UPDATE: Hayden Panettiere’s dad arrested for spousal abuse

August 11th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Hayden Panettiere hosted a charity benefit last night for the Whaleman Foundation at Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso. What was supposed to be a special evening for the Heroes star, turned into a crapfest when Hayden’s father punched her mother twice after getting in an argument at home later that night. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Alan and Lesley Panettiere were at a party earlier in the evening. We’re told Alan was upset because Lesley was “hanging” with someone at the shindig and he felt she was “disrespecting” him.
Sources say, according to Lesley’s statement to Sheriffs, the couple went home, began arguing and he struck her in the cheek. We’re told cops took pictures and there are visible marks.
Paramedics advised her she should go to the hospital but she refused. Alan did not give a statement to the police. It’s unclear if any of their kids were at the house at the time of the incident.

Jesus, what a colossal dick. Milo Ventimiglia better be taking good care of Hayden, my sweet midget love. Yeah, it’s common knowledge she’s about to dump his ass and run away with me as far as $4.50 will get us on a Greyhound, but that’s not important right now. What is important is Milo manning up and being a shoulder to cry on. No tongue!

UPDATE: Turns out both parents were shitfaced, according to TMZ: “Alan told cops when they arrived, ‘I’m Alan. Yeah, I just got into an argument with my drunk wife.’” Interesting. Cue Hayden Panettiere becoming the new Lindsay Lohan in 5, 4, 3, 2 – Flame on!

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  1. One word: Spinner

  2. rough daddy

    the mom probably didnt listen…

  3. rough daddy

    any news on, if hayden been deflowered?

  4. mamas putting you in jail you retard

    I’m sure ‘rough daddy’ is only pissed because he obviously is far from holding even a 6th grade education.

  5. Ted from LA

    I heard her dad also threw Hayden down a bowling alley twice and had a spare before leaving the party.

  6. Barely Stearn

    Don’t disrespect me bee-atch!

    Geez, who knew Hayden’s folks were black…?

  7. morga

    Hayden’s gettin a bit of a tummy :-\

  8. Barely Stearn

    Whaleman Foundation?! How ironic: Who gives a shit about gray whales when there are women being battered silly by spouses/partners…Perhaps charity really does begin at home!

  9. rough daddy

    im pissed because im far from holding a six grade education? what kind of a moron are you? i guessing youre a brain surgeon with comments such as this?

  10. retard alert

    It’s over rough daddys head. As are most things.

  11. Karen

    Hey look, it’s that greasy moon-faced midget girl with her rectangular pecs…oops, I mean, “breasts”. Hot.

  12. rough daddy

    yea it sure is…

  13. veggi

    If your wife insists on running her mouth, she deserves to get hit. It’s complete reverse-sexism bullshit to involve the cops.

  14. Vince. V.

    I want to fuck this little bitch’s tight hot pussy more than I want to eat another pop-tart. I’d even let her squirt in my mouth.

  15. Vince. V.

    I want to fuck this little bitch’s tight hot pussy more than I want to eat another pop-tart. I’d even let her squirt in my mouth.

  16. Obviously, the wife did something to deserve it.
    Sometime the bitch gotta be put back in place.

    It is What it Is so all you feminist ladies just shove it up your pussy whatever it is you’re gonna say.

    How to please a guy….keep your mouth shut and legs open. Is that to much to ask for?

  17. kk

    awwwww :(

  18. Crazy Old Bitch

    What do you say to a bitch with two black eyes? Nothing, you already told her twice.

  19. hahahaha

    18 will have a ball in jail getting his ass pounded like a good little wife beater.

  20. Barely Stearn

    One question: Is that Milo Ventimiglia standing next to Hayden in pics 2 & 3…?

  21. #21

    I’m a woman. Actually, most men fine me attractive as I have that “slutty” look.

    I just being honest.

    Guys are so easy to play…just have to know how to play them!
    Ladies actually have control when the guys “think” they have control

    Oh yeah….i’d like to spend a night or two in Jail with some hunkymen gang raping me. That would be nice

  22. Fairy Puck

    Do her parents still go everywhere with her, they need to grow up.

  23. Mustard Please

    Her dad probably went crazy from eating all the whale blubber that the restaurant was serving that night. That is the only reason one can’t think of that her mom wouldn’t press charges for a blubber head beating, she too must of had some delirium from the blubber appetizers and entrees.

  24. PostmortemG

    Geez, that sucks for Hayden – I’m sure she didn’t appreciate the gesture. Domestic violence stuff aside, she needs to sit on my face already. =D

  25. She left her TITS at home?

  26. fgr

    DUDE you guy are so fukckin FUNNY !!!! especially the bowling alley one i almost spit water out all over my fucking RAID Array

    got a spare, ahahaha

  27. literarycritic

    @#26: Does whale blubber have psychogenic effects I’m unaware of?

  28. BaconRain

    Apparently his wife just wouldn’t listen

  29. ApacheRose

    How motherfucking shiny does this chick have to be? Jesus.

  30. Mustard Please

    # 30 -

    No, but it does contain high concentrations of mercury and cancer-causing dioxins, which I’m sure would make anyone want to beat their wife. The Japanese and Norwegians eat whale blubber all the time, and just look at all the wife beating that happen in those countries. I’ve heard that the Japanese and Norwegians are having to import wife beater “T-Shirts” from the U.S. due to this increased demand.

  31. rough daddy

    it would be a nice treat if the ariolas and nips are facing upward…

  32. Cash

    Why couldn’t he be arrested for beating the shit out of her pedophile boyfriend like any decent father should have by this point?

    A real dad would have been like “Sure, if you can manage asking her out with a broken jaw, a severed penis and two crushed kneecaps, go right ahead son.”

  33. Big Bad Johnny

    I don’t remember who said it, but if God didn’t intend for us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them taste so darn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. literarycritic

    @#33: “No, but it does contain high concentrations of mercury and cancer-causing dioxins, which I’m sure would make anyone want to beat their wife.”

    So… presence of carcinogens ==> spousal abuse?

    I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

  35. MCcains tumor

    WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG!! He should have slapped the mess out of his wife at the table, then went home and raped the shit out of his daughter to make himself feel better. I approve this ad.


    Is her mom Eva Longoria?

  37. AssBigot

    No tits, big tummy, narrow hips and a cocky HUMONGOUS head. Great.

  38. FCS

    even Britney would look good standing next to that troll Longoria

  39. justffuckingbored

    looks like a fucking lego figure.

  40. rose

    She is fucking gorgeous! That’s amazing sexy! More photos can be found at Richromances.com that is a millionaire and models deating site

  41. Barely Stearn

    The REAL crime here is what Eva Longoria has done to herself! Jesus H.!!! She looks like shit! She looks like one of her retaurant’s busboys jumped the red carpet rope and moved in on Hayden for a candid shot he could mail back to the family in Guatemala!!! If I’m Tony Parker I’m telling the missus I’ve gone into deep training for the 08-09 season and start banging my way through every model in Europe…

    Typical: These broads get married and the UGLY just smacks ‘em right in the puss… What’s next a huge ass a la Kim K…?! Hey: Fair warning Eva – You GOT to have the chesties to pull THAT off!

    Here’s hoping Eva fires her stylist and gets some implants…PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!

  42. tc

    She needs a boob job.

    She also needs some anti-shine, or a quick going over with some sandpaper.

  43. tc

    …and she needs her shit pushed in.

  44. That dress… where did her tits go?

  45. wet newspaper

    she has a nice gut happening there! i don’t want to be too harsh, though. maybe she needs a good long sit on the crapper.

    LOL @ #13… rectangular tits…. hahaha

  46. tina

    Just a beauty… and not too often do I say so.

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