Hayden Panettiere wears short shorts

August 10th, 2007 // 147 Comments

  1. Alex

    I thought this was Punky Brewster…

  2. Zeuz

    i’d pound her twat like theres no tomorrow im tellin ya

  3. Goldstein

    This website brings out the most heinous aspects of my psychopatholgies. For the last month I’ve been obsessing over Amanda Bynes, what it would be like to fuck her, if I were Zac Efron, and Amanda and I went to the Hairspray premiere together, where she whispers in my ear to meet her in the women’s bathroom, which I do, and we proceed to fuck real hard for fifteen seconds, as long as I can last since she’s wearing a really short dress and super high stiletto heels and we’re doing it from behind in the stall. See what I mean? And this site hasn’t even shown any pictures of Amanda Bynes, and it probably won’t since most of you think she’s gross. This site, however, is showing a lot of pictures of Ms. Hayden, and I think it’s time for me to start obsessing about her, seeing as how Amanda Bynes is like a piece of bubblegum that has lost its flavor. Hayden is hot and 17, and the best sex I ever had was with a 17 year old, when I was 17, of course. She didn’t look like Hayden, but she was short and kind of cute with nice ripe jugs and she fucked like a pro, which wasn’t suprising when you consider that she had been raped by her neighbor when she was 11. I mean, she did everything, stuff that I took for granted, like pinning her own legs behind her ears, asking me to fuck her in the mouth, talking dirty ( a lot of ‘fuck me harder’s', which I liked, but could not comply with, as being 17 precluded me from fucking like the 30 year old black guy who had been molesting her for years.) I had sex with exactly four girls since and none of them acted the way she did. Her name was C_____ S_____, and if you ever get the good luck to meet her, please fuck the shit out of her for me and then tell her that I’m still in love with her and that I still think about her 18 years later. Masturbating to long-lense photos of Hayden will have to do for now, I suppose. Hayden’s pretty hot, in a Gauge kind of way, whose epic 16 pic New Sensations fuck spread with Bobby Vitale ushered in a new era of porn, at least for me, where the younger looking they are the better.

  4. We-Le-Surrender....

    twisted dude…

  5. goldstein is a freak

    dude goldstein, you are a fucking weirdo

  6. We-Le-Surrender....

    BTW – those legs had to come from dancing and ice skating… She did a skating movie called Ice Princess with Michelle Trachtenburg and “Bring it On – Part II or III” Cannot remember… Save the cheerleader indeed….

  7. Cookipuss

    REALLY ?? REALLY ?? You guys are getting excited over THIS??? I can roll out of bed with the stomach flu and look better than this. Either you guys are total losers or you need to start exerting some Quality Control. cause this girl AINT MUCH TO LOOK AT!!!!

  8. Hmm

    I don’t understand any of these comments. By no means is Hayden “ugly and fat”, but she is also certainly not a drop-dead-gorgeous beauty.

    She’s a pretty girl, with a cute face and cute body. No more or less cute than many, many girls in Hollywood, or high schools across the country for that matter.

  9. Bemused

    Finald word: Cute–but no Tara Reid.

  10. Dolemite

    damn 103, you one crazy ass, cracka head mutha fucka. dolemite gunna bust a cap in yo ass, ole school nigga style.

  11. BlackPersonsAreScary(otherThanForKelliBigHole)

    Hey 110 get back in the primate exhibit, Fucking goddamn dirty Ape.

  12. Dolemite

    fuck you peckerwood. dolemite rip yo eyes out and skull fuck yo silly white ass. best part of you ran down yo daddy’s leg after he fucked yo sista/momma.


    One and a half weeks to sweet, sweet serial (cereal?) masturbation. Until then, I would only buy her a lollipop and pat her on her ass…damn, I meant head!

    FISH GUY….Check out the J alba herpes scoop. You dumbass.

  14. 111///// juzt becoz I zay that black boyz
    r bigger than white boyz
    haz nothing to do with my hole…

    I’m zure none of U can zay that
    U can’t wear a tampon
    ztill a virgin and ztaying one

    U people hate it that I’m clean
    and your filthy zhit germz

    oh, I hear white boyz alzo have
    large peniz=z but only if they’re
    not circumcized…..grozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  15. you got to be 17 to get in R rated movies…


    it’s okay… Some of us make mistakes.

  16. Nikky Raney

    um. hi.
    you have to be 17 to get into r rated movies.

  17. J

    you can get in R movies at 17 years old genius

  18. shnoobie

    why do people consider her hot?
    she looks so stout and sturdy.


    Maybe Uncle Ned is getting way too old, but she’s just a FUCKING CHILD! She won’t reach maturity as a woman for another 5 years, and by then her cuteness will be gone. Let’s get real on this one.

  20. Babee Dahl

    She looks just like my niece, only my niece is a little thinner. Both of them are very pretty.

  21. Ike

    I love her thighs!!
    She must do squats.

    “We-Le Surrender” thanks…that explains them.
    Uh….”Goldstein,” you’ve got issues.

  22. Jesus

    She’s not even hot, she’s just sort of pretty in a dull uninteresting kind of way…

  23. Dr.


    I wonder how many sacks of potatoes she keeps in those thighs.

  24. J

    i see she buys Verbatims…. nice choice…

  25. Lucky#13

    Wow, Goldstein’s really… expressive. And sick.

    Anyway, now to Hayden. NICE CURVES.

  26. Anya

    This girl is HOT!! I’d eat her out in the doggystyle position.=)

  27. wtfbbq


    Hayden is a fucking pirate. Look at all the movies she’s gonna burn on those DVDRs.

  28. suzie

    she is so pretty without trying to be, and she is a great actress.
    shes not the ‘new lindsay lohan’ or whatever people are saying
    shes so pretty and real, something that people are missing
    shes just a regular 17 year old

  29. Josh Simpson

    She’s got a pretty face, but looks like in a few years she will have a butter face and thunder thighs. Just look at her legs. Good now, but those things are gonna blow up by her late 20′s and especially if she has a kid.

  30. Scott

    God what is the big deal about Hayden, people act like she’s the second coming of Christ! Get over it. Ditto for Shia LeBeof, or whatever his name is. That guy has done nothing to warrant a Vanity Fair cover

  31. MeatSack

    She could be pirating Dance Dance Revolution discs…

  32. Bigo

    Is she old enought to drive ??????????????¿¿¿¿¿¿

  33. anon123

    somebody punch that girl trying to get the cameraman to stop taking pictures. Who the fuck are you?

  34. Sheva

    Hey, she looks good, has strong lower body. And she’s just about 18.
    Now let’s see her at 35. If it’s this good, then much praise.

    But she’ll have to beat the US lazy fat women odds. And they are against her.

    Now can someone stuff a cock into krazikelli’s mouth. She always gets nasty when she’s without.

  35. matt

    That bitch is so fine. I’d lick between her toes and savor the flavor.

  36. I have a serious confession to make. I have caused all of the spyware problems that are wrong with this site. I put porn on all the kraziherpezkelli links on all sites. When you click the link, it goes to http://www.lemonparty.org/, which is three old men having sex with each other. It was an inside joke between a few a us. I also sent krazihottkelli fake emails that told her she won the lottery. I am sorry to the Superfish and all of the people who had problems with this site due to me. I hope I don’t get knocked off the site because of all my trouble.

  37. woodhorse

    72: Woody Allen probably knows. The perv asked the same type questions of ScarJo and she was blonde enough to answer him and weenie enough not to smack Isaac Mizrahi into next week for feeling her up in public in front of cameras….maybe Hayden will post the answer in OK magazine.

  38. Dirty Sanchez

    Porky McFatlegs

  39. Jennifer

    #114….Seriously, your post is a poor excuse for a failure to grasp the basics of the English language. It is nonsensical, unintelligent, and not even mildly humorous. In other words, go away!

  40. 140
    Well, a good Hale Hitler to you..my good zir bitch…






































  41. Courtney

    She’s pretty but my thing is if your inner thighs touch, then dont wear so short shorts.

    they only make you look fat.

    and on some people, they make them look shorter, like on her.

  42. Bo Peep

    #69 – Men are allowed to be gay but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to see Miss Plain White Bread on our screens

  43. Hayden Peep

    Hayden is a guy’s name anyway – she had better be a guy with a midriff like that, maybe she will have trouble getting parts and will have to dress up as a guy to get work.

  44. Hayden Brooks

    They are trying to turn plain-looking girls into stars – it’s a new marketing scam – there is almost nobody hot on tv at all – guys included.

  45. james

    a f*cking white cick in target shorts?
    LOser site

  46. OMG she is so hot……

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