Hayden Panettiere wears short shorts

August 10th, 2007 // 147 Comments

  1. Who am I

    Are we supposed to know who this chic is?

  2. curlyfrie

    sometimes the superficial is very stupid!! i meen there is nothing wrongwith her shorts. anyone can were shorts like that!! and not to be a lesbian but she is cute.

  3. Victor

    What the dumb fuck #50 is. Had to get back on and type something. What stupid ignorant uneducated cunt that impersonator is. “Ass-less chaps” all chaps are ass-less, you stupid fuck. Fuckin know what shit you are talking before talking shit.

    Fucking capslock!!!!


  5. jb

    she’s stumpy with a body like a potato. what the world sees in her i don’t know. pervs.

  6. still is such a normal looking girl. good for her.

  7. ?

    Damn, that girl works out. Those are some muscular legs! Good for her. I hope she stays healthy.

  8. Doomhammer

    That is SOOOOOOO worth risking going to prison for. Id let her squeeze my head between those massive thighs of hers any time !!

  9. TS

    Never heard of her.

    #’s 1 and 2, you still haven’t figured out that saying “first” whether or not you’re actually first, makes you total dorks? It never ceases to amaze me how excited people get while saying someting as un-original as “first”



  10. Wow, I remember having legs like that in high school, too! Oh, the memories!

  11. Milandir

    I’d totally hit that…. in about 10 days.

  12. veggi

    This is for you 59. F F F F I I I I R R R R S S S S T T T T T T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

  13. vEGGI, YOU GO GIRL!!!
    Fuck! I had the capslock on AGAIN!!!

  14. Is there a new post yet or should I just go back to WORKING??? (shivers)

  15. Tim

    How about instead of saving the cheerleader I just pound her? Will that still save the world?
    shes legal in Canada! I’ll just get her to come visit.

  16. veggi

    working? That’s stupid awful crazy watermelon sammich talk Frist!

  17. Bite Me!

    @59 Hey TS get with the program! NO one gives a SHIT about your comments. So shut the FUCK up!

  18. LayDeeBug

    IS she at Best Buy??? I love that effing store. I hear she is like the ultimate gamer and she’s good.

  19. booyah

    She’s hot. period.

    Men that don’t think she is hot are either gay or? well gay.
    Women that don’t think she is hot are just jealous bitches.

  20. Henry

    i remember her from way back in some movies i forgot which…anyways…is it weird to see young girls in movies and just think damn that girl is going to be a fox when she grows up…well hayden was one of those girls…i am not saying this in a gross perverted way…i am just saying sometimes you know. i felt the same way lindsay lohan when i saw her in the parent trap…she was cute and i knew she would be attractive as an adult…and she was very pretty in mean girls…all voluptious and pretty…until she completely fucked herself up and became what she is now…anyways this chick hayden is girl i will be taking out of the tickler file (a mental file of young girls you want to hit, but can’t because they are underage) lets hope this girl and others like her don’t fuck it up like lindsay the coke whore (i’d have hit that pre-mean girls…fucking fez got that shit when it was ripe!)

  21. Frybread

    I’ve heard that her she will continue to wear shorter shorts each day until she turns 18.

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    I wonder how old she was when she started masturbating?

  23. Italian Stallion

    That sucks she’s going to be 18 soon. Seventeen year olds give the best blow jobs and toss the best salad. Just ask that retard KrazyKelli………..

  24. carlogo

    17 is legal in Texas! Yee ha!

  25. Hey 70 remember when she was the babysitter in Malcolm in the Middle?

    hey Veggi ummmm….I think you’re right. crazy watermelon sammich talk

    Hey bite me, you turned off your link!!!! :(

  26. It is still here

  27. veggi

    69- A thought both rich and compelling.

  28. Mr. Truth.

    Mr. Truth REMEMBERS THE BIKINI PICTURES and has formulated an equation:

    American guys like American “girls” (men).

    “She” looks okay here. Probably a good idea not to undress “her”.

    Mr. Truth has spoken.

  29. ApoloOhnosSoulPatch

    Hey Fish, when are you going to stop copying the TMZ posts? They had this exact same headline this morning! Come on already, you can do better!

  30. Bill Clinton

    she’s at that perfect baby making age ! 17 year olds rock ! I want one.

  31. TheGuy

    Yes! This is awesome.

  32. woodhorse

    Carson Kressley: Just so you know, I saw #127 under fender bender as an easy invitation to comment “really Jrz? Great Minds?” but also as an even easier invitation for Jrz to verbally assassinate me, so I demurred. On another note, it is a bit suspicious that Krazi uses ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ and Jrz also substitues with a ‘z’…….they could be related.

  33. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    yeah 69, that’s almost as played out on here as people saying “first” .

    you are the Top Fucktard of the Day, congrats, because that award is usually reserved for kelli.

  34. chippy

    please post any and all pics of hayden…..she’s so beautiful!

  35. wedgeone

    #11 – that would be “fast”, troll. Clitorii prefer speed over pressure.

    As for this scrumptious piece, let’s hope she doesn’t discover what alcohol and cocaine can do to a body.
    THESE thighs are so much more pleasant to ogle as compared to the cellulite riddled ones Debra Messing had on display in the earlier post.

    Three words for ya’ Deb: run, run, run!

  36. Lovely

    kelli’z gonna be fucking pizzed now- it’s not bad enough she gets reamed by her pops everynight- now she’s getting fucked in here due to your “captain obvious” comment. way to go fuckhead…

  37. veggi

    woodhorse- now I’ll be the first to admit being mildly stunted mentally…a point of pride really…. but what the fuck are you talking about? I don’t get it. I also don’t get the purpose of the duckbilled platypus or why they call it “after dark” when it’s really “after light”, but that’s neither here nor there…..

  38. woodhorse

    Sorry veggi – I tend to rant now and then. 10,000 comedians out of work and you get me…….

  39. Henry

    I do remember her in malcom in the middle #75…ah yes i remember now one of the first times i saw her she was the daughter of the white coach in “remember the titans” she looks the same…cute…damn cute!

  40. Victoria

    I personally think she’s the next Lindsay…well Lindsay before the drugs and rehab!

  41. raydurz

    I wonder why she bought those blank DVD’s? Probably to burn some illegally downloaded movies. GO GET HER MPAA!

  42. arroyo

    I’m sure she’s already on the casting couch.
    I don’t think that she’s one of those “technical virgins” do you?

  43. veggi

    woodhorse, you rant and rave all ya like mister.

    Hey, just wondering…… I may be putting the uh in duh here, but check this out…


  44. woodhorse

    Thank you so much veggi! Now if I could just get one of those on a yacht with a helicopter, pool, and submarine I could say “In your face! Angelina!”

  45. We-Le-Surrender....

    Pervy or not, lets all face it… if you have a penis you want to tap a young piece of twang like that….

  46. veggi

    haha! I can see brit in a hit n’ run in one of those.

  47. @96 I can see Britney getting out at 3 meters above the ground to check for damage and then giving one of her really stupid looks as she starts falling .

  48. smokin

    i wondered if she took the extended warrenty on those DVD’s….

  49. Dan

    She’s cubby. O_O

  50. Lopelus

    Those are the most fabulous legs I’ve ever seen on the female body. Her ass is kind’ve boring, but with legs like those, who cares? Wonder what she does..

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