Hayden Panettiere’s first panty flash (Awww)

November 19th, 2007 // 108 Comments

Hayden Panettiere attended the 17th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the paparazzi caught a small glimpse of her panties. Considering I wasn’t able to see if she was smuggling a pod of dolphins up there, I instantly became bored. But, then I discovered this: James Van Der Beek, alive! And posing with Hayden Panettiere. I thought he was dead. But if you take a look at this picture, you can clearly see I was wrong. I know! That is a lot of forehead. Just keep scrolling down and you’ll eventually see Hayden in the picture. It might take a while. Like a couple of hours. I dunno, I’ve been scrolling since six in the morning. God willing, I’ll strike eyebrow before sundown and set up base camp.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. mikas


    She’s wearing the ring since last month and nobody has notice.
    Are you blind people???!!! Someone talk about that and ask them about it!!!!!!!!

    Paparazzis are so useless…

  2. Me and my bitches are way hotter.

  3. ^^^^^click

    plenty of cellulite already.

  4. Mike

    Okay to be honest, she is not all that pretty, but she isn’t ugly. Now that being said, her fuckin body is just fuckin hot. She has nice thick legs, an ass to die for, and her tits, aren’t all that bad. Let’s just say, I would drink this chicks douche water in a heart beat. Anybody who says she is fat, is fuckin blind and demented of the mind. Why the fuck would you want a girl that is any skinner than this fuckin hottie.


  5. Mike

    #53, Like I said, she is perfect, a little cellulite doesn’t hurt. Still fuckin better than these stick figure skinny bitches I see on here a lot.

  6. James

    See girls? You don’t have to be fit and thin. You can be curvy (and moonfaced and fat-armed) like Hayden, and guys will drool over you. Guys like Mike. Congrats.

  7. Hey FRIST – Your troll got loose. He is trying to be me now. Will you take it home and tie that thing up??

  8. ph7

    1. short
    2. stubby
    3. chunky
    4. small boobs
    5. those blank eyes you find on stupid girls

  9. big teeth

    Panties?? that’s a crying shame..

  10. p911gt10c

    lmao@52 – lookin’ good!

  11. Awww, the retarded troll is back? Jimbo, you have mail..

  12. Hayden’s reminds me of my younger cousin, Samantha.
    I used to spend summers with her and we shared a
    bedroom…I wrote about it once…

    …with the warm weather she began wearing shortie
    PJ’s that showed a lot of skin. I would wait until I thought
    she was asleep, then I would touch her body and feel her

    One summer I was doing this for about two weeks when
    it got a whole lot warmer and Samantha did what I was
    praying she would do, went to bed naked. This was the
    first time I got a good look at her tits but not her pussy,
    as she had her legs closed and I got wet just looking at her.
    I rubbed my hand over her belly to see if I got a
    reaction and when I didn’t, I cupped her tits in my

    Holding her tits in my hands was making my pussy go
    crazy and I wanted to suck on them so bad, I ached. She
    opened her legs then, putting my heart in my mouth,
    afraid I woke her and when she didn’t move again, I
    couldn’t help myself and I put my hand on her pussy. She
    moaned, I jerked my hand away, she grabbed my hand and
    told me not to stop, it felt real good, so I put my
    hand back. She moaned again, I noticed that her pussy
    was all wet now, she then said, “Oh baby, that feels so
    good, put your fingers in me” and I was still a little
    leery, so I asked her if she was going to tell my mom.

    She sat up then, grabbed my face with both hands and
    said she wasn’t going to tell anybody and neither could
    I and as long as we kept it between us, I could do
    anything I wanted too, to her. She also told me that
    she was wondering how far I was going to go, now that
    she was naked as a jay bird and I told her that once
    she was naked, I couldn’t stop from touching her.

    She smiled, laid back down, asked if I liked her body
    and when I shook my head yes, she told me it was all
    mine now and would I please put my fingers back in her
    pussy. I asked if I could suck on her tits while I
    played with her pussy and she told me again, it was my
    body now, do what I want. I put a finger in her pussy,
    put my mouth on her nipple, began sucking tit and
    finger fucking her pussy, making her moan out loud. She
    was trying to cover her mouth and I figured she was
    afraid of being heard, so I told her she could make all
    the noise she wanted, nobody could hear anything coming
    from the attic bedroom. She told me to put two more fingers
    in her pussy and when I did, she began moaning loud, while
    telling me good it felt…

    …anyway, that’s who Hayden reminds me of.

  13. stop wearing panties stupid bitch so we can see your cunt lips

    i think i can see part of her brown cunt lips in there

  14. spread your cunt lips for the paparazzi

    who here would lick hayden panettieres cunt?

  15. Slingblade

    AT least she has panties. That is something.

    Is it just me or is she ALWAYS wearing short short clothes to make her legs look longer and leaner?

  16. Miguelito

    I don’t get the point of this girl. Is it because she’s halfway between being a nerd and a cheerleader, so losers feel like they have a chance? The same way dorky women like John Cusack?

    I’ll stick with Lohan, Easter basket full of STDs or not. At least she never spouts that eco bullshit.

  17. rose

    It looks like her makeup artist painted little eyeballs on her eyelids. This is very strange, and most likely gives her the ability to see in the dark or cast voodoo spell on photographers.

  18. Snarky McComments

    I’ve made fun of Hayden Pantyhosiery in the past – but no more. Damn! This smurf has hotness potential. Now if only Britney could teach her to leave the panties at home…..

  19. Mama Pinkus

    That gal has one big f****ing face.

  20. Mark

    Nice…. Tongue would fit in there PERRRFECT.

  21. She has a couple of sexy boob…Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club Millionairematch.com/photo/bloger ! “She is very picky about guys,” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches orshe won’t date them!”

  22. H.A.L.9000

    What’s with the obsession over this girl??? she looks like one of those goddamn “Skipper” dolls

  23. H.A.L.9000

    FYI Skipper was Barbie’s boring flat-chested little sister

  24. i heard her being interviewed on stern. sure, she’s pretty, but as interesting as a tree stump

  25. Miguelito

    Do a close-up on pic # 2 — check out those incisors, each one actually has a twin underneath the gum line which makes it look like she has super-long fangs.

  26. whatever

    Awww…our little Hayden is growing up! (sniff) Someone should frame this and give it to her. A nice frame with pink lettering “My first panty flash!”

    Seriously though, at least she has enough class to wear panties, unlike a certain McDonald’s grubbing white trash bitch who no longer is allowed within 3 states of her own children.

    Or a dumb rich bitch named after a hotel.

    Or a Disney star turned crack whore who has her own personal rotating door at the local rehab.

    Heck, class like this? I think I’m in LOVE with Hayden. “Mom, meet Hayden. The media photographed her crotch, and she was actually wearing panties at the time!” My mom would hug Hayden, welcome her to the family, and start to cry while holding on to Hayden, saying how happy she was that I managed to find a nice girl with some class.

    I mean, really, in the context of Hollywood, Hayden deserves some form of award for this accomplishment. Maybe she could donate time to the less fortunate, and help Britney, Lindsey, and Paris find the local Victoria’s secret and buy panties. And (gasp!) actually learn how to put them on! The challenges?

    * Getting them on Paris the first time (But…but…which leg goes first?!? This is so complicated.)

    * Getting them to stay on Lindsey. (No Lindsey, you must not pull them back off! LEAVE THEM ON LINDSEY!)

    * Getting them to not burst into flames on Lindsey.

    * Getting the grease and Frappucino stains washed out of Britney’s. (You mean I hafta change these things? At least once a week?!? Aw shit…that will cut into my McDonald’s time.)

    (You might think I’m writing all this in the hopes of making you laugh and lifting your spirits. Nope. I just like saying Hayden and panties in the same post. Hayden. Panties. Hayden. Panties…Panties. Hayden. Wow. Now I feel really funny in my pants. I would what would happen if I put my hand down…oh! Excuse me…have to go!!!)

  27. How the Hell Can Anyone Call That Flat Ass?

    I’m not even remotely a fan of Hayden, but her ass is perfectly round.

    Want to see flat ass? Go back to Jessica Alba’s pics and see how she looks like from the side and behind.

  28. oz

    i so wanna marry this girl. she is gorgeous and if you cant see that you must have “relieved” yourself too many times and are starting to go blind

  29. hope she wont slip her nipples…or breasts!

  30. hope she wont slip her nipples…or breasts!

  31. Ted from LA

    I didn’t do it until I went blind, but I did do it until I needed glasses.

  32. She actually showed her panties about a month ago while walking her dog.


  33. Condoleezza Jones

    I didn’t think it was possible to be both frumpy and whorish at the same time. I was wrong.

  34. Nihon no Kaisatsu

    You start to think she might be hot, albeit a little squat. Then she issues a pronouncement like this: “We must unite as a world to solve our increasing international environmental crises. We can no longer hide behind out-dated, senseless cultural traditions and lazy, bad habits that are resulting in the annihilation of our planet’s resources and the extinction of our species.” Budding desire evaporates forever.

  35. jenna

    Ok, I know what this site is about. But I still don´t understand peoples need to put other people down, complain about their looks etc. I just don´t get it! Do you feel good about yourselves while doing it or what is the deal? I really hope for your sake that you are nicer to people in real life and has something positive to say for a difference! It must be hard to go through life with such a negative outlook on things….I don´t envy you one bit, I just feel so sorry for most of you posting comments on here. Try to look for the good things about people instead of the negative and you´ll see how good that makes you feel!

    This site is truly horrible and i should just stop visiting it! :(

    (you don´t need to complain about my mistakes in my english because i´m from Sweden so naturally my language skills are not perfect…)

  36. roughdaddy

    # 64 i got first dib thx…and stop all the nit picks you freaks..

  37. mikas


    She’s wearing the ring since last month and nobody has notice.
    Are you blind people???!!! Someone talk about that and ask them about it!!!!!!!!

    Paparazzis are so useless…

  38. L.Linus

    They are lying and waiting for her to make a mistake and bam got ya. Pussy, tits or ass. They are stalking her ass!!

  39. Ted from LA

    Congrats on the star on the Walk of Fame!

  40. Ooba Gooba

    Overrated and overexposed.

  41. sharpeidude

    #44 – I’m sure she does and most of that talk is probably about herself and how bitchin’ she is. Thank God for the invention of the sock because I’m sure she’s had quite a few dirty ones stuffed in that trap of hers.

  42. Munchy_00

    shes not fat she is sexy ass hell. the panty shot was NICE. at least she was wearing panties!! wearing panties seems to be a little to much to ask in todays female “talent”

  43. Funny Guy

    Dose any one know what freindship is? Friendship is fun freindship is a fried you can call and say fuck you thats a friend! Friends are real friends arnt oh we kind of nice to each other fuck no! Freinds are like your going to hang out with your home boy or home girl or whatever you can go hey dude lets go to 711
    its allways opend like your mom!! haha!! AA you fucken dick you got me bitch that was good fuker!! Friends fuck with each other you know what friendshipis..
    lets see um.. lets see if wemen will go to the level that men do for friendship…
    Friendship for me is me hangen out with my buddie and then he sees a buatiful women across the bar and he gos and hits on her.First of all I dont go in there and fucken ask questions like you chicks allways do whos this weres he from Bitch shut the fuck up!No I stay here and wiat and unless he gives me a sigh like come on fucker help! then I run over there and help! but other than that then I leave the fucker allone and he worksand works until hes got her high enough for her to say ok ill go home with you. Then her big friend java the hut comes out of the wall mi mi mo go home we came toghether we leave toghether! and I say nooo my friend whants to get some acktion then dammit hell get it! Im doing you tonight java mi mi og.. mi mi og my ass bitch get in the car I got enough teqela to make you butiful!

  44. fUNNY GUY

    Now laideys would you do a fat ugly slobery bitch!? NO Would you NO! Okay then shut the fuck up! I bealeve I have won that arrgument!

  45. blizzy

    lol i love all the caddy women with their “she’s not that pretty” or “i don’t get what the big deal is” crap.

    she’s not like Alessandro hot or anything, she’s cute and so far she’s a classy chick. hopefully she doesn’t go from neat to skeet like ol’ pirate hooker brittney spears over there.

  46. edward334

    She is fat, but also hot! I have seen her ablums at a celeb and millionaire singles club called millionairecupid.com a couple of days ago. Seems she needs a great man for new hook ups.

  47. emmaleigh

    i love that dress

  48. Perv

    HEY HOTTIES!!! Looks like I hit the jack pot one guy (me) and all girls!!!

    Lets Party!!

  49. Perv

    OH and one more guy… but scroo him Im after you guys!!!

  50. perv

    um.. girls not guys

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