Hayden Panettiere’s boyfriend likes little boys

April 23rd, 2010 // 91 Comments

Here’s Hayden Panettiere at some Earth Day event for the release of Avatar because 500 inevitable DVD versions of the same film is great for the environment. Anyway, in somehow the most pervasive news item of the day, Hayden cut her hair short then stood next to a Navi on stilts to further exemplify her shortness. It’s almost as if she’s auditioning for the role of Midget Peter Pan which essentially makes her boyfriend some sort of Russian Michael Jackson if I’m doing the math right.

X + Y = Your girlfriend is an 8-year-old boy with eyeliner. And, okay, a sweet ass. (Look at me, I’m a priest!)

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  3. Aren’t the blue ones supposed to be the midgets? This is all backwards. I bet watching them do it is like watching a giraffe bang circus monkey.

  4. Burner

    She’s a large Lilliputian!!!

  5. So...

    …does this mean no season 5 of Heroes???

  6. Randal

    Hayden continues to wear her hair back, revealing shapely earlobes and a very kissable neck line. What many may not notice in this beauty, is that her eyes compliment the color of her hair, drawing in the eye as it becomes captured by such a stunning and sparkling smile.


  7. Frank

    I like her. I think she’s hot. The short hair, however, looks like shit.

    Also, being that short, and being around really tall people- I’ll bet her mind goes to blowjobs with alarming frequency.

  8. Chuckie

    By Russian Michael Jackson, i hope you mean an excellent singer, dancer and great humanitarian; because those MJ jokes are lame and in bad taste.
    Also, Klitschko is Ukranian. Calling him Russian is like calling someone from New York as being from Upstate New York.





  10. xylus

    How Rabelasian… Gargantua and Panettiere…

  11. The short hair sucks.

  12. Cosplay

    Ben Stiller is managing on those stilts pretty good. Otherwise they’d be the same height.

  13. bar room hero

    I love petites. (5′ – 5’1 or so is perfect)

    I don’t dig the short hair though.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Good theory there….I’ll have to test that out somehow

  15. ha… that’s exactly what I was thinkin. She looks awful. short hair on girls looks gross

  16. SO RIGHT

    Um – I don’t know many people who try to look like Hillary Clinton, but I hope that’s the look she was going for cuz that’s the look she got.

  17. FruitLoop

    Wladimir being ukranian must have some experience with eastern european or russian ladys, who are notoriously open to ….lets say more kinky sex in general than women in other parts of the world. Hayden must be a little freak in bed, otherwise I’m sure he could dump her for some Chec model. And the guy looks like a giant, he must tear her a new asshole when hes hit’n that, sheesh.

  18. Frank

    #9- White people have mastered the shift key though.

  19. Vern

    I don’t do math. Have to take your word on this.

  20. Nero


  21. Darth

    Is she planning a reality show?

  22. gen



  23. dogjiz

    I dig petites too. When you fuck them, you can feel your dick slamming against their cervix while they try to wriggle into a more comfortable position in a vain attempt to turn the pain into pleasure.

    I don’t like the short hair either. I like to have something to pull on when taking them from behind, and long hair saves having to fit the bridle.

  24. Cash

    Wow, she looks like a retard with that short hair.

  25. Expert on Everything

    This chick just bothers me. I’m fairly tall at 5′ 8′. I’ve noticed short chix hate me because they are all fucked up from being short. She looks like the worst of em tho. She has the bitchy-est facial expressions ALL THE TIME, she must be like an f lists actress and what is the deal with the ground floor self esteem to retire your options to waaaay older men. Go for Bradley Cooper or slutty John Mayer if your wanting older, but just plain old means this chick is a fucking nightmare the minute you close the car door and we cant hear her anymore. ICK! YOU KNOW SHE STILL THROWS THE TEMPER TANTRUMS. No piece of tight young ass is worth all that, but I’m just a girl.

  26. Sean

    I actually think she looks great. Normally I do not. I would not actually be attracted to someone of that size tho. I am nearly Klitchko’s size. It would be awkward. Unless I just carried her around on my penis which would get stuck.

  27. Jenna

    Ohhh. Peter Pan!

  28. Cris

    HAHAHAHA @ Chuckie and his “bad taste MJ jokes.” That pedophile WAS a walking joke and nothing made me smile more this year than knowing he died. That’s not true, there were plenty of celebrity deaths that made me happy actually.

    Now all pleasentries aside…am I the only one who’s noticing how Oompa’s hair has a remarkable resemblance to that of Brigitte Nielsen? I point that out because this guy is “Ukranian” and so is Brigitte’s character in Rocky IV, whats my point…nothing really i’m bored at work and can’t see the NSFW.

  29. krys

    That dress looks as though it was designed for a figure skater.

  30. Sport

    I’m gonna call it, that girl jen #9 is a huge-assed uneducated gravity-tittied 250lb fat tub of goo that hasnt dated in 9 years, and has 2 kids and no husband.

  31. Mama Pinkus

    she looks ridiculous

  32. addled

    rockin’ the hillary clinton!

  33. Dennis

    5. So… – April 23, 2010 4:48 PM

    …does this mean no season 5 of Heroes???

    Are you serious, they finished shooting a month ago, another 2 or 3 months they’ll be done editing.

  34. This Avtar films character look so nice.hayden_panettieres is look gorgeous in her black dress.

  35. Nice sharing Thank you

  36. Fati87

    I think Volodya is too good for this sleezy garden gnome. His kind of handsomeness is very uncommon among boxers, usually they look like shit.

  37. Who’s face is flatter & broader — Hillary’s or Hadyden’s?

  38. Nero

    It’s just like she wants to make a statement with her new hairdo.Something like;she’s shaking her child star years from her shoulders being a grown woman now.


  39. Rhialto

    I’m gonna miss the pigtails.

  40. There’s this immense popular European comic.Going on for decades.She would be perfect to play the girl in a big budget Hollywood production.

  41. Gando


    She isn’t a kid anymore but it would be great honor to play the girl in the comic.The comics series are at least as popular in Europe as Tintin is.

  42. Borat

    she is probably tight like a man’s anoos. errrr, WAS tight like a man’s anoos that is

  43. Jimbo

    Wondering if that avatar guy got his giant blue cock into that tight litlle fuck hole

  44. captain america

    some russians want to meet the DEAD-PENALTY?

  45. gen

    I don’t understand all the hate. I think she’s really pretty. I have trouble understanding how she can go from the male perfection of Milo Ventimiglia (sp?) to this guy, but whatever. He must have a huge dick or something.

  46. hayden is looking pretty hot in black.

  47. MichaelYuriJackson

    I’d like to get me some of that midget penis, er I mean vagina.

    *sips Jesus Juice and preheats duck butter for takeoff*

  48. yayo

    she can do a Tinkerbell movie easilly ,without FX´s

  49. well, although he’s a handbook d-bag, little uneasy laughing at a guy who’s going through something like this…

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