Hayden Panettiere, we get it: You love whales.

October 28th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again where Hayden Panettiere goes gay for whales. She took part in the “Save the Whales Again” rally in Washington D.C. on Sunday Saturday where everyone laid down to form a giant outline of a whale for an aerial pic. Hooray.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayden just released a video (after the jump) for SocialVibe.com urging people to support the Whaleman Foundation. Okay, Hayden, I understand you want to be an activist because just a year ago you were putting dolphin stickers on your Trapper Keeper, but there are bigger issues going on in the world right now. I’m, of course, talking about the recent drought in celebrity bikini pictures. Together, Hayden Panettiere, you and I can make a difference and end this crisis that’s leaving millions of Interweb readers bonerless and confused. With a simple change of clothes, you can join me in “The Fight to See Some Freaking Boobs.” (Also, maybe bring some whipped cream.)

NOTE: Video is only worth watching for the first two seconds. Which I’ve replayed over 900 times since I found it. I love activism!

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  1. And while you’re praying, don’t forget to pray the gay away.

  2. rico

    I was just over their and they seem to be breeding fine to me!?!!
    They do need to open up Stonehenge, though. Just my opinion.

  3. be sure: I ADORE PUSSY’S, folks!!

  4. Wow…, she is gorgeous. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  5. Beastman AIDS

    “hello everyone..” *click* “hello every..” *click* “hello everyone..” *click* “hello everyone..” *click* “hello every..” *click* “hello everyone..” *click* “hello everyone..” *click* “hello every..” *click* “hello everyone..” *mute* * click* fap fap *click* fap fap fap *click* fapfapfap *click* fapfapfapfap

  6. friendlyfires

    She’s really very funny, she should get her own quirky FOX comedy half-hour (no studio audience or laugh track), could be the next Carol Burnett.

    Hayden. Hayden? Did I do good? Do I get my dolla’ now? No? A look AND a feel? Thank you! I feel so special. Look I have a whale in my pocket, let’s free Willie shall we?


    Hey, I intend to have children, girlfriend!

  7. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Fuck the Whales! Again! I’ll worry about them when they can help me pay my 3 mortgages on a house thats worth less and less every day. They’re all going to be extinct soon anyway…. so unless some whacko scientist starts cloning millions of them, no amount of pointless “activism” will make a fucking bit of difference. Hayden, do yourself a favor and grow a brain….. and a real set of tits.

  8. I like that she believes in something and stands for it – makes a change to have a young hollywood type care about anything that getting papped 24/7 and wearing the right shoes.

  9. Rossignol

    Wow, #33, you really sound like you support Palin. (Not a compliment.) And thank you for setting us straight: it’s those who ENJOY poverty who are the “true” Americans. Good eye. Keep us posted on who the “real” Americans are–and next time, only spell ‘pity’ with one ‘t.’

    P.S. This site, of all sites in existence, should have proved to you LONG AGO that financial well-being has NOTHING to do with intelligence.

  10. Bickus Dickus

    Hayden is just trying to save her relatives. Because if you look at all her pictures, she’s slowly turning into a whale. She’s like Brundle-fly. Brundle-Whale.

    Also, her publicist should tell this little dolt to get a boob job, if she doesn’t want to do that, she should at the very least learn to shut the fuck up.

    The only thing more annoying than a Hollywood Elitist Liberal Activist, is a 19-year old Hollywood Elitist Liberal Activist.

    She actually makes a good case for voting for McCain, because anyone with a brain is gonna do the exact opposite of what this little dumb-ass spoiled twat thinks they should do.

  11. Parker

    I so want to shove my cock in her ass and pick her up to see her little midget legs waving around, trying to touch the floor. I’d take her everywhere like that. I’d take her to the store where she’d finally be able to reach the high shelves, take her to the park and listen to her delighted squeals when she finds she can at last reach up and pick an apple from a tree, take her to the amusement park where she’d be able to get on the big people rides, every day would be a new adventure. Walking aroun with my cock buried in her tight little butt, people would say remark on how close we look, like we’re joined at the hip, and she’d giggle and say, actually we are. Then she’d wiggle her little midget legs and off we’d go. Me and my midget ass queen.

  12. Maybe Hayden should take her clothes off and place her body in a safe place on the sea. That way all the whales would come to her and be rescued, as well as we finally getting to see her naked little butt, which we all want to penetrate.

  13. wowzers

    She likes whales cuz she knows she’ll be one in a few years.

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