Hayden Panettiere wears shorts

December 4th, 2007 // 102 Comments

Hayden Panettiere wore tiny shorts to the Ultra Body Fitness gym yesterday. I seriously admire Hayden’s passion for physical fitness and the short shorts that go along with it. Perhaps some of her fellow actresses could learn from Hayden’s example instead of exaggerating in their blogs about being a size two or flashing their engagement ring to the paparazzi. Not that I’m talking about anyone in particular. I’m just throwing out examples that may be eerily similar to someone I just posted about. Okay, you got me. It’s Scott Weiland.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. SmileyPants

    Hayden makes my pants smile… and tingle… and get tight.

  2. EuroNeckPain

    What a boring body. There are many better looking girls in any neighborhood.

  3. EuroNeckPain

    What a boring body. There are many better looking girls in any neighborhood.

  4. Borat

    I make sexy time with her. Her Virgeen is tight like glove. She have anus like 7 year old. She stroke my krum and I make sex explosion on her tits and make dirt in her mouth.

  5. toolboy

    Pic#1 and #2: She was soooooo close to getting into my van this time.

  6. fatty

    damn she is still cute even without make up.

  7. At least on that pic, her cellulites isn’t obvious

  8. Have you guys seen the behind the scenes GQ photoshoot? She looks gorgeous in that.


  9. max

    Hayden Panettiere wears shorts, SO WHAT?
    Don’t you have anything to write about?

  10. max

    Hayden Panettiere wears shorts, SO WHAT?
    Don’t you have anything to write about?

  11. Al

    She’s ok. If I walked by her I might slide a finger underneath her shorts, but only to see how far it would go up in such a midget. She looks clean, so I might smell it, but otherwise I’d just start walking again.

  12. Woah Nelly… didn’t she like JUST turn 18?

  13. Woah Nelly… didn’t she like JUST turn 18?

  14. Pinball

    Her stumpy little Britney legs make me laugh. On her, wearing shorts is like wearing long pants.

  15. yuck, please stop it.
    This chick is 0 hotness average teen you see everywhere, and anyone who thinks otherwise probably has issues and a stash of child porn on their computer.

  16. Dan

    she is UGLY and looks 12 or 13

  17. Danklin24

    How can you think this girl is ugly? Shes cute as hell Granted shes not “hot” but cute. She’s been looking grumpy lately too. She used to smile all the time at the paps. Where has that happy Hayden gone? She looks pissed and confused in a couple pics.

  18. Riotboy


    /would hit

  19. Quinn

    If she didn’t spend so many hours in the gym she’d be fat.
    I hate looking at pictures like this. PLEASE change it back!!!!!

  20. Sauron

    I don’t know her but this looks a 12-year old kid to me.I hope her mother gave her permission to wear tiny shorts.

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  22. kitty_kat

    Ugh! She is soo boring. Why is she always on here all of a sudden. Its weird, but I preferred it when Fish obsessed over Ambrosio.

  23. H.A.L.9000

    So, more pictures of Skipper huh. She’s totallyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

    Sorry, I fell asleep in the middle of my *yawn* sentence.

  24. neen

    Why does she always have her hands in her mouth? Gross. She probably has worms.

  25. de

    The new system for the pictures is not good, please remove it.

  26. ds

    The new system for the pictures is not good, please remove it.

  27. de

    its fine.

  28. regularguy

    Not bad for every other third available chick in Los Angeles. If she grows a set of tits, she might actually be worth a pull….eh…maybe.

  29. Danklin24

    I agree the new picture system is a pain in the ass. Dont make people scroll through every friggin picture.

  30. regularguy

    I remember posting a halfway decent comment that never saw the light of post…what up fish?

  31. Grape Ape Pees Wine on You

    She’s not fat. She’s not perfect. She’s cute, though.

    She really hasn’t done much, and I suspect that she won’t in the future, either, but she doesn’t look too bad here. There’s nothing to criticize, anyway.

    Lots of the comments here suggest that some of you are not very bright. It’s too bad that inbreeding impedes reasoning.

  32. ash

    i find it comforting that people find her hot at all.
    when im feeling chubby i look like a taller version of her with c cups.
    but then i get in touch with reality and see i could look better.
    she looks so squat and boyish.
    i wear the same shorts. their not that short people.

  33. Oh hells yes my precious little Hayden Panettiere looks so damn cute. Unlike these drunken tarts in Hollywood she’s getting exercise and saving dolphins. Don’t care what the haters say she’s smoking. And needs that little ass spanked. Three times.

    PS: Hayden it’s time to step up to this!

  34. Come on, now.

    Man, let it go with the Jennifer Love Hewitt thing, man. You know what? She probably IS a size two. The girl is 5′ 2″, you nitwit! She was a DOUBLE ZERO when she was skinny, and even THEN she was considered “curvy” for an actress. So she probably looks at her tags and, when they say size TWO, wonders why the fuck people are calling her fat.

    Sure, she could get more toned, but I think if you fucks spent less time on this site and more time in the gym, you’d discover that it’s not that easy to keep up a jiggle-free body. I used to spend an hour a day, every morning, at 6 AM, in the gym working out, and it was worth it for that time, now I have more important things to worry about than if my thighs have a few dimples in the back. And you know what? They DO. Since I know you all will say I’m some fat chick defending another fat chick. I’m a size 8, 5′ 7″, and I sure as hell know I’m not fat. J. Love isn’t skinny any more, but damn, she’s not fat either. This site used to be about being superficial–there’s a difference between judging someone on their appearance and judging someone based on highly exaggerated ideas of their appearance. This is the last time I come to thesuperficial. Peace out, fuckheads, I’m sure “RichPort” and whoever the “regular” fucks who waste their life on this blog will still be here in 10 years when I check to see if this damn site still exists.

    I’ll be at gofugyourself, where the people have eyes and not penises on their face.

  35. why’s she standing in the middle of the road.

  36. why’s she standing in the middle of the road.

  37. wason smith

    I think she can straight her leg kick in the forehead.but her profile was found on a Muslim matrimonial site http://www.muslimonly.com , I think maybe she wants to find a middle-east merchant prince?

  38. sidv

    She is cute and she saves dolphins. How can you go wrong with that. I can’t believe the Japanese have issued a warrant for her arrest.

  39. Doug

    Man I totally fingered this chick when I was on vacation in Bermudaaaaaaaaaaaa. It was right after I found her profile on that Muslim site and professed my love.

  40. Ascil

    I don’t see HOTNESS..zzz in thi..zzz girl… wearing szzhortss..zzz shortzzz…. DAMN she’zzzz szzoooo dull i’m even szz..zzzleeping LOOKING at her… so this site likes PIGS-balancing-on-tooth-pick-type of gal…BOOOHHHHRRINNNNG!!!!!…. ANGELINA JOLIE ROCKS!!!!!

  41. sarcastic1

    Richard Simmons? Is that you?

  42. selina

    u r a sweet girl.

  43. shelly78945

    what r u looking at?someone said u r searching someone on a rich men passion site sugardaddyMeet.com.. there are some of your hot pictures.. joke or not?

  44. LOVE her ! I ALSO want to make friends with you ,you can join us and share more happiness

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