she went bulemic for a few weeks. Mags and their obesessive airbrushing.

  41. Mandy

    Pulease, she is not really this skinny in real life unless she went bulemic for a few weeks. Mags and their obesessive airbrushing.

  42. oqit

    Her head is gigantic. This bitch is gross.

  43. Mama Pinkus

    she should rent out her big-ass forehead as advertising space

  44. lol@u

    @ 37, you are my hero.

    Hayden isn’t pretty. She has an abnormal body that resembles a pre-pubescent boy that she insists on showing off to the media. Obviously it isn’t working out so well cause she still looks fucking weird even with photoshop. It seems as if she’s posing in magazines just to get rid of that “girl next door” image that she will perpetually have cause let’s face it, she’s taken on enough cheerleading roles to keep that going until her acting career is dead (which will be sooner than later.)

    No talent, not even mildly attractive, i heard she has quite the shitty personality too. Yawn. Maybe when her “accidental sextape” releases i’ll applaud her, but until then she has absolutely nothing for her. Not even that whole whale campaigning shit cause seriously nobody gives a fuck about that.

    inb4 all of the “omg ur jus jealous of Hayden!!!!!!” comments (:

  45. She’s so hot to handle… Wow…

  46. Super Mango

    I definitely agree that different lenses can affect body parts in different ways, but magazines do “alter” body parts all the time. I am sure we are all aware that air brushers and touch up artists exist yeah? Look at Sports Illustrated; I think they are the most famous for leaving out fingers and arms after splicing. =)

    As for the Hayden pics themselves, everyone here knows what she really looks like (being the good superficial readers we are.) I still argue that the Photoshop job was poorly done, but if not, does it matter? Someone should have made her look more realistic.

  47. Venom

    She is one hot piece of ass.

  48. Bomber Fish

    As said already, these are SO photoshopped (and badly, I might add), that it’s laughable. She suddenly has boobs, slim thighs. And obviously miraculously smooth (and glowing, lol) skin.

    Plus, the setting and wardrobe seems to be weirdly average for some reason. As if she posed for her boyfriend, not GQ magazine.

  49. Darth

    Ever seen a pair of sunglasses wearing a bikini? Oh wait,it’s Hayden Panettiere!

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