Hayden Panettiere’s first panty flash (Awww)

November 19th, 2007 // 108 Comments

Hayden Panettiere attended the 17th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the paparazzi caught a small glimpse of her panties. Considering I wasn’t able to see if she was smuggling a pod of dolphins up there, I instantly became bored. But, then I discovered this: James Van Der Beek, alive! And posing with Hayden Panettiere. I thought he was dead. But if you take a look at this picture, you can clearly see I was wrong. I know! That is a lot of forehead. Just keep scrolling down and you’ll eventually see Hayden in the picture. It might take a while. Like a couple of hours. I dunno, I’ve been scrolling since six in the morning. God willing, I’ll strike eyebrow before sundown and set up base camp.

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  1. Fux You

    OK so she’s fat & flat. Wow, awesome, sign me up.

  2. whoneedsenemies

    She’s not fat …. what a dipshit……….

  3. amma

    Proportions of a midget {sorry midgets!}. She is a very stubby looking girl. Yuk.

  4. stupid

    This is a child molester’s dream

  5. golf chick

    she stole lindsay’s pose!

  6. Duh

    Very cute dress…but she’s still a worthless ho.

  7. Binky

    I had a UPS bar code that looked like that dress once.
    She’d better stay away from scanners in that thing.

  8. I’d like to scan that bar code………..

  9. Jaba the Slut

    Eeew, tarantula eyes!!!

  10. CarlSr.

    “God willing, I’ll strike eyebrow before sundown and set up base camp.”


  11. sad really

    if you have to pull your dress down when getting out of a car, you’re too fat and it’s too small. she just looks like a hooker in that get up.

  12. LOL @ 7…….I didn’t see yours until after I posted, funny shit……….

  13. Binky

    Gr8 minds etc Stallion.
    (Your link made me cough up my coffee.)

  14. hookers unite

    first, fabio and now dawson. why is she being seen with these hasbeens? doesn’t she know that shit’s contagious?

  15. kool

    Dawson Leery is looking a little scruffy these days.

  16. XFILE102

    So here is my dilemma… I just got through trashing the Whore Hall of Famer Kim Kardashian, and then, I become a hypocrite. I trash Kim for being such a complete and total waste of valuable breathable oxygen, and then feel a weird sensation in my pants whenever Hayden Panettiere pics show up.. I feel naughty.. Is she even old enough to Ogle? Damn me to hell if it is not. I am not a fan of Blondes (Overrated) But bend me over, pork me in the ass with a Hogger and call me Clay Aiken.. Hayden is a yummy stick of GRAND proportions. Super Cute. When she grows up.. Well.. I don’t know what I will do. Probably be a Dirty Old Man.

  17. @13 It’s called “clean your monitor”……………

  18. That is it? Big deal!

    Who ever said she fat is on crack. She is flat, but that is nothing that Dr. 90210 can’t fix..

  19. survey sez

    she’s not necessarily fat but she’s not thin enough to get away with horizontal stripes. she should know better.

  20. The White Urkel

    Christ on a pony! At least the poor girl is wearing them….although the curious side of me does wonder is she has a landing strip or a bald eagle down there.

    Italian Stallion, that was funny as hell!

    Anyone who thinks she is fat is an idiot.

  21. she's fat

    in the last pic her gut is out as far as her mosquito bites. she’s fat by hollywood standards.

  22. TS

    She’s definitely not fat…yet. Het upper arms and ass indicate that there’s serious fatness potential if she’s not careful. She should probably just slash her caloric intake in half now just to be safe.

    All in all though, she’s real decent…for the time being.

  23. SickOfHer

    She looks like a vampire in pic 2.
    And, like she has a stick up her ass in pic 8.
    All in all….BORING!

  24. Shallow Val

    Keeee-yute dress. Aww, at least she wears panties. What a nice girl. (tweet tweet)

  25. Ted from LA

    Does she represent the lollypop kids?

  26. D. Richards

    She looks like a tiny little larva in that dress. Writhing. Burrowing. Laying feces. Still, I’d bury my face in to her vagina. Up until she becomes a real woman. You know that she’s gonna be one of those chicks that you regret finding attractive. Kind of like Goldie Hawn.

  27. me

    she has a horrible nose.
    Sorry but it is so distracting

  28. veggi

    I’d give her the tongue-lashing of a lifetime. It might be hard to get my hands all the way around her fat ass, but it’d be worth it to lift her up to my face (and of course slip a finger in).

  29. p0nk

    “Hello Kitty”

  30. Zippie

    She should become an NBA groupie so she can just stand there with her mouth open. Much easier on the neck and back.

  31. Neena Needles

    I think she looks amazing, and Im glad she isnt a walking skeleton!

  32. #28, now THAT’S how you troll someone! Good job!!!

  33. steve

    Look at those upper arms…”grandma, is that you?”

  34. And if you guys think she’s fat, well then I wish I was fat!

  35. Mike

    First of fuckin all, I want to know why the fuck Hayden is wearing panties. Damn it, she should have not been, then we could have seen some of the ‘EAGER BEAVER’.

  36. Mambo

    I’d eat my own limbs for a slice of that pie – and i’m serious!

  37. Jack

    I didn’t know Pez dispensers came in “Zebra”

  38. SuzieQ

    I bet those panties are thong-back. Not because they’re designed as a thong, but because at her ass size, just about any pair of panties becomes a thong.

  39. Malfie

    She’s perfect…for my lawn.

  40. you guys are assholes

    anyone who thinks she’s fat is retarded.
    she looks amazing in her dress, her boobs are normal, and her bum is the perfect size.
    Just because she doesn’t look like kate moss after a pukefest doesn’t mean she’s fat.

  41. Bill Clinton

    Yawn…. call me when she flashes that nubile whisker biscuit.

  42. Lady Sin

    I bet she talks ALOT in bed!!!

  43. mrs.t

    The Return of Frankenteen! But now he’s Frankenalmostthirty.

    “He won the three-legged race-all by himself!” Name the movie, superficiallies.

  44. oprah's vagina

    young girls are so dumb. ever since she started dating that 30 year old guy, she’s wearing trampy outfits. he’s not dating a teenager cause he wants a woman. he’s dating you cause you’re young, innocent, and inexperienced. stop playing hoochie dress up. you’re not old enough to be desperate enough the wear that outfit.

  45. MintB

    She looks like a (possibly) hot girl who got caught in a trash compacter.

  46. A

    I didn’t know this skinny girl had a little bubble back there. She has a nice little ass

  47. lux

    I don’t know why everyone calls this girl fat. She’s not fat, just a little thicker of a build. Looks better in a bandage dress then anyone on this forum probably does.

  48. joey

    I don’t think there’s any documented cases of ANYONE finding Kate Moss attractive.

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