Hayden Panettiere, we get it: You love whales.

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again where Hayden Panettiere goes gay for whales. She took part in the “Save the Whales Again” rally in Washington D.C. on Sunday Saturday where everyone laid down to form a giant outline of a whale for an aerial pic. Hooray.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayden just released a video (after the jump) for SocialVibe.com urging people to support the Whaleman Foundation. Okay, Hayden, I understand you want to be an activist because just a year ago you were putting dolphin stickers on your Trapper Keeper, but there are bigger issues going on in the world right now. I’m, of course, talking about the recent drought in celebrity bikini pictures. Together, Hayden Panettiere, you and I can make a difference and end this crisis that’s leaving millions of Interweb readers bonerless and confused. With a simple change of clothes, you can join me in “The Fight to See Some Freaking Boobs.” (Also, maybe bring some whipped cream.)

NOTE: Video is only worth watching for the first two seconds. Which I’ve replayed over 900 times since I found it. I love activism!

Photos: Splash News