Hayden Panettiere’s chest has technical difficulties

April 1st, 2009 // 50 Comments

Here’s Hayden Panettiere getting ready for her appearance on The Sunrise Morning Show in Sydney today, and obviously, she’s missing a crucial component to the cleavage mic. Surprisingly, these pics don’t include a shot of her getting taped up Serpico-style because that’s pretty much the only way this could’ve ended. Not counting sorcery.


  1. Stage Hand

    “Oh, hey, must be your first time in Sydney, somebody should have told you about our mosquito problem! What? Oh…umm….sorry? Anyway we got other types of mics…”

  2. Jrz

    She looks like she’s about to get a delivery to the back door from a raging disco fag in photo #4

  3. Should have just clip it to her nipples. Little tittied women have big nipples.

  4. Tom Cruise

    His name is Zander and he’s very talented.

  5. Smarg

    What would I do to this fresh face?

    Splooge on it, vigorously.

  6. NipTuck


  7. Chester the Molester

    Once they move from a trainer to an A cup I lose interest.

    I’ll be liking her for a loooong time.

  8. I had no idea “technical difficulties” and “non-existent” were synonyms…


  9. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Normally the thought of having sex with young girls makes me vomit. But in this case, I would offer her my all day lollipop.

  10. Jrz

    GUYHOLLY! Did your wife say that statement was okay to post?

  11. Cherrypoppin' Daddy

    She looks kinda stern and harsh in most of the pictures, but her face really lights up in that one picture where she’s smiling. Must have been somebody there who knew what to say to her to make her feel comfortable in such an unfamiliar and potentially awkward situation. And then she looks so eager and expectant while sitting on the couch. Reminds me of the time the baby sitter got a kernel of popcorn stuck inside her top, and at first she was really anxious but then it became a fun game for me to try to find it. Yada yada yada and then I’d always find her looking like that on the couch after my wife went to bed and it was time for me to take her home…eventually. Good times, good times. Anyway, cute pictures of Hayden.

  12. Judge Judy

    “Normally the thought of having sex with young girls makes me vomit.”

    Totally how a pedo speaks.

  13. Jrz– I need not discuss ALL things with her. I’m a grown man!!!!!!!!!!!!****shakes Jar**

  14. ItsFullOfPoop

    whatever,as long as it’s not the mandatory Kim Kardashian mudsharking report.along with pics of her eighty pounds of ass blubber.

  15. jrz

    FUCK! Is this true??
    Pete Wentz was captured on video drinking his own pee.

  16. Shoopy

    YES YES MY GIRL IS BACK….. Enough of all these other girls, if only there was a picture of Hayden with mario Lopez…

  17. #10 – She told him that just before she strapped the red rubber ball in his mouth.

  18. Galtacticus

    Aww! Is this lill Hayden Panettiere again?

  19. Dr. Phil

    See, the way it’s supposed to work is, that mic guy tries to put it all out of his mind, and then he goes home and finds his daughter lying out in her bikini, and after supper he has to watch a “Lazy Town: Best of Stephanie” marathon with his son, and finally when he goes to bed he spends an hour having crazy wild sex with his potbellied wife, and she says “what was THAT all about?!!” and he says “today I remembered exactly how much I love you” and he can look at her happy contented expression while she sleeps and he has all-night insomnia.

  20. EvaDestruction

    I want to lick her cross-eyed.

  21. Darth

    Are they bringing her some cafe? Great service!

  22. #15 – You know they say, if you drink your own pee, urine trouble…

  23. shoopy

    Enough Hayden Panttiere…The only way I would ever sleep with you is if I could cut off your head and replace it with Mario Lopez’s.

  24. Nero

    Is she old enough to drink cafe??

  25. brimmer

    Shoopy Eva Destruction called and she said she is going to choke slam you into that nasty a s s mushroom pizza you get from CTG

  26. @22- ha ha ha ha

  27. @17 hahahahaahahaha…………..wait, was that a insult?

  28. brimmer

    Why are CR104 more expensive than the list price? How am I supposed to send out a cut sheet. I can’t work under these conditions.

  29. shoopy

    I am so excited it is spring time. Because spring time = the start of KING FOR A DAY at lectric warehouse

  30. “wait, was that a insult?”

    This was the last line uttered before Mr Holly’s wife beat him to an orgasmic pulp.

    #22 – Actually Z, I thought that one earned a smack. Take it out on Guy, he’s already tied up…

  31. Lucky

    I’m going to shoot you, Brimmer.

  32. shoopy

    enough lucky. I am going to kick your ass in second life.

  33. Eva Destruction

    Shoopy why do you hate King of The Day and boobs so much?

  34. eva destruction

    Great now shoopy is on the fork lift trying to kill us with the propane fumes. This never happened when ezra was around. Ezra, why do you call him that? It isn’t even funny.

  35. Drunkman

    She is so hot.

  36. Sam

    OF COURSE she’s one of those starletard’s who refuse to let the sound guy do his FREAKING JOB and insists on doing it herself. OF COURSE.

  37. >ThisGuy<

    Yea #36, I would be so upset if that chick didn’t give me the chance to rub my hands up and down her braless boobs.


    Of course she wouldn’t let him, I mean common that guy was jumping at the chance to fondle the one and only Hayden Panettiere.

    Sorry, the stars do have a little feelings too. Just they don’t use them like we do; they’re more like an accessory.

  38. She looks cute,,, I happen to like small boobs!

  39. I would handle those with so much care…

  40. Delgo

    She’d be fun.
    but afterwards probably annoying and bitchy.

  41. be honest: WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?
    (this girl is just nineteen years old)

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  43. Venom

    These are some hot pictures.

  44. mikeock

    there’s just something about her smile that makes my manbits want to explode. I’ll be honest, though – I’m constantly reminded of her from Remember The Titans (she was the coach’s daughter) so that’s a real boner killer. Seeing her all grown up with tits and quite possibly a moist, smooth, eager vagina is not something I want to do. Wait … I just did it. Damn! I’m going to burn in hell.

  45. mikeock

    Is that a McCafe cup? Somebody dared get Hayden a cup of coffee from McDonald’s!?!?!?!?!?! Heads will roll! Somebody, anybody, run, don’t walk to Starbuck’s and get Ms. Hayden a proper cup of coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whew! That was close!

  46. This looks exactly like the kind of girl that cries after sex.

  47. >ThisGuy<

    Wow good call on that free advertising. McDonalds you owe the superficial $10,000 for the advertisement of your merchandise with a celebrity.

    Anyways WOW Celebes drink coffee from McDonalds, what a surprise. People, just because most Celebes are lavished with ungodly amounts of cash and fame doesn’t mean they don’t like the greasy heart clogging items that we do.

    They just have cardiologists on site to give them secret artery cleaning pills. Give us your health secrets damn it! Oh wait, I already know the secret, financial stress has been lifted upon any celeb’s first major role. Hmmm if I had a $5,000,000 paycheck for each season of a television show or $300,000 for any appearance, would I have naturally good looks and a happy ending masseuse to follow me everywhere I go? Hmmmm…

  48. RichPort's Ghost

    Hey Zanna and RichPort’s Ghost, when you guys are done mutually masturbating each other, will you please throw yourselves off a fucking cliff?


  49. Greta


  50. mishka

    Really j.b bt I knew that uOo would nOt cheat on sElEnA gOmEz and if uOo did I wOuld 2 where live and kill uOo (lol)

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