Hayden Panettiere, we get it: You love whales.

October 28th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again where Hayden Panettiere goes gay for whales. She took part in the “Save the Whales Again” rally in Washington D.C. on Sunday Saturday where everyone laid down to form a giant outline of a whale for an aerial pic. Hooray.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayden just released a video (after the jump) for SocialVibe.com urging people to support the Whaleman Foundation. Okay, Hayden, I understand you want to be an activist because just a year ago you were putting dolphin stickers on your Trapper Keeper, but there are bigger issues going on in the world right now. I’m, of course, talking about the recent drought in celebrity bikini pictures. Together, Hayden Panettiere, you and I can make a difference and end this crisis that’s leaving millions of Interweb readers bonerless and confused. With a simple change of clothes, you can join me in “The Fight to See Some Freaking Boobs.” (Also, maybe bring some whipped cream.)

NOTE: Video is only worth watching for the first two seconds. Which I’ve replayed over 900 times since I found it. I love activism!

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  1. Uncle Eccoli

    Face it, they’re doomed.

  2. Jrz

    Isn’t she engaged to some 80 year old?
    Anyhoo……check out what David Letterman had to say about Brody Jenner…..
    “Let me just tell you something about Brody. If there was no television, this guy would be living in a tree,”

    Man, I just love David Letterman.

  3. The Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Eva Longoria Sex Tapes


  4. noooob


  5. OntheBanksoftheRedCedar

    those first 2 seconds almost make me want to help out.

    then i remember that i dont.

  6. Nugaloopagus

    Too much time on her hands

  7. Celine Motherfucking Dion

    With the economy the way it is and a presidential election looming, who the fuck has time to worry about the goddamned whales?

  8. literarycritic

    … *snort*

    Oh, whoops. Sorry, Hayden, I fell asleep. What were you saying again? Something about… snails?

  9. TheGoodFight

    @1 If they’re doomed, we’re all doomed. Just give it time.
    Kudos to Hayden for fighting for something. I respect a person with convictions, provided the convictions aren’t too batshit crazy. (I’m talking to you Sarah Palin.)

  10. Tim

    I didn’t watch all those Lord of the Rings movies so I’m a little confused…does this mean she’s a good hobbit?

  11. Right Fury

    we are doomed. Doomed to live in a socialist society.

  12. asdf

    She still looks like a small semi-masculine troll.

  13. Andre

    I think everybody in America is a little mixed up about this. The whales are fine. Those aren’t mass beachings, they’re just American women in bikinis.

  14. Richard

    #11 – from day one, America has been controlled by wealthy capitalists. You don’t have to worry about socialism. The democracy itself is fake and always has been. Obama has raised more than $600 million dollars during his campaign, most of it – contrary to popular perception – from big-money donors, especially lately, as it became clearer which candidate was worth purchasing. Wealthy capitalists are in full control as always. Just look at the bailout bill, when the government was willing to throw the Constitution out the window to stabilize giant multinational banks and corporations using taxpayer money. We’re in absolutely no danger of socialism, just like there’s absolutely no chance of exercising true democracy. The only thing we know now is that in 2008, buying a president will cost you $600 million. Or, as the people who actually control America would say, “chump change.”

  15. Im starting to rethink how lucky this blue balled Milo is….

  16. Uncle Ecccoli


    Lighten up. So Hayden Panettiere is crazy for whales. Any idea how many people don’t give a shit about them? Temper that with all the people who want them dead (*cough* Japanese) and tell me she’s not wasting her time.

  17. Beth

    This is all about Hayden’s fear of getting fat.

  18. Uncle Eccoli



  19. jlylec

    not even the whales could save her from the ass pounding i’d give…

  20. jlylec

    not even the whales could save her from the ass pounding i’d give…

  21. Ted from LA

    If she were serious about this cause, she would see to it that people would watch the whole 1 minute 34 seconds of this video by losing the shirt.

  22. Uncle Eccoli



  23. mamadough

    speaking of whales and shit, i’m listening to the tv in the other room and the travel channel’s “bizarre food with andrew zimmern” is on. he’s in alaska eating walrus dong, drinking pine needle tea, and cooking shit out of a snowmobile muffler. mmmmmmmm!

  24. God she's hot

    If she goes nude for playboy, i’ll save all those stupid whales myself.

  25. WashingtonDC

    This was Sunday in Washington DC? I don’t think so. It was cold and rainy.

  26. Randal

    Hayden, you have a large mountain to climb but I applaud you for the attempt. As long as South Pacific nations continue to hunt whales for “scientific research”, which said meat ends up on the market to be sold, whales will continue to get hunted down.

    There’s a big ignorance in those nations that feel that Shark Fin Soup will give you protection from disease or that Tiger Claws give you strength. It’s a sad state of affairs that has been passed on from one ignorant generation to another.

    Good luck!


  27. Miserable Bastard

    With that short, stocky build of hers she should be throwing harpoons.

  28. Wouldn’t it be great to be at Sea World the day Hayden jumped in the tank with Shamu and he ate right in front of everyone!!! Then she could prove to her dad he was wrong with he told her she would never be shit..

  29. Alex

    Her publicist clearly suggests she do all these “humanitarian” activities in an attempt to have her be taken seriously. And how much more ironic can you get than saving the whales..

  30. Uncle Eccoli

    @ 29

    Ha! Excellent.

  31. ol'red

    they are doomed
    and delicious?

  32. The Realist


    What about humans? A lot of them need saving. How come people are all ready to save an animal but scoff at humans who need, say, a home or a helping hand?

  33. # 32, Because they are mindless chimps and they expect the government and the new messiah Barry Hussein Obama to save them. Since you know, they can’t save themselves. like the frail mindless people they are. True Americans would say F-you to the government I don’t need your pitty hand out.

  34. Petroleum Man

    Hi assholes. I agree fuck the whales and the other animals and all the trees and the bees that are dying off that pollinating them. See how tough and badass I am! I have no heart and no conscience other than for the idol of my hollow idiotic philosophy but I am righteous nonetheless. Hail the God of my people (but not yours)!

    Let everything die and go away what a wonderful world that would be!

    By the way morons, when the hydrocarbons go about 6 billion or many more will with it and there is NOTHING that can save you!!! Ha ha ha you ignorant apes!

    And by the way, whales and elephants and poor people in other countries that are being murdered for their resources are sentient as well. I know, who cares?

  35. #14- what’s your definition of socialism, Richard?

  36. bno

    She still looks like a small semi-masculine troll. It is said she is dating friends on a sports dating community –mysportsdate.com==. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog and something about her albums…In her friend circle, some other stars c San be found there.

  37. eddie the douche

    @11. F*@k off.

  38. "socialism"???

    People throw around “socialism” all the time now. In any reasonable form that applies to the real world, it means eliminating private ownership of capital and of goods/services, along with the means to produce both, and setting up a centralized government to ensure that all resources (money, jobs, power, goods and services) are distributed as equally as possible among citizens, regardless of their own performance in the economy. Taxing the wealthy to fund programs for the poor is populism. It’s nothing new in American politics, especially for Democrats during campaign season. It almost never takes place after the elections are done. The rich folks would never permit it. American government does what the rich people tell it to do. Try making it go the other way, on any issue at all, and see for yourself.

    If Obama is elected and manages to get tax increases on the wealthy passed through congress, in one year there will be loopholes added that offset the rate increase. That would never happen with the middle class. Rich people in America whine all the time about being targets of populist attacks, but the truth is their thick green vests make them virtually bulletproof.

  39. Joe Da Plumber

    Save them bitches now for future use. I may have to go Inuit on them after Obama is elected, gets into office, raises my taxes and takes all of my money. I wonder how much BBQ one of those would make??

  40. Scooby

    How about save HEROES? It sucks now.

  41. Danklin24

    Kill all the whales, fuck ‘em. All they do is swim eat and shit.

  42. titsonsnack

    PETA is a bunch of eco-terrorist wackjobs after your fucking donation money that they do NOTHING WITH but pad their own fucking wallets.

  43. Aikon

    I hate greedy Japanesse people, they wanna hunt them out! all my sincere friends on ” Agelessmate.com ” won’t hope such thing ever happen on this planet!! they even hold a forum talking about this!!

  44. dave

    No tits? I’m insulted!

  45. dave

    No tits? I’m insulted!

  46. ash

    Thank you Hayden. Those mammals deserve protection!

  47. Kill the Humans

    There are almost 7 billion of those ugly cancers. All THEY do is run around and eat and shit and destroy each other and every other living thing not to mention despoil the Earth and then are mentally deficient enough to think that the “creator” wants them to do so. Awesome.

    Kill more humans, wage better wars right wing radicals. Please who is the next commy, nazi, indian, terrorist, left wing extremist whatever you wanna call a sorry human not to your liking. Kill ‘em all and let ‘em rot (excellent compost).

  48. j

    first of all this girl makes me want to book a whale harpooning trip , anyone have recomendations … are Blue whales in season? perhaps a baluga..

    Pure capitialisim does not work and neither does socialisim. America has got a good system with the weight swinging to the left or right. I perfer a goverment that keeps freedom and free choice as the rerason they exist and capitialisim jives more freedom. Unfortunatly our freedoms keep going away

    Flat tax seems like the most logical system for people that understands how percentages work . That way after you pay your mandatory 20% or 25% or whatever then if you feel you should do more for poor people give to charity . Caring about the poor should not be legislated .. I should have the freedom to say fuck em…

  49. lola richie

    RICHARD! YOU KNOW IT! It is so hard trying to educate everyone. I am voting Bob Barr. I pray he gets 10% of the vote and will be allowed to join the presidential debates next election!

  50. It is amusing how a thread on some dumpy chick who’s on a gay TV show and wants people to take her whale issue seriously turns into a political dialog on the U.S. presidential elections.

    Oh, and by all means, vote for Bob Barr, and encourage all your cognitively-challenged, Palin-worshopping, ( redundant, I know ) evangelical friends to do so as well. The more blue states, the better, …

    Obama, bitches!

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